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Logos Wins Prestigious Software Industry Award

Logos Bible Software 4: 2011 CODiE Award Winner

Logos Bible Software 4 has been named the winner of the SIIA’s prestigious CODiE Award for Best Educational Reference Solution.

With the release of Logos Bible Software 4 back in November 2009, we knew we had something special. Logos 4 was all-new. It was like no other product out in the marketplace, and like no other product we had produced before. We knew we had introduced a brand new award-wining software. It just wasn’t offical, until now.

Logos 4 has just been recognized by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) as the Best Educational Reference Solution.

Since 1986, the SIIA’s CODiE Awards program has showcased the software and information industry’s finest products. The award holds the distinction of being the software industry’s only peer-reviewed award as SIIA members are comprised of leading companies in the business software, digital content, and education technology industries. Throughout the award’s history, this is the first time Bible study software has not only been named a finalist, but has also gone on to win the SIIA’s CODiE Award in its category.

Due to the large undertaking in rebuilding Logos from the ground up—instead of simply reusing 15–20-year old code for an update—we hoped Logos users would find Logos 4 to exceed their expectations. It did. Logos users quickly navigated past the initial learning curve Logos 4 posed, and discovered a new way of doing Bible study. And the CODiE Award judges got to see exactly what makes Logos 4 so special.

Judges put Logos 4 through a stringent review process consisting of evaluating product-specific material and online support articles and training videos. Finally, a live online product demonstration was coordinated so judges could see a first-hand demonstration before evaluating and scoring Logos 4. Part of the evaluation focused on the program’s customization features, ease of use, navigation, richness and focus of search results, and use of graphics, among other components.

Based on the above components, Logos Bible Software 4 seemed to be exactly what the Best Educational Reference Solution category was intended for. Among others in the same category, Logos 4 beat out NBC News Archives on Demand from NBC Learn.

Some 425 products and services were nominated this year. Then third-party judges reviewed and evaluated each item before determining finalists. SIIA members then reviewed the finalists and voted to select the winners.

Winning the 2011 CODiE Award now puts Logos Bible Software in the company of past CODiE Award winners such as Adobe, Dell, Cision, Red Hat, SalesForce, Wall Street Journal Professional, and Zendesk.

In the nearly twenty years Logos Bible Software has been around, winning the CODiE Award is a crowning achievement for an excellent product, but more so, for the world-class team here at Logos who is dedicated to providing the best Bible study tool available.

Moving forward, we are committed more than ever to excellence and to being a leader in educational technology. Please leave a comment letting us know how Logos Bible Software 4 has changed the way you do Bible study. And if you are still haven’t upgraded to Logos 4, isn’t it time you discovered what you’re missing?

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  • Logos, you truly deserve this honour!!

    For 20 years I did my daily Bible readings fully and painfully aware that I didn’t understand much of what I was reading.

    When I got Logos 3, 4 years ago – that’s when Bible Study really began to take off. For the first time in my life I owned and could open Commentaries and Bible Dictionaries, just to name a few brilliant resources (@ the click of a button!) – and what I was reading began to really come together as Logos (and the Holy Spirit) brought the meaning, clarification and explanation and insight and confirmation that my heart was aching for, for so much of my life.

    I really wasn’t sure about upgrading to Logos 4 as I’d only just got to grips with Logos 3, but what a fantastic revolution that’s been. My daily Bible Study has progressed, I’m now confidently doing regular word studies; and have set up non-versified commentary collections (with tags) that have opened much more of the Library for study very simply; but my favourite Bible Study change has been the ability to turn my Bible into my own commentary with the Note files – it’s just the bees knees!! The biggest struggle in the morning isn’t getting up – it’s tearing myself away from Logos!

    Logos you really are the very BEST!!

    • I had the old version and gave up trying to figure it out. My pastor is holding a small class sharing his knowledge of Logos 4. That has helped tremendously and we all share our questions and answers as we work with it. Also, your help line is very quick to respond and gives clear steps to fix a problem.I love being able to cross reference into notes from BKC to my Bible reading.I am working with kids and youth this summer and those easy to access BKC notes will create better story telling. I can print them out and study them easily with my Bible.

  • Congratulations! Job well done. I moved to Logos 4 when it became available and have enjoyed the features. I am sure there are many features that I am not using yet, but that represents an opportunity to continue to grow.

    I especially like the many updates you make to the existing materials. I keep buying more reference materials and use them in my personal study.

    Thanks again for a wonderful product!

  • Way to go Logos! Congratulations! As a bivocational minister and counselor, I really struggle to have the time to put into sermon preparation like I’d like. For me, Logos is indispensable.
    By the way, because of my role as a counselor, I tend to avoid Facebook due to the number of my young clients who are on Facebook. I have recently joined Linkedin. Is that a network that you are also on?

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