Mind the Gap

Socio-rhetoricalOne of the big hurdles in preaching is bridging the cultural gap between our present setting and the society in which the NT documents were composed. It gets even harder when you realize there is actually more than one gap. Take the Apostle Paul for example. He was born in one of the Hellenistic Greek cultural centers, Tarsus. Let’s not forget that he was also a Roman citizen, which adds to the complexity. Acts 22:3 tells us that he was educated under Gamaliel as a strict Pharisee, adding yet another Jewish dimension to the picture. Is there any hope for properly unpacking the cultural baggage which underlies Scripture?

Ben Witherington and David deSilva have devoted much of their academic careers to addressing these issues, leading to the Socio-Rhetorical Commentary Series (8 Vols.). This eight volume set is enables you to successfully navigate these complexities by identifying the relevant cultural or rhetorical features in a given context. Each volume begins with a series of articles orienting you to key factors that shaped writer’s conception of the world. The balance of the book guides you through each passage, highlighting socio-rhetorical facets critical to soundly exegeting the passage.

Although the cultural divide can seem unwieldy, the Socio-Rhetorical Commentary Series is a great resource for bridging the gap. Although Witherington and deSilva are noted experts, their insights are delivered in clear, accessible language. Whether you are a seasoned expert or just jumping into these issues for the first time, I’d highly recommend adding this collection to your library.

Written by
Steve Runge

Steve Runge has served as a Scholar-in-Residence at Faithlife since completing his Doctor of Literature degree in biblical languages at Stellenbosch University in South Africa in 2006. He specializes in developing original language resources for pastors and students to help them more confidently study and teach the Bible.

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  • Where are the other 4 volumes currently in print? Are there plans to offer the other four?
    Frankly, not such a great deal if I have to pay for each of them down the road regardless of how good the series is.
    I can get all 12 currently in print from Amazon for $325, while I’m only getting 8 volumes here for $150. Not sure the math works (at least for me).

  • The other volumes were published by IVP and not Eerdmans. We originally licensed these eight from Eerdmans, but weren’t able to get the IVP ones at that time, though we hope to in the future.
    Buying them at Amazon will cost you $27 a volume. Buying them from us will cost you $18 a volume. If we are able to get the other four volumes, we’ll probably bundle them together and offer a similar discount to the first eight.

  • May be you can give those who bought these 8 vol now a better upgrade price when the other 4 volume is available. I am particularly interest in the other gospel volume as we try to bridge the cultural gap in Jesus time.

  • I would even buy them the way you are offering them now, but Logos 4 and upgrades and a bunch of other purchases of new books is taking its toll.
    This Series is definitely on my “to buy” list; and right now I have no idea when that will be. Am trying to set personal priorities as to what I need, what I want, how many can I buy each month or bi-monthly, or whatever .. *smile*
    God bless you richly, Phil, and all others. Often pray for you all and will continue to.
    Am overwhelmed by Logos 4 – the power – all the things one can do – more than one can handle – almost! It is wonderful – exquisite – magnificent – plus a whole bunch of other adjectives.
    Yours in Christ,

Written by Steve Runge