November’s Top 5 Theology Deals

Looking for a great book in theology or biblical studies? We’ve pulled together 50 resources you’ll love on everything from C.S. Lewis to archaeology. And you can get them for up to 50% off! It’s all a part of November’s monthly sale.

Check out everything on sale this month, and don’t miss these top five theology deals:

  • 52% off – Trinitarian Theology Collection (3 vols.) Bringing together some of the most erudite thought on the Trinity available, the Trinitarian Theology Collection presents a serious and insightful look into the nature of the Triune God.
  • 37% off – Science & Theology Collection (9 vols.) Examine controversial scientific issues through a theological lens with these nine volumes on  environmental issues, biotechnology, human understanding, anthropology, and other pressing contemporary topics.
  • 50% off – Divine Healing: Does God Perform Miracles Today? – Author R.A. Torrey discusses his belief in and experience with the concept of divine healing: its scriptural basis, how to pray for it—and what to do when it doesn’t come.
  • 37% off – Studies on C.S. Lewis Collection (22 vols.)Explore Lewis’ literary, theological, and philosophical genius with this collection by Lewis experts such as P.H. Brazier, Chad Walsh, and Walter Hooper.
  • 36% off – New Dictionary of Theology  More than 630 articles cover a variety of theological themes, thinkers, and movements from creation to the millennium, Abelard to Zwingli, and Third World liberation theology to South African Dutch Reformed theology.

There are 45 other great books and courses on sale. Don’t miss a single one: shop the monthly sale now.

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