June’s Free Course: John Frame on Scripture

This month, pick up your free Mobile Ed course by John Frame: TH207 The Clarity of Scripture.

In this short course, John Frame considers what the clarity of Scripture means. He describes it in light of God’s sovereignty, authority, and presence. Dr. Frame also explains how to understand the clarity of Scripture when reading passages in the Bible that seem unclear.

Get your free course now!

Also, this month, get two more courses for under $30:

BI103 Principles of Bible Interpretation (2 hour course) by Craig Keener —  Dr. Keener draws from his research of the ancient world to show you how to interpret the Bible by understanding its cultural contexts, genres, and more. See the parable of the prodigal son through the eyes of a Pharisee, learn the dangers involved in using allegory rather than analogy, and appreciate the contrast between Emperor Augustus and Jesus in the incarnation.

OT303 Theology of Genesis (3 hour course) by David W. Baker — David W. Baker presents a broad study on key theological themes found in the first book of the Bible, including an in-depth look at the picture Genesis paints of God; what it means for humanity to be created in God’s image; the impact of the fall and sin on both humanity and the rest of creation; and God’s plan of restoration and redemption—all informed directly by Scripture. Dr. Baker’s practical approach to biblical theology will show you how the book of Genesis shapes discipleship today.

And for the first time this month, you can get one of these four courses for only $39.99 each—a savings of $150. (Discount limited to one per customer.)

  • BI131 Introducing Literary Interpretation (5 hour course) by Jeannine K. Brown
  • TH325 Theological Interpretation of Scripture (5 hour course) by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
  • NT231 Paul of Tarsus (5 hour course) by Lynn H. Cohick
  • BI271 Interpreting New Testament Narrative: Studies and Methods (5 hour course) by Jeannine K. Brown

Boost your theological education for a great price with June’s free and discounted courses.

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