How to See Resources Downloaded to Mobile Devices in the Desktop App

In response to a question from a Logos user, I explained in a previous blog how to download resources to a mobile device from the main Logos desktop program.

Now in today’s blog, I’ll address the user’s specific question which is how to see in the desktop program the resources we’ve already downloaded to mobile devices:

  • Right click on the Library icon in the upper left of the program (A)
  • Select Open in a floating window which opens the Library in its own resizable window allowing for a larger viewing area (B) [Read more…]

Get 15 Biblical Language Resources in One Suite for 40% Off

Engaging with the Bible in its original languages leads to a deeper understanding of and new insights into God’s Word. And having the right tools and resources to learn these biblical languages is vitally important. Lexham Press is proud to introduce our Original Languages Suite, containing 15 valuable resources designed to help you learn and study biblical Greek and Hebrew. [Read more…]

Grow in Your Understanding of Complex Theological Truths

Tony Evans is one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles, regarded as a pastor of pastors. With the Tony Evans Sermon Archive (1,292 Sermons), you’ll grow in your knowledge of God’s Word as Pastor Evans takes complex theological truths and makes them accessible through simple, yet profound illustrations and faithful, biblical exposition. [Read more…]

On Writing Commentaries: Interview with Dr. Rod Mattoon

Dr. Rod Mattoon (DMin, Bethany Theological Seminary) is the author of Treasures from the Scriptures (65 vols.), a massive exposition on almost the entire Bible. He has been preaching since 1972 and has served as a senior pastor since 1991. In this interview, he shares about his commentary project, his favorite insight from the entire collection, and the book of the Bible hardest to understand without a commentary. [Read more…]

Turn Your TV into a Discipleship Tool

Turn your TV into a discipleship tool in your home. Check out these five videos—all available through Faithlife TV. [Read more…]

Crisis and Opportunity: How to Engage in Critical World Issues

New crises strike the world every day, from massive migrant shifts across Africa and Europe to poverty, war, and strife. As Christians, we must engage, but too often we don’t know how to think about crises and what action to take.

This month’s free ebook, Serving God in a Migrant Crisis, and two others for under $8, will guide you through these critical issues from a Christian worldview. [Read more…]

How to Download Resources to Mobile Devices through the Desktop App

A Logos user emailed me the following question:

Is there a way to find all the books in my library that I have synced for offline use to mobile devices (doing so from the Logos desktop app)?

The answer is yes and it brings up an important Logos feature. On mobile devices, our resources, by default, are accessed through the cloud. We can, however, download them to phones and tablets through the mobile apps. [Read more…]

3 Collections You Don’t Want to Miss

For over 100 years, Eerdmans has published resources deeply rooted in rigorous biblical scholarship, the Church, and historic Christian tradition. Many of their works have become bestselling academic standards and are used in seminaries worldwide.

Now you can save up to 30% on their top resources in this month’s Publisher Spotlight. Check out these featured works, and don’t miss all the resources you can save on during the Publisher Spotlight on Eerdmans. [Read more…]

5 Practical Bible Study Tips from Kevin DeYoung

Every Christian has at least a vague sense they should be studying the Bible, but actually turning that into a daily habit can be tough. Even if you’ve been a Christian for years, dry spells—those seasons when daily Bible study feels like a chore rather than a blessing—are inevitable.

So how can we make daily Bible study—rich, rewarding, life-changing Bible study—a reality?

Here are five practical tips from pastor and author Kevin DeYoung about how to make Bible study a habit—all taken from the free ebook Study the Word. Get your free download now for these tips and more Bible study wisdom from R.C. Sproul, N.T. Wright, Philip Yancey, and other Christian teachers. [Read more…]

Get 3 Commentaries for under $7—through August 31

This month only, get Two Horizons Commentary: Joshua for free, plus two more Two Horizon Commentaries for under $7!

In Two Horizons Commentary: Joshua, Gordon McConville and Stephen Williams provide exegetical commentary and reflection on an often troubling book that nonetheless plays a key role in the biblical drama of salvation. McConville and Williams address significant theological themes in Joshua, such as land, covenant, law, miracles, judgment, and idolatry. [Read more…]