Just Announced: Free Greek and Hebrew Flashcard App

Greek Flashcard App

We’re pleased to bring you a new app for Android and iOSFlashcards for Greek and Hebrew. It’s a powerful new tool for students of Scripture: whether you’re studying for a test or preaching through Ruth, the app will help you master precisely the words you need to learn, wherever you go.

When you sign in with your Logos account, Flashcards for Greek and Hebrew syncs your word-lists documents right to the app—if you have existing word lists, they’ll be automatically imported.

So, how do I create word lists?

It’s easy:

1. On your desktop, click the Documents menu in Logos.

2. Select Word List from the column on the left.

3. Rename your new word list at the top of the newly opened window.

4. Click the Add button, and select which resource you’d like to add lemmas from. (In this case, we’ll choose the Lexham Hebrew–English Interlinear Bible.)

5. In the Reference field, type the reference or range you’d like to pull in lemmas from. (We’ll be using Ruth.)

6. Logos generates a word list of all the lemmas in Ruth from the LHB! Now it’ll be available automatically in your Flashcards for Greek and Hebrew app.


All your word lists sync in the cloud, so you can study the original languages wherever you are.

Get original-language resources with Logos 5

This app works seamlessly alongside Logos 5. If you’re going to use it to further your understanding of Greek and Hebrew, you’ll need the right sources—the original-language texts we’ve mentioned here are included in Logos 5 base packages from Bronze up. Get a Logos 5 base package (Bronze or higher) to start taking advantage of all that this app has to offer!

Learn wherever you go—download the free Flashcards for Greek and Hebrew for iOS or Android today.


  1. This will be a perfect tool when the Hebrew Audio Pronunciations are released. The Greek Audio Pronunciations is a great resource.

  2. Mark Olivero says

    this is great. thanks.

  3. This is great – I hope there will be various sorting options soon :)

  4. So anyone gonna hook the fam up with a list reflecting Mounce (BBG) and/or VanPelt (BBH)? If so, please let us know.
    in HIM

  5. Thomas McCuddy says

    A related blog talks about getting word lists from Greek Grammars. Anyway to do this with Logos 5? The blog explains how to do it in Logos 3 which is ENTIRELY different (a blog post from 2007 no less!)

  6. There are lots of vocab lists created for Logos 3, including the BBG and BBH.
    They are available here: https://www.logos.com/training/vocabularylists
    Instructions for importing them to Logos 5 are here: http://community.logos.com/forums/t/65693.aspx
    It’s great to have a flashcard app for thee files.
    Will there be an iPad version? Perhaps some way of selecting cards, i.e. by chapter?

  7. Thomas Zimmermann says

    Genius! :-)
    For my MA BTS at Knox I need to learn Hebrew and Greek, and since all of that courses are Logos based I can now have an integrated vocabulary trainer!
    Thanks! A lot!

  8. Fantastic! Thanks!

  9. Just downloaded the app, and really enjoy it. I see it is available for the iPhone, but not the iPad, are there plans to make it available there also?

  10. David Pereira says

    This is SO great! Thanks. I'll share it with some seminarians I know and get them started early!

  11. I have the same question.

  12. Are the cards going to be available for windows 8?

  13. Mike Meiser says

    You can get them all at this Faithlife group.
    Hope this helps.

  14. Mike Meiser says

    Both are available at this Faithlife group:

  15. Thomas McCuddy says

    Mike Meiser, ABSOLUTELY! It was exactly what I was looking for. Synced perfectly just like I wanted. Thank you so much!

  16. I downloaded on my ipad mini and it works great.

  17. Dan Laskowski says

    Loaded it up and a few comments:
    1. need a way to eliminate high frequency words like “kai”
    2. it would be great to see BDAG definitions on the flip side
    3. I would like more choices than “missed” or “got it”
    Specifically: try “nailed it” “hesitated”, “had to think a bit” and “no clue” where “nailed it” goes to the back of the list, “hesitated” goes to the middle, “had to think” goes about 1/4 back and “no clue” goes third from the top in the list. That way the list sorts itself and keeps the ones you don’t know at the top of the pile coming back and back and back.
    It would be nice to have the list remember such things from session to session too — that way new lists will sort intelligently and make more sense for learning!

    • Jonathan Watson says

      Thanks for the feedback, Dan! Regarding #1, when creating word lists in your desktop software, you can sort by frequency, then remove any row(s) you don’t want to appear in your flashcard deck (kai, gar, etc.).
      Hope this helps!

  18. Casey Mehl says

    If your taking Greek using Mounces Book, this is a GREAT resource. flashcards done well by chapter.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/multimedia-flashcards-for/id542282174?mt=8

  19. Hi Everyone,
    I have created a free training video for Logos' new Flash Card Mobile app (HD format):
    John Fallahee

  20. You are one helpful man

  21. Leslie R. Smith says

    Oh this is awesome!! So wish I had it while taking Hebrew 3 years ago and Greek 2 years ago!! However, it will be great to keep me fresh in my vocab as I do my exegetical work!! THANKS LOGOS! YOU ROCK!!

  22. Mike Meiser Any idea what happened to the list. I went to the site and it says the documents are unavailable.

  23. Mike Meiser says

    Arthur Joseph Make sure that you join the group. You cannot access the documents until you do that.

  24. I'm a big fan of Logos, and started learning Greek through the free SBL NT. I also wrote an app that I think helps you learn faster than flash cards: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speed-greek/id739706209?mt=8

  25. I downloaded the list, but they won't, or I can't figure out, how to sync with my android app. Any ideas

  26. John Ramos says

    Very nice and well done!

  27. When are you going to stop ignoring Windows Phone? :-(

  28. Missie Wiedman says


  29. Daniel Brueske says

    Right now, when you're in a Word List Document, if you select and right-click one or more entries, the only action you can do is delete the selection. It would be great if you could copy or cut the selected entries and paste/add/import them into another word list.
    It would also be great if you could add columns to the word list by which to sort (for example, a column like "Memorized" or "Learned" where you could enter Y or N to know whether the words were already learned, or even a 1-5 ranking in that column to let you know how well you know the word.
    It would be great to be able to sort the lists these ways. Not sure if this is the best place to offer that, but I don't really know where else to make such suggestions. Thanks for the new free app, though. I plan on using it regularly!

  30. Jonathan Watson says

    Is there any way to shuffle the cards?

  31. Bill Harrier says

    Probably shuffle is only available on Android OS.

  32. Christian Bahnerth says

    Refreshing my Greek after a loss through TIA's (mini strokes), lost Latin and Greek. At 79.85 years of age that is NOT easy.

  33. is it available for Android?

  34. This. Is. Awesome. Thanks for adding this very important and useful feature.

  35. You keep forgetting about Windows Phone 8. Why?

  36. Philip Fisher says

    Is this app only for Logos 5?

  37. How do I get the document for Mounce's book onto the word list in logos so I can have them on the app?

  38. Never mind, I got it! Awesome feature! This can increase ones study of Greek from 3 hours a day to like 10!

  39. Larry Albrecht says

    Has anyone had success in importing word lists to Mac (Mavericks). I have found tutorials for older OS but they do not work the same.

  40. Andrew Felts says

    Is there a way to have the definitions of the vocabulary link to a lexicon on logos such as HALOT or BDAG?

  41. Just downloaded. I've been looking for this! thanks. Love the word list interactivity with what I am studying now in Logos.

  42. Mike Meiser — jus came back to this post (had been away from fb, so didn't see update, etc.). Thanks, my bro! May tap into some of these other lists, too.
    in HIM

  43. Is there any way to re-arrange the word list? There are certain words I would like to manually appear at the top of each session without having to use the Spaced Repetition algorithm

  44. logos

  45. Windows Phone? It’s not that hard. At least provide interfaces so others can do the UI.

  46. How does one get Hebrew Pronunciation/Audio for the flashcards? What am I missing?

  47. Dave Lembke says

    Crashed while loading.

  48. Michael Steven Ibach says

    When I first installed this on my iPad mini and my iPod, it had an audio button. Now it's gone. I called and the person on the phone said it was an iOS 8 issue, but that doesn't make sense because my iPod is older. It can only be updated to iOS 6 and it has the same problem.

  49. I created the word list in Logos, but don't see it even though I'm signed in on the app on my phone.