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Logos 6: See All the Places an Event Is Mentioned in Scripture

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

Oftentimes a biblical event is not only mentioned in its original context, but also elsewhere in Scripture. For example, the Israelites being fed with manna is recorded in Exodus 16, but John 6:31 also alludes to it. The fall of Jericho occurs in Joshua 6, but it’s also referenced in Hebrews 11:30.

To thoroughly study an event, we can investigate every reference to it in the Bible. Logos makes that investigation easier with a Factbook report.

Try this as an example:

  • Choose Tools | Factbook
  • Type red sea in the reference box (A)
  • Select The Israelites cross the Red Sea from the drop-down list (B)


  • Notice a Factbook report is generated for that event (C)
  • Navigate to the Passages section in the report (D)
  • Observe the Key Verses subsection, which displays Exodus 14:15–31 in which the event originally took place (E)
  • Notice the See Also subsection which lists other verses in which the event is referenced (F)


  • Click Open 20 passages in preferred Bible to display only the above verses in your preferred Bible (G)


With the above steps, you can easily see and study all passages related to a biblical event in one location!

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Morris Proctor
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  • Since next Sunday is Easter, I thought that I would do this search for the resurrection of Christ. Logos returned FIVE passages in Factbook – FIVE.

    Doing a cultural concept search in the ESV found 68 results, which sounds much better.

    So, what’s wrong with my search technique? I truly hope that Logos’ datasets didn’t limit the resurrection, of all topics, to FIVE passages!

    • Gregory,
      I believe you chose the topic rather than the event. When the event comes up there are several sub headings – one of which is “Jesus is resurrected from death” Mark 16.9. Once you click on that link it pulls up a passage guide with many more verses. My default bible is the LEB and it shows 50 verses.

      Hope that helps.

Written by Morris Proctor