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Today’s the day! The day that changed everything. 

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus today, pause with me and consider what the resurrection shows us. In his thoughtful reflection on the meaning of the cross and resurrection, God with Us,* Rowan Williams observes five ways that our lives today are directly impacted by the resurrection of Jesus:

  1. Human beings matter: “If Jesus is risen, human beings really exist, and they exist for a purpose.”
  2. The world has changed: The resurrection “has altered what is possible” and “has made an irreversible breakthrough in the definition of humanity, which can never be undone.”
  3. Death cannot defeat us: We don’t survive death, but God is waiting for us on the other side, and “it’s not that some little bit of us somehow hangs on . . . but that God remakes us.”
  4. Christ prays within us: “Prayer is most deeply ‘allowing God to happen in us,’ the Spirit bringing Christ alive in us . . . This is very much what St. Paul writes on virtually every page, especially of the Corinthian letters.”
  5. God cares for all creation: “God’s purpose is the transfiguration, not the cancellation, of history in the material world.”

With Logos, you can use the Factbook to look up important topics, events, and more. The Factbook is a dynamic encyclopedia that provides the essential information you need along with links to resources and tools for further study.

Click here to open the Factbook to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Read more of what Rowan Williams has to say about the impact of preaching the resurrection today in God with Us: The Meaning of the Cross and Resurrection—Then and Now

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