Logos Tech Tip | Go from Prepping to Preaching in One Tap

You’ve crafted your sermon and are ready to preach, but how do you get that sermon to the pulpit? Logos 9 takes you from prepping to preaching with a single tap. When you write your message in Sermon Builder, Logos makes it easy to format your document using Preaching Mode.* Here’s how.

  1. Click the Documents menu and expand the navigation panel
  2. Tap Sermons, and open a sermon
  3. Tap the Preaching mode icon
  4. Preach!

Now you can navigate your sermon by tapping from page to page or simply scrolling through a continuous document. 

From the top bar, you can adjust font and sizing, show the slides, or set a custom timer to keep you on schedule. Simply tap the relevant icon and select the options you prefer. 

Watch this video to learn more about using Preaching Mode in Logos 9: 


You no longer need multistep processes to put a word processing document into a mobile-friendly format. With Preaching Mode, it’s never been easier to step out of your study and into the pulpit.

*Sermon Builder and Preaching Mode are available in Logos 9 Silver and up.


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