3 Ways Logos 7 Diamond Has Transformed My Life

What would you be lost without? I could not imagine my life, ministry, or academic pursuits without Logos Bible Software. I’ve used Logos since it was on floppy disk! (Yep, you read that right.) Logos has been a faithful companion for over a decade. Logos and I have grown up together.

I’ve recently upgraded to Logos 7 Diamond. With over 350 commentary volumes and more than 600 theological journals, 25 volumes on biblical theology and 50 volumes in systematic theology—including Barth’s Church Dogmatics—it’s like having a theological treasure chest at my fingertips. I expect I will learn something new and helpful every time I use it.

I want to share with you how Logos has helped me personally, pastorally, and academically.

Personal transformation

Over the past six years, Transformation Church, the local church where I serve as founding and lead elder-pastor, has been catapulted by the grace of God in ways I could not have imagined. Yet personally, times have been tough. There have been frequent times of loss, grief, and disappointment. Through it all, the steadfast love of the Father, the grace of the Lord, and the presence of the Holy Spirit have been so good. God is forming Christ in me.

God has used Logos to help me mine scriptures and see the face of Jesus in it all. Logos 7 has helped me deepen my understanding of Jesus, his love for me and for his people, the Church.

Start using Logos 7 Diamond in your personal study today.

Pastoral transformation

Logos has helped me be more faithful to the Gospel by enabling me to understand more fully the original context and audience to which the authors of scriptures wrote. I’ve been a much more faithful exegete because of Logos 7 Diamond. My preaching, teaching, serving, leading, and counseling have deepened and thickened because of the resources that Logos 7 Diamond has provided me.

Start using preaching tools like the Sermon Editor in your sermon prep with Logos 7 Diamond.

Scholarly transformation

I’m in the final stages of my Doctor of Ministry (New Testament in Context) degree at Northern Seminary with New Testament scholar Scot McKnight. For the last several years, I have been immersed the first-century, Second Temple Jewish context of the Greco-Roman world that Jesus, Paul, and the apostles lived in—and in which they built the Church.

Logos 7 Diamond has a multitude of resources that interact with this context, which I’ve found to be very rare in my studies. Also, Logos helped me write my latest book, The High Definition Leader: Building Multiethnic Churches in a Multiethnic World, and it has been a faithful friend in writing scholarly research papers for my doctoral work.

Enhance your academic studies with Logos 7 Diamond.

Why Logos 7?

Logos 7 Diamond is not an expense. It’s an investment that will pay eternal dividends. It has encouraged me personally, has equipped me pastorally, and has made me a better scholar.

What would I do without Logos? I don’t know. But I do know I would not be the man, pastor, and scholar I am today without it.

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Derwin L. Gray is Lead Pastor at Transformation Church near Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the author of The High Definition Leader: Building a Multiethnic Church in a Multiethnic World.


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Written by
Derwin Gray
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  • There is a fine line between an exaggerated rhetoric that gives credit to products for personal transformation rather than couching it in a way that gives the glory to Whom it is due. I think this post may be well meaning but it is excessive and borders dangerously in the territory of making the Father’s house into a marketplace. I found it somewhat disturbing.

    • Francis, I appreciate your candor. Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. We’ll keep this feedback in mind for future posts.

  • Thank You, for your insight pastor. I to have grown using Logos. I have found it to be a great teacher. I am a FT but of two congregations. One, is a body of 80 and they are new believers, or people who don’t attend a church. This church is a Para church or a Chapel if you will. It is an in conventional setting. The people come on Saturday sit around round tables we fellowship have donuts and coffee. I take praise requests and prayer reports we worship, and give a small 20 min message. Then the people are dismissed. The enter the line for the food pantry. I do all the pastoral duties and my rewards are in heaven. I receive a small stipend. Then on Sunday I preach else where for a small stipend. I do visitations in both groups and love it I also do the council. God blesses I know. That is how I got logos six the chaplains version. I love it, I would love to have been able to get the diamond version, but I got this It is helpful, I would love more commentaries.

    I would not change a thing in the para church accept a decent Salary. The church that has the food pantry and chapel services has been great in giving the stipend. I am blessed, but pray for the salary or a church to come along that does not require a masters degree. I am a college grad no seminary. Logos has truly guided me through 14 years of ministry and 4 of my college years. Praise be to God.

Written by Derwin Gray