Logos Is Faithlife!

Logos Bible Software (the company) is now Faithlife Corporation.

We haven’t been bought; we don’t have a new owner. Logos Bible Software is still our flagship product, and we’re not changing its name. You’ll still find it at Logos.com.

But ‘software’ is something you download onto your desktop computer. And while I still do that—and so do you!—we’re moving toward a future where apps, websites, and digital content set the pace.

We have been leading that way for a while: Proclaim Church Presentation Software, Biblia.com, Vyrso, Faithlife Groups, Lexham Press, Faithlife Study Bible, and so much more. This video really makes the point:

All of these tools are connected by a single account—the same one you use at Logos.com, Biblia.com, Vyrso.com, and Faithlife.com.

And that’s your Faithlife account, from Faithlife Corporation, the leading provider of digital content and tools for the Christian church.

The simple summary: Logos Bible Software is a product of Faithlife Corporation. You sign in to Logos—and all Faithlife products and websites—with your Faithlife account.

Changing a company name is a big deal, and we’ll be working through the details for months. I appreciate your patience as we make this transition, and I want you to know that we are still the same team, with the same leaders and owners, and with the same goal: helping you do more and better Bible study—and more!

Written by
Bob Pritchett

Bob Pritchett co-founded Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) in 1992 and serves as President/CEO. Bob speaks regularly at industry conferences and to academic groups on entrepreneurship, electronic publishing and digital libraries. He is a 2005 winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and was included in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. Bob lives with his wife Audra in Bellingham, Washington; they have two children.

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  • well – I guess it keeps someone in a job with all the rebranding :D – May God bless this new corporation and all who are involved, may they retain humble hearts, small company customer service values, and their focus on the goal/prize, despite the grand new name.

  • Okay, it was Logos before it was Libronix before it was Logos before it was Faithlife, or something like that. Whatever. You all change names more frequently than I change… Bible translations. That's what I was going to say, more frequently than I change Bible translations.

  • Okay, it was Logos before it was Libronix before it was Logos before it was Faithlife, or something like that. Whatever. You all change names more frequently than I change… Bible translations. That's what I was going to say, more frequently than I change Bible translations.

  • You are getting a little crazy guys. Too many names. I've been with you since day one (back when it came on a couple of 3.5 inch floppies). Also, just let me say. I haven't purchased in a while and I probably won't in the near future. The upgrades are not a good idea. The last thing I need is 50 more language books when I have no desire for anymore of them. I'll make you a deal. I'll sell everyone of my original language back for twenty-five cents on the dollar of what I paid for them. I can't get the books I want in a package for having to buy all that stuff. Also, your prices are getting off the charts.

    • Jim
      I too am an original Logos user. I was the 99th person to purchase the original Logos software. The changing of names doesn’t bother me but the change in the original purpose for Logos does. Logos cannot serve two masters, they cannot serve God and Mammon. There are many books that I would like to purchase, but I too have held back. I did recently purchase Logos 5 minimal upgrade only after several months of prayer, to protect my large investment. Back when I first purchased Logos’ Bible Software, my wife and I was traveling 45 miles to a new fellowship called Logos. It grew like wild fire, but the leaders lost their original purpose and turned toward pleasing man and the world. The fall of that Logos fellowship followed and the only thing left today is the building they built. It sadden me to see Logos, Faithlife Corporation, following in the same footsteps as that Logos fellowship.

      • I’m sorry you think we’re changing direction. I don’t see it that way at all; we’re simply expanding our scope, adapting to new technologies (mobile apps and web), etc. Serving the church and everyone who studies the Bible is still the heart of our mission. All we did was change the corporation name.

        Please feel free to call me at +1 360-527-1700 or email bob@logos.com if you’d like to discuss it. — Bob

        • I’ve been a Logos user since before Libronix. The problem is not that you’re changing. Everything changes. The problem is that you’re not getting better. Read what people are saying. Read the forum posts. You have functional problems that do not get attention. YOU”RE NOT LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE WHO PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. What’s too bad for us is that there are no alternatives that come close to what you offer in Bible study tools… yet.

          • Thanks for taking the time to comment. We are working hard to get better, and addressing many of the concerns we hear from users and in the forums, but it sounds like we’re not addressing your needs yet. I’d love to hear what you’d like us to do; feel free to call me at 360-527-1700 or email bob@logos.com.

        • I own Logos 5 Silver plus 770 additional resources. I just looked at what the Gold package offers and I’ve estimated that about 145 of the books inside the package are original language resources. I have so many now that I can’t count them and I have no use for them at all. I’ve never attended seminary and have never studied Greek or Hebrew, so what am I to do with all these language resources.

          When I reached this Silver level, I realized that I would never be able to purchase a higher level group. Now I just look every once in a while to see if any individual books have been added that I can afford. You can look at my entire purchase history and see that I’ve gone from being a large and frequent customer to one who buys practically nothing from you anymore.

          Finally, I love Logos and I think you are making a big mistake by tinkering around with names. Call it Logos or even Libronix, but not Faithlife. Stop changing names, charging higher and higher prices for your resources and just as a final thought, think about the millions of us who are dispensational in our beliefs. I’m very sorry to tell you this but, for now at least, I won’t be buying any more products.

          Thank you,

          Jim R. Keener
          Customer from day one.

      • I’m with you Don. I loved Libronix. I still have it installed on one of my computers as well as the oldest version that we had to buy on 3.5 inch floppies. The product is a good one. I hate the versions. To upgrade, I have to buy hundreds of volumes that I do not want. In my opinion, that is not right. I know, there will be lots of posts where people say, “You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to pay the price”. To those people I would simply say, you are right, but of those who make those comments I would ask, “how many of you are laymen just like I am who just loves to study God’s Word”? and how many dollars have you paid Logos? I doubt that very many of them have paid Logos as much as I have over the years.

        I’ve said enough. I know Logos can do whatever they want to do, and any critic I may have is right. I don’t have to buy anything else.

        Jim R. Keener
        Loyal Logos user since day one.

        • The update to Logos 5 is free. You only need to pay for an upgrade if you want the extra books and databases.

  • Wish you all success. I’m glad I bit the bullet to buy Logos Bible Software which I use frequently and recommend to my friends. My only complaints are having to buy the instruction books (shouldn’t they come with it) and the high price of Camp Logos DVD’s.

  • You push too hard for books I don't need for bible study. Too many adds, too many products. Too many names. You need more Journals, you're not tied into seminary enough without more theoretical journals. but it's always add these commentaries, add these books, and the prices are just too high, too high I tell you.

  • Wow!!!!! I need to watch that video a few more times to grasp all of the changes and new things since I ended my job in customer service at Logos and moved to Oregon! As I've said many times "I love Logos!" And now there is more to love

  • I really don’t remember how long I have been with you, but I have found your materials to be excellent and much better than having a pile of books about the desk and floor as will as having to flip pages. An amazing time saver! Your research guides help one to quickly locate and even more specifically define the objective.
    I have spoken to several who hunger to pick up a book and thumb through pages. Truthfully, I was never that enamored by the tactile sensation. My quest is to obtain the thought off the page and fill a blank in my brain – of which there are many – who still waiting to be filled. Call it mechanistic if you will but I often find one reading to be enough so the electronics give me book marks which can carry me back expeditiously for another look.
    Thanks for your efforts. It’s fun to be able to obtain info so efficiently particularly at my age of 74 that is always legible even out of “old” publications. Us seniors don’t have much longer to go, therefore efficiency in itself has substantive merit.
    One last thing – I had CD’S of some publishers that did not survive the evolution in operating systems. All was lost. Only one publisher sent me an update that still works today. The rest were lost w/o so much as an apology for their failure to have a plan to protect the purchaser from loss.
    Again, thanks for your fine work.

    God’s Peace and Grace continue with you,

    Wally Buer

  • I love the idea of using technology to better prepare believers for ministry. I do think we have to keep up with technology to use it to its full potential but I also believe we need to keep our eyes on the prize! I understand it takes money to develop software and the use of technology. Please do not lose sight of the purpose we are here. We are here for one reason and that is to know God and make Him known! Don't make it too complicated and too expensive to use this technology for that purpose. I always struggle with where do we draw the line for the cost of various ministries. Providing high quality tools at an affordable cost is not an easy thing to do but it is something that needs to be considered. You have a great product and I believe God has directed its creation. This is not just a business. It is a ministry. Praying that God blesses you and keeps you in His will. Keep up the good work and cover all your pursuits in prayer!

  • Actually, you guys are confusing me, I’m still trying to figure out the difference between, logos, biblia, vyrso and faithlife. I know my libraries carryover to each, but
    what’s the point?

  • It is interesting to say the least. What stuck out to me was how Apple heavy it seems the company is becoming. I of course do not get caught up with Apple etc but I do understand that many people like them. But not everyone can afford their hardware and there are several people I know who have a moral objection against Apple.
    It makes me wonder if eventually development on PC based software will stop or lag behind the Apple platform.

    • We have no plans to stop developing for Windows; it’s still the biggest platform for our users. I’m writing this on my Windows desktop!… but I do carry an iPhone. Our plan is to continue to support whatever platforms our users are using, and right now Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are all still going strong.

  • Amen, Richard A. Todd. The ONLY one with a good, sane remark. If you don't want it, don't buy. Most think it's too much material, because they haven't learned to use it, like that tool sitting in your garage that looked like something 'cool'. Yes, sometimes it seems pricing could be better, but then i say that about my groceries. Libronix, Logos, Faithlife- the only thing in a name is the honor and reliability behind that name.

  • My prayers are with you – Bob. Change is hard for everyone. I remember a pastor once telling me that it took him a year to move the piano to the other side of his church platform. He moved it an inch or so each week. Once it was moved, no one could remember it being on the other side. Jesus made a few people mad, when he was on earth, because of a name change. I’m sure glad He did – I love being a Christian and not having to live under the “Old System”. I look forward to meeting someone like William Tyndale and asking him about his commitment to the Word. Many others were “burned at the stake” by the Church for their commitment to make the Word of God accessible to everyone. Keep James 1:2-8 in mind and continue on with your mission found in Matthew 28:19-20! Maybe it might be time for all of us, loyal Logos customers, to start using those sources we’ve never used and get our eyes back on making disciples. I think I might give you a call today to encourage you my brother! What’s that number again?

  • Bob and Co. (Logos Libronix FaithLife et al.)

    I have been with you since the garage down in Oak Harbor. You have made my work easier as a Biblical languages scholar and Pastor now for many years. I have a ton of dollars invested and the overall value received has been worth it. My complaints have been focused upon having to purchase things I did not want, things in public domain, materials from the scholarship of the 19th century and prior — all this in order to get particular items I wanted. I particularly liked libronix and still have it on two of my computers. I have not liked the Logos 4, 5 and now 6 format but to get resources I needed I have had to upgrade to it. So I did. I know for the company to stay in business there has to be continuing revenue. Could that be not be done by assessing us for funds on an ongoing basis so we can get new resources in a format (a la Libronix) in which we would prefer to be working? I use Nota Bene Lingua for my writing. Could not the language materials in Logos have been provided, even at additional cost, in a format that would have been seamless with their format for those of us (and there probably are many) who write formal papers in Nota Bene? The Logos programs have been helpful beyond words, but the expense and the constant changes I believ put undo burden upon many of us long-term customers.

    In Christ

    Harrison Harnden

  • I'm done with faithflife.. logos.. whatever you call it… a new platform that requires another upgrade.. for more money.. for a mostly price that leaves one owing logos perpetually.. no more

  • Okay, for everyone complaining about the upgrade and "having" to buy something new that you don't want or need please chill out for a minute.

    You do not have to purchase anything. You do not have to get a new base package, a new book, or even bookmark the page. A lot of the upgrades people have wanted with Logos 5 require the insides of the program engine to be reworked. That is simply how technology works. I have a friend that complains about these same types of situation, yet he insists on using a computer you can't even buy parts for anymore.

    This link will take you to the free upgrade to the Logos 6 core engine (when it is released): https://www.logos.com/product/46767/logos-6-core-engine

    In today's world if you do not stay technologically relevant, your business will likely crumble if it is a technology based business. Anyone try to run Logos on a tablet? I haven't tried it with Logos 6, but it was horrible with Logos 5. That's something that could not be fixed with just a patch to the program (a quick update online). No, it required a rework of the system. Many things are that way.

    Just stop over reacting please. It is not as simple to make an old program work with new technology as many of you seem to think it is. A lot of new tech looks the same these days, but what people are asking for is the equivalent of trying to put an 8-track into a USB port… it's not going to work.

  • I chose not to upgrade to Logos 5 for two reasons. (1) I did not have the money in September 2013 to spend. (2) Logos 4 worked just fine on all my devices including an iPad Air.

    So, today, I decided to check out Logos 5 to see if there were any holiday discounts on an upgrade. To my surprise, less than 12 months after Logos 5 rolled out, now Logos 6.

    BTW… I'm still running Logos 4 without any problems on all new devices.

    The only question I have for Logos is this. Do you think I should upgrade to 6 now or wait 12 months for 7 to come out?

    I think I'll wait about 3 or 4 months to see if Logos 7, 8, 9, or 10 comes out. No sense in wasting money.

  • If I am not mistaken, the original premise of Logos was that their customers would always have the latest and greatest engine technology for free. Logos would simply make their money on the purchase of the resources.

    Logos now requires loyal customers, many who have spend thousand of dollars on resources over the years, to wait a quarter of a year to obtain the latest Logos engine release for “free”.

    If conditions are attached to something, it is no longer free. Yet, unless one pony’s up for the latest and greatest packages that you may not want or need, you now have to wait three months to obtain the “free” engine.

    My worry now is that years from now, after my investment in Logos has grown by thousands of dollars more than it is now, that the “free” engine may be held for ransom for even longer periods of time.

  • Too complicated for an app! I recommend simplifying the app and redirect to website for full access.

Written by Bob Pritchett