New Resources for Logos 3

We made a mistake.

We stopped making Logos 3 / Libronix editions of new resources on January 1, but we neglected to give any advance warning about this change, and it surprised some of our users.

I am sorry; it was my fault. I authorized the change in process but didn’t think about the need to communicate the change to all of you with plenty of advance notice.

We’re going to make it right. We’re going back and creating Logos 3 editions of resources we’ve already shipped in 2012, and we will continue to make Logos 3 editions of new releases through March (except where a resource requires Logos 4-specific functionality).

New products released after March, 2012 will only be made available for Logos 4.

April will be two years and five months after the release of Logos 4, and more than 11 years after the first release of the Libronix platform used by Logos 3. We’re flattered that some users still like Logos 3 and find it useful. And the good news is that it still runs, and should for the foreseeable future. Installing Logos 4 doesn’t disable Logos 3, and we’re not retroactively removing anything.

Logos 3 / Libronix support articles have moved to an archive on, to avoid confusing the majority of our user base which only uses Logos 4. Post-purchase email download instructions will continue to reference Logos 3 until March 31, and existing Logos 3 ebook files will still be available online through the “Orders” tab of your page.

We want to be efficient in our use of resources; building new products for the old platform takes time and money we’d rather put into forward-looking development.

But we understand that some users had placed pre-orders or made purchases with the expectation that they could use those resources with Logos 3, and we want to honor that expectation.

New content released since January 1, including Pre-Pubs, will be available for you Friday, January 27. You can unlock and download these files from the “Orders” tab in your account after next Friday.

I apologize for any confusion and frustration we have caused you.

Bob Pritchett
President, Logos Bible Software

Written by
Bob Pritchett

Bob Pritchett co-founded Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) in 1992 and serves as President/CEO. Bob speaks regularly at industry conferences and to academic groups on entrepreneurship, electronic publishing and digital libraries. He is a 2005 winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and was included in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. Bob lives with his wife Audra in Bellingham, Washington; they have two children.

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  • The Notes function in Logos3 is what keeps me using the old version. Any guess about when Logos4 will catch up?

  • Bravo!
    I haven’t used it for about 2 years myself, but know of some who do. I was surprised at the abrupt stoppage but am very pleased to read this.

    Excellent job Logos

  • The reason people are still using version 3 is because version 4 still doesn’t include everything that was in version 3–even after 2 years and 5 months! Anyone who reads the forums should know this.

  • It sounds like Logos 3 should be maintained until the functionality that ties users to it is moved to Logos 4. Sounds like Logos needs to poll the Logos 3 users as to what is impeding their move and keep updating Logos 4 so that more and more Logos 3 users can make the move. What say you Logos Developers?

  • Bob,

    Before I can retire my Libronix, I would need the ability to create timelines in Logos 4. Things have gone very quite on this front.

    I see there is still some functionality (sermon add-in, timeline add-in, etc..) that we do not yet have in Logos 4 that we were told will be migrated with time.

    I really believe that you should hold off on migrating all users to Logos until you have provided the missing functionality or made a clear statement that you will no longer support this.

    Looking forward to your response.


  • Bob, I find the posting, on most counts, very disappointing. The only things I generally use Logos 4 for, apart from just reading a resource, is the news on the home page and the ‘Read the E.S.V. in a year’. I have no intention of moving from Libronix to Logos for general use because, as I continually whinge, Logos is nowhere near as intuitive as Libronix. (And that isn’t as intuitive as the original Nelson’s programme!) However, what I must complement you on is the phrase, ‘I am sorry; it was my fault.’ Thank you for that; now could you please teach it to some of our (U.K.)politicians, as well as your own?

  • I, for one, love Logos 4. I understand some people miss some of the features of L3, but for me I’d rather keep only one library on my computer and do all my work in that one program. And since I’m on a Mac, L4 is the way to go! :) Keep up the good work, Bob.

  • What I would like to see continue after March 2012 is a means for automatically accessing Logos 3 files for FUTURE purchases of resources that were already part of the Logos stable prior to that time. For instance, I may decide to purchase the 2011 Master Collection at some point in the future IF I can use it in L3, but I would REALLY be hesitant to do so if that meant I had to download each and every resource one at a time from the ftp site. A consolidated DL option is crucial. Continuing to offer L3 options for L3-ready purchases should continue. I am going to be inclined to start looking at things I previously missed but can still get in L3 format as long as the resources are available AND reasonably easy to download.

  • I think this is some of the best news Ive heard in a while.
    I;m not a huge fan of L4, but, I see and appreciate your willingness to do right by us.

Written by Bob Pritchett