. Logos Bible Software 4.1 for Windows Now Shipping

Logos Bible Software 4.1 for Windows Now Shipping

A new version of Logos Bible Software for Windows began shipping yesterday. Version 4.1 is the fifth major update since we launched Logos 4 eleven months ago. Like all previous updates, version 4.1 is a free download for all Logos 4 Windows users.

How Do You Get It?

If you have automatic updating enabled (screenshot), which is the default setting, Logos 4 should notify you that updates are ready to be installed. When you see the balloon tooltip window, right-click on the Logos icon in your system tray and choose to “Install update” (screenshot). If Logos 4 hasn’t downloaded the update by the end of the day, type Update Now into the Command Bar (screenshot). This will force Logos 4 to check for any available updates (screenshot) and begin downloading them.

What’s New in Logos 4.1?

Version 4.1 brings a number of important new features—many of which are in direct response to your requests. Here are the major ones:

  • Advanced printing and exporting
  • Sentence diagramming
  • Smart Tags
  • Gestures

There were also some nice little improvements made to Bible Word Study, graphing Bible search results, keyboard shortcuts, the panel menu, the Passage Guide, Passage Lists, program settings, reading plans, the resource panel, the search panel, and shortcuts. Check out “What’s New in Logos 4.1” to see a complete list of the changes.

Time to Upgrade to Logos 4?

Are you still running Logos 3 (or the old Logos Library System!)? If so, now would be a great time to upgrade to Logos 4. Not only has Logos 4 improved significantly over the last eleven months, but we’re currently having special limited-time discounts of up to 20% off base packages and base package upgrades. And we’re far from done improving Logos 4. I just installed the beta release of version 4.2. To see some of what’s coming, check out the list of additional features we plan to add.

What about Logos 4 for Mac?

In case you missed the news, Logos 4 Mac is now shipping. If you’ve been waiting until it was out of beta testing, now’s your chance to buy a base package or upgrade your current base package at a nice discount. And don’t worry, Mac Users, the Mac team hasn’t slowed down at all. They’re already working on 4.1 and hope to be caught up to the Windows team in the very near future.

Written by
Phil Gons

Follower of Jesus, husband of Shanna, father of four, Vice President and General Manager of Bible Study Products at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, PhD (ABD) Theology, reader, learner, blogger, technophile.

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  • Houston we have a problem. I have office 2007 and followed the instructions to set up “smart tags” but the Logos 4 option does not appear on my Labels list. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

  • Douglas,
    I had the same problem as you, however if you close MS Word and reopen the program it should work, at least it did for me. I am running Windows7 with MS Office 2007.

  • Thanks James, but it didn’t work for me. I guess I’m going to have to call customer support for that. Hopefully they’ll be able to set it up for me.

  • •Advanced printing and exporting I am curious to find out about this new feature in Logos 4. Is there a reference document that can guide us through what this new feature does?

  • Sorry that didn’t work for you Douglas. I tried again myself this week and I did have some problems. It was very difficult for it to take a passage from 2Chonicles I was wanting. I had to use the old cntl+alt+b but once it pasted I noticed it had a smart tag.
    I started playing around with it trying different ways to list the scripture such as 2Chron 33:1 or 2 Chron 331, 2Chronicles 33:1 and so on. At first I wasn’t getting anything so I tried John 3:16 and it worked. I started to wonder if it was just a NT vs OT battle but found other OT passages worked. Finally I tried Chronicles again and it worked in any of the above formats. Right now I don’t know what to say other than its tricky.

  • James,
    I found that for the “2nd” and 1st” sorts of things, it worked in WORD if I actually typed “1st” instead of 1 chron….just a thought.

  • I’m very glad to be able to print my Bible Reading Plan. The old tip to export to Outlook and then export from there to a file never would work for me.

  • The Libronix version of sentence diagramming had the Precepts markings as well as other ways to highlight words and phrases on the screen – is this forthcoming or did I somehow miss it?

  • I see the logo emblemm on the start up line, but it disapears before I ever click on it. I never got a download. What’s up with that?

Written by Phil Gons