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Kanye Says Jesus Is King: What Does Tim Keller Say?

In case you haven’t heard, rapper Kanye West titled his newest album Jesus Is King. 

“Jesus is king.”

Just three words, but they carry a world of meaning.

Tim Keller explores that meaning in his book with the same title, Jesus the King. See how Jesus came as a king—but a king who had to bear the greatest burden anyone ever has.

Part of the introduction reads, “You may know King’s Cross as a railway station in London, England, one that has been immortalized in the Harry Potter books. But it’s such a perfect encapsulation of the meaning of Jesus’ life that I couldn’t resist borrowing it for the original title of this book.”1

Keller divides the book into two sections: “The King” and “The Cross.”

Both will give you an unforgettable look at Jesus and bring you to know him better.

See inside Jesus the King.

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  1. Keller, Timothy J., Jesus the King: Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God (Riverhead Academic), 2013.
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  • Please realize your article is incorrect. Kanye West’s accompaning film for his album came out the same day of release in IMAX theatres. This article is unhelpful.

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