New: Rent Logos Resources

We’re excited to announce our brand-new rental program. Now you can choose from seven resources to rent for a low monthly or yearly price and renew for as long as you’d like!

Here are a few reasons Logos rentals are awesome:

  1. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a title, you can try it out before you buy it. ((We don’t offer rent-to-own products. The money invested in product rentals only goes toward the rental period and cannot be applied toward purchases.))
  2. If you only need a resource for one semester at school or one sermon series, you can rent it when you need it and give it back when you’re done. With the Complete Classic Commentaries Bundle, for example, you can search and study over 1,500 commentaries as you write your term paper—for only $49.95!
  3. Want to use a resource but can’t afford to purchase the entire thing? Now you can rent it for a low price and keep renting it for as long as you want.
  4. If you decide to rent a resource for an entire year, you get it for 12 months but only pay for 10—you get two months free!

Start renting these resources today:

How it works

To rent any of these resources, simply click through to the product page, select how long you’d like to subscribe—either a month or a year—and add the rental to your cart.

Your rentals automatically get returned once your subscription ends. If you want to keep the product longer—no problem! Simply renew your rental by revisiting the product page.

Follow the links above to start renting Logos products today!

Written by
Sherri Huleatt
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  • Great idea. My question is, if I rent a resource and take clippings or highlights on it – will I be able to access these clippings/highlights after my rental has expired? I take notes on everything I read – and I’d want to do so on these resources.

    • Clippings, highlights, notes, these all will remain in your account. If you later decide to rent it again or buy it, those will show up exactly where they were before. If you don’t buy/rent it again, then, and you don’t have access to, say, the highlights (because you no longer have the text which displays the highlights), you will still be able to view clippings, since clippings take clippings of the actual text and stores it. Notes will not be so easy to find, as they are tied to the digital pages of the book–though you will still have them. You can always find your notes and clippings at

  • I am so glad to see Logos expanding this beyond the Classic Commentaries Bundle. I hope many students and pastors take advantage of these options. I am especially interested in checking out the Pastorum series now this way (I already own EEC, or that would be another top pick to rent). Even if you could get these for free through a library, think of all the time you're saving by using the Logos edition. Easily worth $6-$10 a month if you value your time.

  • Glad to see their new offer. Hope they expand their service to their entire resources for low monthly charge.

  • I almost emailed Logos a few weeks ago to suggest a program like this. However, I believe it should be more broadly based. How about making the entire Logos collection available for $100 per month? If I live to my parents averaged ages, that's about $24 000 in Logos' and the publishers' pockets. A person starting out in his or her mid 20s would put in upwards of $50 000. Just think, this would free up all of the time and energy that is being used to get people to buy more books (I realize that people need to do this if Logos is to survive). So, Logos management, get with the publishers and figure out how to make this work. It seems to me that everyone cold win.

  • Question: Does a user have full access to the rented materials including the ability to export to Word and print? The rent option really suits my budget, but I need to know I have full access.

Written by Sherri Huleatt