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Become a Logos Now Member Today

In the late 80’s, American Express ran the slogan “Membership has its privileges.” The campaign was so ubiquitous, I can’t help but think of it when I hear about membership programs.

Well, Logos Now is our exclusive membership program for Logos 6 base package owners.

As a Logos Now member, you get exclusive access and benefits to content, services, features, and discounts not found anywhere else. Some of those member benefits are available right now, like access to the following content and tools:

But the benefits don’t end there. In every release of Logos Now (roughly every 6 weeks) you’ll get access to more and more content, services, tools, and features, which makes your membership even more valuable over time.

When Amazon Prime launched in 2005, they only offered one benefit: unlimited two-day shipping. Over time, more benefits were released, including instant video, music, unlimited photo storage, and the Kindle lending library.

Like Amazon Prime, the content, services, and features of Logos Now will only grow with time. Logos Now members will get exclusive discounts, special offers, and a better web app experience. These features and discounts will be yours for as long as you’re a member.

Your first month is on us!

We want to make a Logos Now membership an irresistibly compelling value for you today—and even more so in the future. In the meantime, we’d like you to enjoy your first month of Logos Now for free with a monthly subscription.


Start your monthly membership.

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  • I am surprised that a company that I thought respected it’s customers would move in this direction. I have spent over $4,000 with Logos Software, don’t I deserve “exclusive discounts, special offers, and a better web app experience” WITHOUT paying $9 every month! I am very disappointed, and struggling to understand if this company is motivated by anything more than profit.

    • I have invested close to 35,000 dollars on my Logos Library~ Not boasting beloved but I will stand up for Logos because every department of the company has helped me with building my library from sales and especially the very compassionate and understanding accounting department. Those ladies and gentlemen are some of the finest employees in Logos~ I am an Iraq war vet and this company and their efforts to provide the resources to deepen my relationship with Christ has literally pulled me out of suicide and the grips of the devil and pole vaulted me into being on fire for God.

    • Hello James,
      The monthly membership rate is $8.99/month after your first month free trial. You can start your free trial by clicking on the links in the article.

  • Logos can in some ways be expensive BUT it is about the perspective you have. In my mind, I am investing not only locally in my current ministry but throughout my life by being a Logos subscriber and Logos Now member. Think about it.. the resources are yours for LIFE. And if you are in ministry that will pay off immensely over the course of time.

  • This is a great new addition to have cutting edge access to new features and tools for a small fee. I look at it like joining Apple’s Developer Programs for $99 per year to have access to new versions of Mac OS and iOS.

    Logos is an invaluable tool and is more than software but a lifelong library and tool for pastors, scholars and writers.

  • Is there anything Faithlife will not do to squeeze the last dollar out of it’s customers?

  • I believe Logos has some good books and great software, and some good sales. I utilize 4 different bible software programs. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Logos does tend to be a little more expensive at times but their software is quite unique and beneficial in many ways. I like its ability to type in one bible verse and hit enter, and search through all your resources to easily study one verse. They also gave me a refund on one 800 dollar resource after i had it for 8 months, and Moody Bible Institute stopped supporting the resource. I don’t believe most companies would not have done the same. I like the 20 dollar yearly gift they give me on my birthday. Thank you Logos.

  • Well, there’s a fair bit of commodifying here. I’d have thought that additional datasets etc might be areward for people already heavily investing in these general ‘goods’. I don’t even dare to calculate my yearly purchases with Logos, but another$100 seems a bit much. Like a few other ‘small’ but insultingly mean additional charges.
    Not happy. Mind spoken, as requested.

  • I do like the power tool(ness) of Logos. It’s one of the reason I got it for my studies. As a past, present, future student of scripture (Bible college, seminary, personal study, minister always in training) I find it quite useful despite the price tag. I have probably spent as much for much less in physical books in my library. When I read the $ complaints I am reminded that just because something is for sale does not mean one needs to buy it. How many years have I (anyone) gone without something? (I went “without” Logos for years. It is merely a upgrade to my life long studies.) There comes a point when I have to say enough is enough and close my wallet up and get on with the matter of working with what I have on hand.

    I wonder what many Logos dependent people will/can do if the resource is not available for whatever reason? Logos can become what Google has become to many people – the quick look up resource minus the actual process of study and learning some topic or fact. I think I would rather move past the $ complaints to the task of digesting and dispersing the knowledge I have gained to those whom God has placed in my path. Somewhere I heard that it was called ministry.

    • Quite correct. Ministry it is. I like to think I’m engaged in it as well. I also like to think the tools I have for it are sharp, to the point and effective. So surprise ‘add-ons’ are a disappointment and I believe should incur some protest. (Like, for example, the critical apparatus as an extra for NA28, the last volume of Bonhoeffer’s complete works not being in the complete works, and possibly this membership lark.)
      Not being a one-trick pony however, my physical library, eBook resources, (yes even the Kindle ones without page numbering!) and the local library access to publications databases all have their place.

  • I keep buying products (“books”) but I just despise Logos. I don’t know what I have or how to find it. It is easy for me to use online Greek Testament tools for free than then one in my Logos 6 (which does not sync – in fact nothing sync correctly, you have to move past what you want to get the other thing to move.) It is just a bloody nightmare – the most user unfriendly thing I have ever see. Well, in all fairness, maybe not the most, it is in the running.

  • I too have spent quite a bit of money on this software. I have no regrets as I feel it was well worth the money but seeing a monthly charge is disturbing to me. I agree with Mark that as regular customers we all deserve the best prices that we can get without having to pay a monthly price for it. I have noticed more and more emails and higher prices on things and have wondered if Logos is beginning to lose sight of the goal. Please folks think about the little guys who can't afford big prices. I know you are in business to make money and the workman is worthy of his hire but not all of us are pastors in big churches with a budget for study materials. I'm only 5 years away from retirement and am struggling to learn all the time to be able to share my faith. Please try to keep your software within reach of the ordinary Christian.

  • I agree. I have Logos 6 and I am bombarded by emails asking me to purchase this, that or the other upgrade, package, etc. I’ve purchased other resources along the way in to the probably $1000’s of dollars. Now, I’m asked to cough up $9.00 per month for “special” treatment! I don’t think so. I understand that it is costly to acquire licenses and to code the the resources so that everything works (hopefully) as a unified whole. But the prices, unless you catch something on sale are rapidly exceeding my ability to purchase.

  • Well its official… After spending over $6500 USD on Logos Software this is the straw that broke the camels back. I am tire of the gouging logos has going on. No more purchases from me.

  • First of all, I must confess that I do have some bias since I live only a few miles from Logos' headquarters and I feel that I'm supporting the local economy when I purchase. That fact was significant in my decision to sign up for Logos Now. Otherwise, I may well have passed on it. Even so, I made use of the Concordance feature in short order and it helped considerably right off the bat :)

  • I also would not want to buy any more books, if I can. Can I just buy the Logos 6 system without buying additional books?

    • Miguel, you are correct. A Logos 6 base package comes with datasets, features, resources (books), and interactive media. I personally recommend a Gold base package as it comes with all the features of Logos 6 and over 1,000 resources, including The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection, Black’s New Testament Commentary, and the UBS New Testament Handbooks. https://www.logos.com/product/43520/gold

  • Nah I get academic discount that is good enough. I have spent almost $20,000.00 with Logos.

  • Ownership vs Rental?
    When Logos 6 became available I did an Extended Cross-grade for $240.99 This is worth 2.2 years in terms of “Logos Now Membership”. I own all features in this Cross-grade and my sermon prep definitely benefits from it.

    Will these features become available in the future for a Cross-grade or is it “Members only” or/and will ownership kick in somewhere along the line?

    Getting dependent on a great feature to accomplish certain tasks will only result in “burning desire” if it could be lost somehow due to finances. This is a temptation I don’t want to step into with open eyes when preparing my life and sermons as the emotion of desire will greatly influence my ability to hear God’s truth. The latest Free Book’s title is quite applicable “Christianish”. Could this be a prophetic word about the future of Logos Bible Software?

    I’m a loyal customer since 1993. Why? because of trust. I don’t want to see this great company be responsible for the spiritual struggle in the life’s of so many users. By unfolding this point of view I feel disloyal towards Logos.

    Logos Bible Software is much more than just software for me, it’s part of my rational makeup, kind of like “contact lenses” for the brain.

    Well, this is just a point of view. I wasted several valuable minutes composing this post. I’ll just dive into the spiral of desire and see if these features will benefit me in body, mind and soul. Maybe it’s not so bad after all to live with desire?

  • I am getting a little tired of going to MY home page and seeing Logos trying to sell me something.

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