One Surprising Question, One Surprisingly Practical Commentary: FLASH Sale Now

It’s easy to imagine a longtime Bible professor and pastor jumping at the chance to edit a Bible commentary.

But John H. Walton didn’t.

Instead, he asked, “Do we need another Bible commentary?”

That question started the development of a different kind of commentary—one that began by diving into the needs of pastors. Here’s why it’s different from the others on your shelf:

  • You can count on it to be practical. Because Teach the Text is written for busy pastors seeking to communicate transforming truth, it’s not technical. 
  • The editors sifted through mounds of research and kept the best. Biblical scholarship wasn’t left behind in a trade-off for practicality.
  • Since it’s arranged by preaching units, your time will be focused. You’ll be able to prepare for your next sermon faster, while still being thorough and nurturing your congregation. 
  • In the flash sale happening now, each volume is just $9.99.
  • You can get every volume for $159.99—but only until October 15

My dream would be that the Bible would be handled the way it’s supposed to be. . . . and that the result of that would be that people will know God better. — John H. Walton, general editor of Teach the Text

Get this exceptional tool to help you know God better—and lead your congregation to know God better—before the flash sale ends on October 15.

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