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As a church leader, there’s no shortage of resources to help you equip God’s people: books, small group and Sunday school curricula, workbooks, journals, DVD series . . . the list goes on.

But the cost of purchasing hard copies of all that adds up—not to mention the time investment you must make to find, purchase, organize, and manage your church’s collection of educational resources.

And with the sea of options out there, how do you know what to trust? How can you be confident that what you have is biblical, up-to-date with recent scholarship, and trustworthy?

For years, Logos Mobile Education has been recording lectures from some of the most celebrated biblical and theological scholars in the world. We’ve worked with experts on all the key subjects you want your congregation to master—discipleship, leadership, apologetics, theology, and much more.

This is biblical education at its finest, from teachers you can trust. And now, every member in your church can access every lecture in our Mobile Ed video catalog!

For a limited time, you can unlock unlimited streaming of every single Mobile Ed video, as well as Faithlife TV Plus, for every member of your congregation—all for one low annual price.

Thousands of videos

You’ll find lectures on Romans from Douglas Moo, the renowned author of one of the most-cited commentaries on Romans.

You’ll find over 20 hours of lectures from Bryan Chapell, one of the foremost experts on Christ-centered preaching.

trustworthy teachingAccess hundreds of other lectures from respected scholars and ministry leaders like Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, Mark Futato, Ben Witherington III, Gary Thomas, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and many more—all ready to be streamed by any member in your church.

Not only can you access all those lectures (neatly organized into over 7,000 segments), your entire church will get early access to Faithlife TV Plus!

Your Faithlife TV Plus subscription lets you stream over 1,000 documentaries, biographies, dramas, kids videos, and more. And it’s all faith-based content that’s safe and entertaining for the entire family.

Whether they’re sitting down for family movie night or handing the kids an iPad to watch on the road, you can be confident that families in your church have video content that edifies as it entertains.

Start an annual subscription for your church now!

A curriculum solution

Use Mobile Ed videos as your primary curriculum, or supplement your regular lessons with clips from scholars and ministry leaders. Taking your small group through a study on 1 Corinthians? Share a clip from one of Craig Blomberg’s many lectures, then discuss as a group.

curriculumYou’ll find videos on a range of subjects—from book studies, to Christian living, to ministry and theology. And Faithlife TV Plus includes fascinating documentaries, like the new Archaeology + Jesus miniseries, biographies of inspiring Christian figures like Martin Luther, and other films that are perfect for a small group movie night.

Use Mobile Ed videos to lead a class on subjects like apologetics, discipleship, spiritual formation, and much more. Or find Bible-focused content on Faithlife TV Plus, like videos on the tabernacle and the temple, tours through the Holy Land, Bible book studies, and more.

And because you can access content anywhere through your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, Apple TV, or Roku, you don’t have to worry about passing around (or losing) curriculum. Anywhere you have an Internet connection, your videos are ready and waiting.

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Leadership training

Pastors and ministry leaders are called to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12–16). That can be an overwhelming prospect. Thankfully, Mobile Ed has hundreds of lecture clips that are perfect for training leaders.

Help your church leaders find their identity in Christ with teaching from Elyse Fitzpatrick. Or take them through a practical course on evangelism using Bobby Conway’s lectures as a guide.

You’ll even find lectures specifically on ministry leadership—covering everything from leading teams and groups in ministry, to managing communication and organization on your ministry team.

Hurry—this is a limited-time offer!

We want to make it easy for churches of any size to take advantage of this offer. For the cost of purchasing a few courses for yourself, you can unlock the entire Mobile Ed video catalog for your entire church for an entire year! Just tell us the size of your church, and we’ll give you a custom price. But move quick! This offer won’t last long.

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