New on Pre-Pub: The Florida College Annual Lectures (1974-2011)

New to Pre-Pub is Florida College Annual Lectures (1974-2011). Established in 1946, Florida college is a small Christian College located just outside Tampa, Florida. Every spring, the college holds an annual lecture series on a variety of theological subjects.

With the Logos edition, you get 38 years of in-depth theological content. Each volume in the Florida College Annual Lectures contains lectures focused on a particular theme, doctrine, or book of the Bible, which makes these lectures valuable resources for specialized study.

So, pre-order your copy while the Florida College Annual Lectures (1974-2011) are still on Pre-Pub. At the low price of only $74.95, you cannot go wrong!


  1. Dave Beckley says

    Wow! I have many of these book in print, but to be able to search them with Logos 4 will be like tapping into the minds of men dedicated to finding the truth. What a resource of solid conservative Bible knowledge. -Dave Beckley, South Africa

  2. Heath Robertson says

    This is great! Does Logos plan to publish the new lecture books each year?