. Logos 4 Mac Shipping in . . .

Logos 4 Mac Shipping in . . .

It’s official!
The release version of Logos 4 Mac has a ship date. We’ll be rolling out the completed version to new and existing users on Friday, October 1, 2010—six weeks from today!

We’re super excited to reach this huge milestone (in spite of many obstacles), and we know you are too. Since this is such a big deal, we wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary. We’re having a huge Mac-related giveaway to celebrate. You and all your friends are invited to join us, as we give away thousands of dollars in prizes to more than 100 people!

Don’t worry, even though we started out coding for Windows, this is a celebration any Mac lover would be happy to be a part of.

The prizes will be an iMac, a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPod Touch, an iPod Nano, and an assortment of 100 gift cards from the Apple Store, iTunes, and Logos.com! There will also be special limited-time discounts on all of our Mac base packages and base package upgrades.

Windows Users, we haven’t forgotten about you.
You can celebrate too, because not only can you enter to win one of the cool prizes (who knows, you might even switch to Mac), but thanks to our Mac users, you get a second chance to buy or upgrade to Logos 4 at a special discount too!

Maybe you missed out when we launched Logos 4 last November, or maybe you wish you had purchased a higher base package. Well, now’s your second chance to save with special sale prices on all our base packages and upgrades!

Mac and Windows Users alike, come join the celebration. And be sure to invite your friends!

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Phil Gons

Follower of Jesus, husband of Shanna, father of four, Vice President and General Manager of Bible Study Products at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, PhD (ABD) Theology, reader, learner, blogger, technophile.

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  • Wendell, our packages aren’t free, but our core engines and updates to resources you already own are free. So if you already own one of our Logos 4 packages (and it looks like you do), that means that you’re free to use it on your PCs, Macs, and iOS devices. You don’t have to purchase a separate version for your PC or Mac. You’ll just need to download the application installer (or pop in your installation DVD) and log in, and Logos 4 will take care of the rest.

  • Logos 4 is multi-platform. When you buy a base package, you can use the resources with the Windows version, the Mac version, or the iPhone/iPad version. Mac and iPad are separate platforms, so Mac software can’t run on the iPad and iPad software can’t run on the Mac.

  • The program is great! I encourage Mac users to take the plunge. Mark Gerisch, Caseville, MI

  • I am a mac user who is using a parralel side of windows. I set this up for Libronix but when this came out I attempted to use this for my new logos 4 version. This has NOT been a fun journey.
    How does this impact us regarding the completed Mac version?
    Will we continue to get updates until ours is complete?
    Are we also eligible for this celebration’s benefits.

  • This (Libronix) is one of my two most important pieces of Bible Study software. It (Libronix) is the most dependable and trouble-free. I am hoping Logos 4 will be just as dependable as Libronix when it is completed! I much prefer the Mac platform because the PC acts and appears clumsy, obsolete, and archaic! The PC is just not fun compared to the Mac!

  • What if you already loaded Logos 4 on Mac OS with the Beta version? Does the final product of Logos 4 Mac take over the Beta version or will the Beta version cause a conflict?

  • What if you already loaded Logos 4 on Mac OS with the Beta version? Does the final product of Logos 4 Mac take over the Beta version or will the Beta version cause a conflict?

  • If you are connected to the Internet, Logos 4 Mac (like the Windows version) will keep itself up to date. The beta will automatically get updated to the release version, and as further updates become available, they will download automatically.

  • Oh, Wow and gosh finally! I have had the Logos 4 Mac since it came out last November but could not do a thing with it. I read all the information and tried to follow it to the letter but it never worked. I’ve had it all these months and not used it. Today I put aside the information on how to do’s and just walked myself through and it works. I don’t know if redoing it had improvement made that helped it to work or what but it does now and I’m tha-rilled!
    Pam Figueora

  • Is your server already pushing out the MAC Logos 4 or do we need to do something on our end to get the update?

Written by Phil Gons