. Last Chance for a Free Book: Find Your Way in the Biblical Studies Maze

Last Chance for a Free Book: Find Your Way in the Biblical Studies Maze

March’s free book is about to go away—and it’s a good one: Lexham Research Commentary on Genesis 1–11. Get it before March 31 comes around!

Below, you’ll find a teaser of what you get in a Lexham Research Commentary. It’s an adapted excerpt from the preface and explains how it helps readers through well-worn and difficult pages alike (and why you should snag 3 for under $15 while the sale’s still on).

Map of the maze 

The variety of views in biblical studies presents a maze of complexity. There are often as many interpretations as interpreters. With the Lexham Research Commentaries, we start from the premise that the best solution is to provide a map of the maze. The series is designed to be a research tool. 

Each guide presents a wide range of interpretive issues raised by Bible scholars. These resources meet the needs of those studying the Bible in academic settings, but the broad scope of coverage also makes them useful for preaching preparation.

Guide through rough terrain 

The research engages with critical biblical scholarship and explains scholarly interpretations. Undoubtedly you will agree with some interpretations, disagree with others, and encounter some for the first time. Whatever the case, these are issues you will run across. We’re here to guide you through this rough terrain.

Centrality of biblical text 

Each volume in the series links to standard scholarly works on the Bible. The authors of the Lexham Research Commentaries have made no attempt to identify where particular interpretations fall along the theological or denominational spectrum. This is a mark of the diversity of biblical interpretation, not a mark of implicit endorsement by the guides’ authors. Interpreters from different theological perspectives often have conflicting views on the same texts. As you encounter these views, we urge you to keep the biblical text itself central to your study.

The issue—and the options

The Lexham Research Commentaries provide the information you need to reach your own conclusions. Our summary will explain the issue and the main options. The annotated links will point you to a variety of resources that engage the issue in more depth. If all you need is an overview, the guide alone will give you easy access to the essential information. If you need to research a passage in depth, we will point you to the most relevant discussions among the thousands of available resources in the Logos library.

Researching the early chapters of Genesis is hard enough, but you can find your way through the maze with the Lexham Research Commentary on Genesis 1–11, free until March 31. And while you’re at it, add Jonah for $4.99 and 1 Peter for just $9.99. These deals end soon, so get ’em while you can!

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