Libronix 3.0g Fixes Windows 7 Compatibility Issue

With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the launch of Logos Bible Software 4, we failed to mention that a new version of the Libronix Digital Library System—the engine that powered Logos Bible Software 1, 2, and 3 and many products from our publishing partners—shipped to fix a compatibility issue with Windows 7 and address a handful of other issues. This support article lists the changes in 3.0g.

LDLS 3.0g is a free update, and we’d encourage everyone who’s still using Libronix to update. Just run the 3.0g update script, or simply open Libronix and go to Tools > Libronix Update. After it looks for available updates, click “Update,” close Libronix, and then wait for the updates to download and install. When installation is complete, click “Close” and then restart Libronix.

If you want the update on a disk instead, you can purchase a media-only dual-layer DVD, which also contains updated book files. These book files are also available for download by running the resource update script. A CD set is available for purchase over the phone.

Just a reminder that if you bought a Logos 4 base package, you can use most of your new Logos 4 resources in Libronix as well. Just run the script for the package that you purchased:

If you prefer, you can get all of these same resources on our media-only disk.


  1. Thanks for the update! I have a friend who couldn’t get his IVP Reference CD to work with windows 7 – unfortunately, he chose to return it. I’m sure he will regret it because now is more expensive than what it used to cost about 4 months ago. Oh well, thanks for taking care of libronix users who for whatever reason can’t make the change to logos 4 yet.
    Have a great day!

  2. I was on Logos 3 and bought the Logos 4, do I need the libronix fixes?
    I am using windows 7.

  3. You don’t need the Libronix files unless you’re still running Logos 3/Libronix alongside Logos 4.

  4. One important question before I do anything — Now that my logos 4 is installed and all the books have been read off of libronix and properly indexed – can I remove libronix without losing any books? Or do I still need libronix so logos 4 can “continue” to read the books that are only available on version 3? I want to make sure I can safely remove libronix without losing any books. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!

  5. Logos 4 copies the books over from Logos 3 (or replaces them with .logos4 versions of the books if they are available), so once you’ve installed Logos 4, you don’t need to keep Libronix on your computer. However, there are a couple of reasons that you might want to:
    1. If you buy any old products that are only available on disk, it’s easiest to activate them in Libronix. (The alternative is to call our customer service department and have them activate it with the serial number you received.)
    2. If you have notes, markups, favorites, prayerlists, etc., Logos 4.0b will import them. If you delete Libronix, you won’t be able to import these. 4.0b should ship in the next few weeks, so I’d wait until then before getting rid of Libronix.

  6. Thanks for the answer! I’ll wait for 4.0b to come out first. I don’t know if it will include the sermon file addin, but I’ll wait either way. By the way, what exactly do you mean by “The personal book builder will have the “native book” format?” You can answer me at my email if you like…Thanks!

  7. John Dickson says

    Would someone please fix the download for 3.0g. I bought the Silver edition and supposedly should be able to load 3.0g with most of the new books but it bombs out with this message:
    Error Code:7
    Failed to download file
    I’ve tried loading both my desktop and laptop and I get the same message at the same place.

  8. Sorry for the trouble. A simple workaround is to download that one file manually and put it in your resources folder. We’re looking in to how to fix this problem. It’s only happening with a handful of people. Others are able to download everything fine.

  9. I have the Platinum edition and I tried running the script so I can use my Logos 4 resources in Libronix, but I got the following message:
    Error code: 7
    Failed to download file:
    I tried it several times but I get the same message everytime. Please advise.

  10. We’re looking into this. In the meantime, you can manually download any file that you’re having trouble with. After you’ve downloaded it, put it in your resources folder and rerun the script.

  11. After I upgraded Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit to Windows 7 Home Premium, the Greek Audio New Testament is not working properly.
    It worked very well in the Vista, but not now under Windows 7.
    I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Logos 4, but the problem persists.
    I don’t know what to do. Could you give me instructions on how to solve this problem.
    Being more precise, when I open the Greek text in Logos 4 and I command “read aloud”, a woman starts reading but not Greek.
    It works only with one text, but there’s no more that following mark indicating the place John Schwandt is reading.
    Could anyone help me?

  12. One resource that I’m missing in Logos 4 that I had (and used) in Libronix is Intro to NT Greek with audio and video featuring Charles Goodwin. Will it be available in Logos 4? Can I add it with the CD?

  13. Since it has video in it, the resource is currently disabled. As soon as video is working in Logos 4, the resource will start working again. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

  14. Please let me know how to do manual download. Thanks.

  15. The URL for the file that fails will appear in the error message (e.g., Just click the link or paste the URL into your browser’s address bar. It will prompt you to download the file. You’ll want to save the file to your resources folder, which can be found at C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources or C:\Program Files (x86)\Libronix DLS\Resources.

  16. Which resource are you using it with? The Greek Audio Bible works only with Greek New Testaments following the NA27/UBS4 text? Let me know, and I’ll look into it.
    I am look into the issue with the word-by-word visual indicator not working.

  17. Fabiano, I confirmed that this is a known issue that should be fixed in 4.0c.

  18. When trying to download books from leaders library to Logos3.0g I have a download many times larger than I can cope with. At the moment I am unchecking all the books but one or 2 and downloading them bit by bit. The unchecking takes nearly as long as the downloading! Could I download these books individually from your website, or from my Logos4 installation disk?
    I have another problem. Harmony of the Gospels has twice reached 99% very happily and then refused to cancelled itself. How can I get at that to do a manual download?
    Another question. I am still waiting for the post to deliver my Tyndale commentaries, which I use most days on Logos4, but want on my small computer that I use for travelling, that only takes Logos3. Can I download books from it off your website? If so, how?Many thanks for any help!

  19. You can download files from directly from our FTP at The Logos 4 installation disk doesn’t have Logos 3 versions of the files on it. It has Logos 4 versions. So if you want to get them from a disk, you’ll need to order a Logos 3 media-only disk. The Tyndale commentary files are also available on our FTP server. They start with TNTC and TOTC.

  20. Thanks. I found the page. But can you now tell me how to recognise the books I want from the filenames? I’ve identified tyndale. Thanks for your help with that.Nicky

  21. The easiest way to identify an individual book is to open Logos 4, open the resource, click on the i button at the top right of the resource panel, and then look under Support Info at the bottom. The file name is the last one listed. You’ll look for that same name on our FTP, but instead of .logos4 it will be .lbxlls.

  22. I did that. Now, how do I continue downloading the rest? When the update error appears, it won’t go anywhere except close the Libronix Update window. It was only at around 15% when it stopped. The diagnostic and troubleshooting information link is not working, too.

  23. You should restart Libronix and rerun the script. If it continues to get hung up, you’ll want to call our customer service department to get help.

  24. nicky crane says

    Thanks.How do I open the book files I’ve downloaded? When I try, I get error message 6.

  25. You need to open them through My Library in Libronix. To do this, you’ll need to first put them in your resources folder (C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources or C:\Program Files (x86)\Libronix DLS\Resources).

  26. nicky crane says

    Alleluia! It worked! Thank you for your patient help!

  27. Great! You’re welcome.

  28. Harvey Shapiro says

    I like Logos 4 but am used to 3. when i wrote sermons with 3 i was able to use SMART TAGS TO PASTE THE SERMON INTO WORD 2007. WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO DO THAT IN LOGOS 4/

  29. We dropped support for MS Word Smart Tags in Logos 4 because Microsoft is no longer supporting them in future versions.

  30. HI I have Nelsons Bible reference library premium edition and it is not compatible with win 7
    Pls advice

  31. All you need to do is install Libronix 3.0g from the link above and import your existing license. You should be all set. If you need help, feel free to contact our Customer Service department: 800-875-6467 or

  32. Steve C. says

    I just purchased a new Windows 7 laptop for travel. I had concerns about installing and the compatibility of 3.0g. The solution for installation is described in article under “Prevention.” After downloading 3.0g first (without installing from the disk set), I copied the “Resource” folder from “Libronix DLS” under “Program Files” located on the “C” drive (default location), the “Libronix DLS” folder located in “My Documents” and completed the online license synchronization. (In Windows 7 the “Libronix DLS” folder is under “Program Files (x86))
    I found 3 resources missing. The missing resources were part of the “Bible Diagramming Analysis” Add-in. Even though my License was current and correct, and the missing resources were in the folder; Logos would not recognize them. I found the 3 resources to have “lbxclv” extension rather than the standard “lbxlls.”
    For those who fresh install 3.0g on a Windows 7 machine, I can reiterate the importance of using the “Installation Disk” after downloading 3.0g. I hesitantly used the disk as the program installed on the computer was a newer revision than the Installation Disk. Once I inserted the “Installation Disk” it asked to update the three missing resources; as did the additional “Libronix Update” from the web. Problem solved.
    However, I am curious to know if “Add-ins” are separate from the “Licenses,” or the problem was because that is an older “Add-in?”

  33. i have libronix 3.0g, if i purchase 4.0 platinum, is there any discounted price? it seems i’m re-purchasing many resources.

  34. Phil Gons says

    Yes. You can upgrade for a very nice discount. You won’t be repurchasing any of your base package content. You’ll just be paying for the new content.

  35. Hi, I need to ask if Logos 3.0g supports window 7 home premium 64 bits.