Offline Word Lookup in the Logos Mobile App

The Logos Mobile app allows you to study the Bible anywhere on your mobile device. Now you can even study Hebrew or Greek words when you’re offline.

(This feature is currently only available in the iOS version of the Logos Bible app.)

To look up words offline, download one or more morphologically-tagged Greek or Hebrew Bibles and at least one Greek or Hebrew lexicon. (This step requires an internet connection.)

  • To find and download a Bible, open the Library in your mobile app and enter type:bible greek or type:bible hebrew in the search field.

  • Tap the Info icon beside the Bible you want and tap Download.
  • Follow the same steps to download your preferred lexicons: open the Library and enter type:lexicon greek or type:lexicon hebrew in the Search field. Tap the Info icon beside the lexicon you want and tap Download.

After downloading any resource to your device, you can access it at any time.

  • Open your Greek or Hebrew Bible and start reading.
  • When you encounter a word you want to look up, long or double-tap it. The info pop-up will appear providing the lemma, gloss, parsing, and a snippet of the lexicon entry.


  • To view the entire lexicon entry, tap the Look up button.

(Note: If you select a phrase or a word with affixes, swipe left or right in the info pop-up to look up the information for each word or affix.)

With downloaded Bibles and lexicons, you can study a word in depth any time, any place.

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Faithlife Staff

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Written by Faithlife Staff