John Piper Testifies to the Power of the Logos Library

One of the strengths of Logos Bible Software is that you can create a unique theological library and search it in seconds. With more than 25,000 resources available, your library can be completely personalized to meet your needs.

Respected pastor, teacher, and author John Piper recently recommended Logos for its unparalleled ease of use for study and research.

Logos Bible Software from Desiring God on Vimeo.

We’re working hard to serve the church, and endorsements like this mean the world to us!

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Bible study, look no further than Logos Bible Software. We have the base packages to get you started and the resources you need to build your dream library.

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Jayson D. Bradley
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  • I find this endorsement odd. It was only months ago I heard Piper saying he won’t use Logos because it’s too slow and he uses a competitor instead.
    Did someone buy him a SSD?

  • It’s 03:30hrs I’m in Afghanistan and doing some Bible study on figs, fig trees using Logos…. awesome. PTL