. Logos 9 Expansions: Your Secret Weapon for Richer, Deeper Bible Study

Logos 9 Expansions: Your Secret Weapon for Richer, Deeper Bible Study

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Your life, ministry, and interests are unique to you—and your Logos library will reflect that as it grows. 

If you read that and thought, Yeah—but filling my library with all the resources and features I want would break the bank, keep reading.

Logos Expansions are your opportunity to get highly focused, topical libraries for significantly less than if you did it book by book or feature by feature. 

Say you need a solid library of resources on theology. You might have a systematic theology or two in your current library and maybe a few on a specific topic, like Church history or soteriology. But that won’t give you the breadth of information you need for a deeper understanding of the topic.

The Logos 9 Theology Library Expansion, XL will instantly power-up your study of theology with 191 resources specifically focused on various theology topics like the Trinity, the kingdom of God, Church history, and the Church Fathers. Plus you’ll get resources on contemporary topics like eternal security, spiritual warfare, and studies in divine election.

And there’s dozens more library topics and sizes, like these favorites:

Why Expansions are the way to go

If you’re still on the fence, ponder this. 

Sold separately, the books in the Logos 9 Old Testament Studies Library Expansion, XL would cost $1,303.84. In the expansion bundle, you’d pay $324.99. 

(And with Dynamic Pricing, if you already own some of the books in an expansion pack, you won’t pay for them again. You’ll only pay for what’s new to you.)

Those resources don’t just sit on your digital bookshelf collecting dust. For example, every time you run the Factbook on a theological topic, those are additional resources Logos will comb through, searching for relevant information. 

So if you’re thinking, “But will I actually read all those books if I get an Expansion?” ask instead whether Logos will find the one quote you need to enhance your sermon presentation without you having to flip through a stack of books yourself. Or whether Logos will curate all the information you need for a solid understanding of the background of the Old Testament. 

Because yep, Logos does that.

But it’s not just library expansions that provide excellent value. Feature expansions are collections of digital books handpicked to enhance the power of different Logos features and make them shine. Three of our most popular are:

So take a minute to think about what you need for your library. What have you wanted to study more? What gaps does your library have that you might want to fill? What features do you wish you had?

Then look over all your options (there are many!) to find the bundles that best focus on your needs.

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Karen Engle

Karen Engle is a copy editor for Faithlife. She has a master's in biblical studies and theology from Western Seminary and frequently takes groups to Israel.

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Written by Karen Engle