. Logos 9 Is Here! See What’s New

Logos 9 Is Here! See What’s New

Put on your festal robes—the newest version of Logos Bible Software has arrived!

Logos 9 is here with all-new features and resources to take the busywork out of your ministry. Watch the trailer to see what’s new!

There’s a lot we think you’ll love in Logos 9, but for now, I want to share four highlights I’m particularly excited about:

  • DARK MODE. Everyone and their pastor’s pastor has asked for this one, and it’s finally here! (Works on desktop and mobile.)
  • Sermon Manager. You can now plan your sermon series and one-off sermons around your church calendar with a built-in year at a glance. Talk about beautiful and useful!
  • Preaching Mode. Simply click or tap Preaching Mode from the Sermon Builder (formerly the Sermon Editor) to get a simple preaching view and built-in timer. (Children’s ministers everywhere, rejoice!) It works like a champ on your computer or mobile device.
  • Commentary details in the Passage Guide. With Logos 9, when you open the commentaries section of the Passage Guide, you’ll see the collection each commentary belongs to, and you can sort by author, type, era, and more. No more guessing which commentary on 1 Peter you’re opening!

There are many more features in Logos 9—come back to the blog in the coming weeks to learn more about them and check out the launch event held on Facebook

Well, what are you waiting for? Get Logos 9 now, and take it for a spin! Make sure you sign in so you can see your unique dynamic price.

(Also, tell us in the comments what you’re most excited for!)


Written by
Jennifer Grisham

Jennifer Grisham is a writer for Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software and other tools for churches. She previously served as director of administration at a church and managing editor and administrator for a ministry to worship leaders. Her work has been published by The Gospel Coalition, The Gospel Project, and Doxology & Theology, to name a few.

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  • My excitement about the new version is tempered by the lack of info about system requirements.
    After downloading and installing the app, I found out that it requires MacOS 10.14 minimum. My computer has 10.13.6 installed and cannot upgrade.

    I am quite disappointed that this info is not included in the announcement or on this page.

    • I’m sorry to hear nothing has sparked your interest, Andrew! We’ll have more posts coming soon about what’s new in Logos 9, so something may catch your eye there.


      Jennifer from Faithlife

      • The thing is that i’m only a deacon at my church. everything I see is mostly geared for clergy. plus, I am also in children’s ministry. so, i’d be interested if there was some new package geared towards teaching children/equipping parents. i thought I saw some glimmer of that when I saw that Logos was going to be getting the gospel project.

        • Hi Andrew,

          That’s a great point. I’m not sure exactly what’s coming, but we want Logos to serve parents and family ministries as well. I would recommend adding your suggestion to feedback.faithlife.com, which will make sure your voice is heard when our team is looking at adding new things.


          Jennifer from Faithlife

        • I believe there is some resources for parents. Also I saw some teaching children resources, not much, in the store. Go to store and type Children, Children’s, or Children’s Ministry. These are individual resources. Also I would go to the Logos Store and start with lowest price. Amazing what is being sold at $0.00 that is Free. There unfortunately is not any books marked for free and children’s ministry, but there are a lot of resources, some you will have because they are in the feature sets or base packages, but not all. Also if you have Faithlife Connect (Best deal is if you were Logos now subscriber and transitioned into Faithlife Connect no Library an option only open to the Logos Now Subscribers). This gives plenty of perks which can more than pay for the cost of the program, including Faithlife TV subscription. There is plenty of children’s video programming on the channel. Also, depending on the age, you can probably adapt some of the regular resources for your children. Though this next suggestion is not connected to Logos, look at Answers in Genesis. They have plenty of resources, including summer camps or VBS and homeschooling resources, plus Answers books designed for different age ranges of kids. Hint to Logos, would be great to look at seeing if you could be licensed to sell some some of these products.

    • Hi Tommy! Thanks for your comment, and we want to help! I suggest giving our Customer Support team a call so they can help troubleshoot any issues you are having in finding books. You can find those numbers here: logos.com/contact.

      All the best, Karen from Faithlife

      • I have been using Logos for quite a while, learned about Word Search later. I am not a great one to say which is better since I have preferred LOGOS but I have had four hundred plus books switched from Word Search to here. Should have left them as was, then asked to see if I could have given the package to a friend who could use the additional books. The books, at least some of them are definitely here, I have used a couple of books transferred from Word Search already. Try some of the tutorials, or call customer service and see if they can help. This is mainly for Tommy Norton. Couple problems, the Word Search books do not come pre tabbed to work with the Logos engine and many of the books are having to be indexed for the Logos Search engines! This takes time. With my small library of four hundred plus books, the integration has been relatively smooth, I now have several thousand, I already was over two thousand in Logos. Not bragging but indicating the four hundred integrated well into my plentiful LOGOS Library.

  • So far so good. Former WordSearchBible user (30 years–and I LOVED that program), but finding I like Logos very much. For sure more complex, but in a good way. At my age not thrilled about having to learn the new system (think: “old dog; new tricks”). But the support has been great. In many ways I am finding Logos more intuitive than WSB, and it seems to have more information “at my fingertips”. Logos is a bit slower than WSB (and I have a really fast computer), but that may be due to the vast amount of information within easy reach. For the record the speed difference is fairly minimal. Just the slight pause when shifting gears. Overall I am very impressed with Logos–surprisingly impressed. Thanks for all you have done to graciously help us Wordsearch users to make the switch. Warmly and sincerely….

    • Thanks for that encouragement, Bruce! I’m really glad to hear that you’re enjoying using Logos, and that our team has helped you get started. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to serve you better!


      Jennifer from Faithlife

  • This is a great update for preachers and teachers, counselors at the lay and pastor level and people who want to study the Bible. The user interface may be the same but the sermon manager and preaching mode knocked it out of the park. Also, everyone should use the new factbook. That is a game changer in my study process. I hardly ever used it before and used it four or five times today. With the new lists data that has come out, it’s such a helpful tool. Also, the ability to search an author, pastor or preacher and have their resources populate, along with biographical information!! I imagine factbook will replace some of the googling people might have been tempted to do.

  • Looks pretty good. Tried to access a media pack in the Feature set ( I have Logos Connect and updated, but no go with the feature set media archive volume two. It says I do not have access to it.
    Also, recently I heard that ancient maps somehow missed a major topographical – geological feature that may have impacted later Jewish and Christian understanding of some minor Biblical Events, like say the route of the Exodus. If one went by maps of the world beginning somewhere around six hundred to three hundred BC and continued till the Seventeen or Eighteen Hundreds. Going by the map, with this feature missing, and not making the journey yourself you may significantly alter the actual route of the Exodus. I was looking at some of the look inside of the pages for the historical atlases in a couple atlases in package I am considering, the look inside pages have no maps, just commentary pages. Found some of the Atlases have sample pages they indicate the feature is drawn on the map. I guess I have to buy the package and hope I can check the commentary in the atlases to see if they comment on the error the Greeks made. Most of what I have seen benefit academia and not the personal study, like the Sermon Manager. Like that a commentary set I bought has the updated six editions to add to my set, along with some other interesting additions. I will have to see if I can afford the price and or get a job.
    One person was looking for a particular academic resource, it would be nice if one could type in a resource and find out if any base package has it, and the lowest of the packages. I already have the resource, so not an issue for me, this time.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for this feedback! You can leave feature or resource ideas for our team at feedback.faithlife.com or report anything missing at community.logos.com. Hope you’re enjoying Logos 9!

      Jennifer from Faithlife

      • I have been with Logos since Logos six, when Logos Now came out. I was one of the disgruntled Logos Now people they listened to and gave us Faith-life Connect No Library, grandfathered into the Connect subscription without a library. I did not want to be paying for a subscription for a libray I owned half of the books that was in it. Anyways, with the Connect I get the Logos nine features, just pay my next payment on Connect in January! As to getting a library upgrade, I may get a bronze now, when I get a job I will be able to do better. Currently looking for work.

  • One feature that would be good would be a “Dumb Down” feature. This would allow person teaching people with a lower grade of Logos to limit his or her version to the resources the students have. Particularly useful if the group you are teaching is on limited income and resources. Using and recommending a resource for further study to the students they do not have access to, may prove frustrating, the dumb down feature will have the teacher limited to the same features and resources the students have, unless the teacher is not only a higher level of the program but a different stream where the dumb-down then would have him lacking some of the resources, cannot cover all bases.
    In line with this, you may look at some LOGOS ED packages. One often has recommended resources in the LOGOS ED courses which one lacks. If there could be a look at creating packages that would have books used in common across a number of the courses, or a package for each or most of the courses, that could be bought in addition to the course, that would be great.

  • I’m reallye excited about the new features on 9. I have been using 5 for a long time, never upgrading. But this looks really awesome. I’m really excited about the preaching mode. I am a high school pastor that teaches weekly from my iPad. Having something in my hand that keeps the time is really cool! I’m looking at my dynamic pricing to see what if I can make this one work.

    • One option, unfortunately no dynamic pricing is the Faith-life Connect. You get a library and one of three levels of the Features, depending on the subscription, The library also increases with the higher subscription. With Logos 5, depending on the books you have added, you may find you do not have the big duplication I had. You will also note with the subscription the following benefits:
      You already can be getting any free books in the store, no need for any upgrade.
      Free Logos book of the month, Verbum Book of the Month and Faith-life book of the month plus discounted books with each of the same each month. So far nothing you need do except claim each each month.
      With the subscription you get in addition to the above:
      Three free books which are usually public domain books fully integrated into Logos, your choice each month you take the trouble to pick out what you want. Select from over two thousand books from $25.00 plus down to very little. A set that was over fifty dollars they now have a newer updated version so removed that, after I took the set as on selection. You have many options, like the Cambridge Bible Commentary Set, You have a free subscription to Faithlife TV. One course you have on loan for six months from the Mobile Ed, your choice. Check that out it may be for a year, but you get the course every six months, so that would be two per year. Each month a twenty five per cent discount on one order from Lexham Press (some exceptions here). Cash back on purchases, every February two percent I think of your purchases (I think there are some exceptions like base packages, subscriptions are not included) for the year just ended. Correction it is not cash back, it is a coupon that is time limited and one time use. If you have a forty dollar coupon but buy only $35.00 of product on the purchase that is all you get. You cannot use the coupon with other deals, like say the 25% Lexham purchase discount. All told, you can easily save more that the Connect subscribtion fee in the savings from the Faithlife TV, the three free books and if you buy the Lexham books, the Lexham discount, but that depends on your use of the benefits. The Coupon cash back will not come close unless you spend a humongous amount.

  • I am delighted that Logos is working to improve our user experience, and am looking forward to getting to know Logos 9. As a Bible researcher I hope that this new version will make it even easier for me to interact with the ancient manuscripts, biblical languages, and the languages of the most ancient translations. I will also be interested to see what developments if any have been made to enable greater access to Qumran Literature, Rabbinica, and the Septuagint. I am a firm advocate of Logos 9, and continue to encourage my fellow researchers to take advantage of its unique advantages.

    • Hi Andrew! We’re so glad you are delighted! Thanks for your feedback.

      Karen from Faithlife

  • I was enjoying logos 7(Dimond) and the came out with logos 8, (with I purchased) before I finished exploring 7. Now they have 9 (which I just got a notice that I should purchase) and I see they are coming out with 10 soon. Should I wait for the 10 or grab the 9 while it is at a good price?

Written by Jennifer Grisham