Logos Tech Tip | Bible Word Searches Made Beautiful—and Shareable

pastor using Logos charts tool

Have you ever run a Bible Search in Logos that returned hundreds of results spread across several pages? It’s hard to process! But with a single click, the Charts Tool in Logos 9* consolidates pages of results into one colorful visual.

For example, the drama of Advent unfolds in Luke 1 with angels repeatedly commanding their hearers, “Do not be afraid.” A search can locate all the places addressing fear, but a chart helps us see a bigger picture and spot trends in the biblical text. At a glance, you can see which book of the Bible addresses this idea the most (you’ll probably be surprised).

While you can run a Bible search for <Sense = to fear>, you can also run this search right from your Bible. (Click here to watch a brief video on Word Senses in Logos.) As you read Luke 1, you’ll see the angelic command not to fear directed both to Zechariah in verse 13 and to Mary in verse 30. Here’s how:

  1. From your preferred Bible, open to Luke 1, and right-click either instance of “afraid” to open the Context menu.
  2. Select the sense to fear from the left side of the menu.
  3. Click Bible in the search section on the right side.

Logos searches the entire Bible for the sense “to fear” and returns 222 results in 156 verses.** That’s a lot of results to scan through, but when you click the Chartsbutton at the top of your search panel, Logos instantly displays your results in an easy-to-read format. Immediately, you’ll see that Isaiah and Luke use the sense “to fear” 27 times, and next in line with 24 mentions is Matthew. 

Choose from various chart styles, including several pictograms with an array of color palettes. You can also adjust the display based on the total number of hits in a book or how often these hits occur. And you can quickly share your chart by clicking Send to in the upper right corner and selecting from the available options.

Run this search in Logos, and click Charts to see it in action.

Or watch this video to learn more about the Charts Tool and see other examples:


*The Charts Tool is available in Logos 9 Starter and up.

**Your numbers may vary depending on which Bible translation you’re searching. The results displayed and discussed here are based on the ESV. 


  1. I have had Logos for several years but never used it much preferring my Word Search software. Changing over is hard. I like the charting aspect and look forward to integrating it into my Bible studies. I just hope that I don’t have to spend all my time for the next few months learning how to access and use my Logos 9!

  2. I was a Wordsearch user for 25 years. Getting an email that I would have to convert to Logos didn’t thrill me. However, once I got one the initial frustration and determined to learn Logos I have discovered it is light years ahead of Wordsearch. Take the time to learn it as it will advance your study in significant ways.

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