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Logos 5: Update Active Layout Shortcut

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

One simple (yet powerful) feature in Logos is the ability to “bookmark” layouts for the entire Logos desktop.

To save a layout:

  • Arrange your Logos desktop any way you like: resources, guides, documents, etc.
  • Choose the Layouts menu (A).
  • Click Save as named layout (B).


  • Type a name for the layout in the box (C).
  • Press Enter to save the name.


To load a saved layout:

  • Choose the Layouts menu (D).
  • Click the name of a layout from the left side (E).


The exact Logos desktop you saved opens right back up! You can save as many of these personalized layouts as you like.

Here’s what I really want to explain, though.

After working with a specific layout, you’ll probably make changes to it. For instance, let’s say a Bible in the layout was open to Romans 8, but now you’ve moved on to chapter 9. When you reload the layout, you’ll want the Bible to be in chapter 9, not where you were before. Luckily, it’s easy: all you have to do is resave the layout, much like saving changes to a Word document before closing it.

Here’s a nice little shortcut for updating or resaving a layout:

  • Type update active layout in the Command box (F).


  • Drag update active layout from the dropdown list that appears under the Command box (G) to the Shortcuts bar (H).


  • Note that Logos places a new icon on the Shortcuts bar (I).


Now, anytime you want to save changes to an open layout, you can just click this icon before you clear the desktop!

* * *

If you found this helpful, check out Logos Timesaving Tips. This video-training resource gives you over 100 tricks that help you use Logos more efficiently, and it downloads right into your Logos library!

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Morris Proctor
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  • Incredible time up at Camp Logos – a must for any pastor wanting to utilize their Logos software. Morris Proctor is amazing. The guys has this software down. Don't miss the next one!!

  • Thanks Morris for these insights. I have used the Layout Function many times and appreciate the new insights. However, I have a question:

    I often go to the Home Page and enter a passage to study, then press the “Go” button. This searches my entire library for references to the passage. It’s a great tool.

    However, when the results come up, two panels always appear on the right which I never use: “Information” and “Text Comparison.”

    These two panels waste real estate that I want to use for other purposes, so I always delete them.

    This requires two unnecessary clicks for every passage I study. In my research I study perhaps 50 passages a month. Within a year, this amounts to well over ten thousand unnecessary clicks.

    Is there a way to set the Default Layout, so that it does NOT include those two panels?


  • I wish there was a camp logos in Florida, maybe Orlando. I would love to be able to go.

Written by Morris Proctor