Introducing the New Logos Mobile App

When you’re reading Scripture, sometimes you want a clean, undistracted look at God’s Word.

Other times, you need to go a level deeper: glance at a commentary, do a word study, compare biblical passages, or even dig into the Greek or Hebrew.

Now you can do either—or both—right on your phone or tablet.

Introducing the newest version of the Logos mobile app. It’s been completely refreshed to make it simple to go as deep as you want, whenever you want.

Get it now for iOS or get it in the Android store.

Whether you need to answer a question on the fly during small group or are squeezing in some personal study on your lunch break, the intuitive new interface makes switching between distraction-free Bible reading and in-depth Bible study faster and easier than ever.

Here’s what’s new.

Organize your reading with new tabbed browsing

It’s easy to switch between Bibles, commentaries, or even Passage Guide reports with new tabbed browsing. Just tap the tab icon in the main nav to effortlessly switch between all your open resources.

Want to open another book? Easy: just tap the plus sign.

Drag the tabs around to organize.

Need to take a peek at a commentary? Link it to your Bible and they’ll scroll in sync. Every time you open it, it’s automatically on the right page. Same goes for your Greek and Hebrew Bibles.

Tabbed browsing isn’t limited to books. Open a report from the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study, or other guide or tool. They’ll all live inside a tab, giving you instant access.

And if you want to keep two resources front and center, just split a tab.

Tabs are also a great way to organize your ongoing reading or study. Link your English, Greek, and Hebrew Bibles together so you can quickly reference the original languages every time you open the app.  Just swipe between them.

Keep another tab open with your favorite dictionary or encyclopedia. And if you’re reading through a specific resource, just keep it open in a tab. Your place is saved automatically. No more reloading a resource or re-navigating to a previous page.

Focus on the Word

The Bible is the core of the Logos mobile app experience. That’s why the new design does away with clutter. Open your Bible and when you scroll, the bottom nav subtly disappears so you can focus on Scripture. Scroll up and the nav reappears, giving you quick access to the tools you need to dig deeper.

We’ve reimagined the main nav to give you easy access the home page, your library, your Bible, or a menu of other Logos tools, all in a tap.

Print meets digital

Let’s be honest: how many of us take the time to look up biblical references when they’re mentioned in a print book? It’s illuminating to do it, but it’s also time consuming, breaking the flow of our reading. With the new Reference Scanner in the Logos app, looking up those passages is as simple as snapping a picture. Logos scans the page and pulls up every biblical reference in seconds.

Whether you want a simple, uncluttered look at the Word or do in-depth, powerful Bible study, you can now do it all right inside the mobile app. Try it for yourself right now for free.

Get it for iOS.

Get it for Android.

Written by
Tyler Smith
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  • like the new mobile update. logos has done a great job with it. thanks for making the improvements!

  • To me, this was one of the most worthless series of training videos I have ever seen. It goes too fast, it is hard to follow what is being done. Take the time to add a few seconds to the videos, pause the action and make them usable. Maybe even define some terms. You mention a “tab icon”. The video is too fast. What is a “tab icon”? Maybe once I learn it the new app will be better, but for now the older version was simpler. Training videos are for learning, not for entertainment with a lot of motion.

    • Hi, Wayne. Sorry you’re frustrated! We made the videos above just to give a quick peek at what the new mobile app can do. But we also have training videos that take a little more time breaking things down step by step. Check out the videos here and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

      • Hi Giovanni, I took a look at the training on the link you published but can’t find training for the iPad. The iPhone training doesn’t work exactly like the iPad does. For example, I can’t get my tabs to sync. I got the first two to sync, but not the third. Plus, the icons are in a different place on the iPad (not the same place as the iPhone). And most importantly, the iPad can display multiple tabs at the same time and the iPhone only one.

        Thanks for your help!


      • Love the updates and the videos were great! They were streamlined to show what needs to be shown without all the filler and unnecessary information. Everything I needed to get started!

    • Stop the hate! ;-) I agree that the videos could go a little slower — it took me a while to figure out what the Tab icon was from the way the video was cropped on my screen. But once I figured that out the rest went smoothly enough.

      What is important is that these improvements are awesome. I’m a long-time fan of Logos (from the beginning in the late 1980’s) and they just keep raising the bar. Thank the app team that developed this for me.

      • I had to watch it three times, about two minutes worth. But it became clear as I tried it out on my cellphone. This is an exceptional upgrade. Congratulations, Faithlife!!!!!

      • I’m also a long time user. I also think it’s fine. Those who are newer to Logos and Libronix might not understand how far LOGOS has come.

        The phone app is finally in the ballpark of the full computer version. I’m sure the training videos will set record straight. I had no trouble following them. They’re introductory videos. They’re good.

    • At 1st I had difficulty watching the videos, but then I started using the pause button to step through the videos and they became very very helpful.

      This is a remarkable improvement; kudos to the development team and many thanks!


  • Is there a way to the progress bar and page numbers at the bottom of the screen? I think it’s valuable to see page numbers.

      • Thanks for the answer. I’m sorry that this was removed from the app. I like to know where I am in a book.

      • Looks like great steps in the right direction overall, I cannot wait to try it out. My 2 Cents – Must be able to see page numbers in the Mobile App … I constantly read for Academic projects that require counting pages and citing them for seminary classes. Not having page numbers readily visible makes that more cumbersome. Thanks

    • I agree having the page numbers and the name of the book you’re reading in is important. This is the way we read in a hard copy of the Bible why change it. I think it sould be available to the reader to change it back not to be forced to change. It would appear that the person that made this decision does not read the Bible.

      • Hi Glenn, bringing page numbers back is something we’re hearing loud and clear, and we’re looking into how best to address it. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sounds great. I will have to try it. I have downloaded many of my books onto my smartphone, and the Logos program. I am unsure whether that is the Logos mobile app or the logos desktop program, I have Android, so hopefully, that is the App.

      • Tyler,
        I’ve looked on the Google Play Store, using various names for this new app. Logos apps are displayed but I don’t know which is the one this article is about. What exact name am I looking for? (or perhaps you can give me another hint).


  • I was really excited about the scan feature and tried it with my Bible Study Fellowship notes this morning but it failed to see the columns of note references. I can email you a copy of the image as a jpeg if you would like to see if the process could handle it.

  • It’s a great update, tabs makes a lot sense. The only thing that would really improve the app experience is the ability to listen to my gold library on the go.

      • Still not better than youversion. Need to have some daily reading plans that form community.

        • Hi Scott, everyone has their preference! For the record, our app does have reading plans and you can read them together with a Faithlife group or friend. In addition, the ability to read multiple resources alongside the Bible adds a lot of value for many users. I personally use it to have multiple Bible translations open alongside a commentary.

  • Is this an update or a whole new app? The App Store isn’t showing an update nor does my Logos app have these new features.

    • This is an update to our current app. Sometimes the App Store takes some time to distribute the changes. You might want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app if you don’t have the update by tomorrow.

  • Most confusing set of instructions I have ever seen. I have almost no idea what you were talking about

    • Hi, Doug. Sorry you’re having trouble understanding the blog post. We made the videos above just to give a quick peek at what the new mobile app can do. But perhaps you would find our training videos more helpful. Check out the videos here and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

  • Love the new features! Especially the Reference Scanner that worked great for my BSF study. The tabs and ability to link them, as I do in the desktop app, are awesome as well. Very grateful for the updates!

  • This is great! Makes study and writing so much easier on the iPad. Keep up the good work.

    A side note, any chance of getting the sermon editor on the iPad to where you can write it straight onto the iPad?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the new version of the app!

    A question: is there a way to link a commentary series, e.g. the NIVAC, to the standard bible, so that in the upper half it shows scripture, while in the lower half it will automatically show the correct commentary, even if I shift between books in the bible?

    • Hi Al, the app does not currently have the capability to open different commentary volumes to match the book of the Bible you’re on. It’s on our radar, though. Thanks!

      • Hi Giovanni,
        Thanks for your reply. I hope my post helped to make this a bigger dot on your radar screen ;-)
        Thanks, Al

  • Really like the new tab interface, great work! In the previous version, the status bar at the top was hidden on android, but now it is always present. Please add an option to hide the bar, since it’s slightly distracting.

    Also, not sure I love the menus popping up when scrolling up, also a little bit distracting. Maybe after a bit more use ill get used to it, but it would be great if there was an option to turn it off too, and only showing it on tap as before.

    Thanks for the great update!

    • Hi Jim, the status bar is fixed in a release we’re working on. That should be resolved soon. As for the menus, they don’t show up if you scroll up slowly. But we’re still tuning how sensitive the menus are to scrolling. Thanks for the feedback!

    • If you go back into the tab management view where you open the panel, you can tap on the X to close the panel.

  • Great updates. I love that you finally sync’d the android and iOS versions so that they are consistent.

    One thing that is puzzling, though, why two library buttons (book icon and plus sign) that appear to do exactly the same thing? Am I missing something?

    • Hi Greg, the plus sign on Android allows you to open up a document, guide, or favorite in addition to something from your library. The book icon only allows you to open up a resource from the library.

      • So why does the book icon exist if the only thing it does is also done by the plus sign? It seems redundantly redundant. Take away the book icon and give me something else in its place…like the search option.

        • Hi Brad, it’s still an open conversation here. On iOS, the rightmost button is the equivalent of the top left menu on Android. We made this choice to make the apps act like similar apps in the respective operating systems. Since we had an extra space on Android, we decided to add the plus button there. Thanks for your feedback!

  • I’m using Android Logos 6.01 version but do not have the Reference Scanner in either list at the top right or top left. I’ve tried in ESV and LEB. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled.

    • Hi Ken, a full reverse interlinear is not currently planned. But if you long press on a word, you will get some interlinear information.

  • Just downloaded the update and opened the new version. I found the videos very helpful in providing an overview of all the new functionality. It looks like a MAJOR improvement in capability.

    I learned by reading the comments and responses that current users can get the new version simply by updating (from the App Store). I might suggest that you include that bit of information on the webpage that contains all the videos. That was my open question after reading the full page.

    Thanks again for the great update!

  • hey i think before this update, when i open a commentary it was automatically linked with my bible without having to manually do so. Isn’t there some way to get back that automatic link?

  • I tried the split screen, tapping in the upper right corner, but nothing happens. Anyone else figure out how to split the screen?

    The new app seems to be moving in the right direction, but now some tasks seem more cumbersome. If you are reading your Bible, and want to open up a passage guide, you’ve got to open up a new tab. Then, in that tab, you can’t click back, but have to re-load the other tab. Tab function is great–a huge advancement for the app. But it seems like some of the ease and functionality has been lost for quick referencing.

    • Hi Jason, if you go to the tab management view, the split tab icon can be seen on the top right corner of any open tab. (It can’t be done from the reading view).

      If you have a Bible and Passage Guide side by side, you can now swipe left or right to navigate between them. This is faster than it used to be when you could only have one thing open at a time. Hope you enjoy the update!

  • I noticed that it’s easy to pull up certain versions of the Bible to hear audio. Is there anyway to listen to the Greek New Testament in an audio format on an iPhone or iPad? I know this exists for a regular computer set up of Logos, but I would really love to have that available on the go.

      • First, I would add a hearty request for an audio feature for mobile devices. At least until my car can drive itself. Secondly, for the mobile app when viewing my notes for a book, am I able to go to the location in the book? I cannot figure out how to do so.

  • Logos’ new format for the iPhone really seems exciting! I’m hoping a similar up-date for the iPad will follow in due course. It’s great to see Logos continues exploring more effective ways to research and use Scripture and theology.

  • Overall, I love the new interface. Tabs are a huge improvement which will make the app much easier to use. However, I’d still like to see my passage lists available on the app. I could do so much with the passage list if it was available on the app. Seriously…I’d pay for that feature.

  • Congratulations to the Faithlife family for another excellent upgrade to the Logos app. You guys are truly investing in the best technological tools for the building and empowering of God’s people. Thank you

  • Is it possible to link your bible to a multi volume commentary (as you do in the desktop version), or du you still have to pick the right commentary volume before it works?

  • Thanks so much for these improvements! I rely on the mobile app for my studying when I am on the road or away from home. Especially appreciate the tabs!!

  • This update is by far one of the best updates so far. I love the flexibility and layout of it. It has me wanting to use Logos on my iPad now. Prior to this I would often go to the computer. Good work. Hope to see Sermon Editor added in the future. Very pleased.

  • Thank you to all the developers – this is just fantastic. Tabbed browsing suddenly makes really serious exegetical work on my mobile possible, in a way no app has before, and the reference scanner is just brilliant.
    The mobile app was my favourite app in the world before – now it’s taken a giant leap forward. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Chris, this is for the Proclaim presentation feature. It is searching for nearby presentations and allows you to follow them.

  • Yea!! Finally an update to our mobile devices giving us a real tool so we can use Logos in a real way!! I’m beyond excited!! ?

  • Boy, maybe I’m missing something here, but I am struggling with the new release. I appreciate the hard work, and the new features, but I have been tripped up by a number of things:

    – Text comparison tool does not link

    – Text comparison tool does not honor View Settings

    – I can not find how to DL an entire commentary set. I am pretty sure the previous version of the app did this. Each time I go to a new Bible book, I have to manually download the corresponding commentary. In fact, in split screen, with Bible on top and New American Commentary on bottom, if I jump to a verse with no corresponding commentary downloaded, I get a “Navigation Failed” error.

    – I cannot find how to view just my downloaded resources, in case I need to remove some to free up space.

    – Scroll left and right through tabs stopped working; had to shut down the app and restart. (During which I found that the back arrow does not back out of the app like it does in most apps I am used to, but goes back to previous reference. Which wouldn’t be so bad if there were an Exit option in the app, but alas, there is not.)

    – But by far, the most frustrating thing is that scrolling down through bible text stutters, and the “pause circle” appears constantly. This is especially true if there is a split screen. This has been my nemesis with Logos apps since the first time I tried it a couple years ago, and nothing has changed. I have a competitor’s bible app on my screen, and scrolling through the exact same resources on a split screen in that app is silky smooth, not a single pause.

    I have an Android S7 Edge 4GB, not even a year old, Android 7.0. It is entirely possible I am missing something obvious, so feel free to point out where I am not being fair or have missed a setting or something.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jerry, sorry you’re having trouble with the app. Several of the things you mentioned here are not unique to the update, which is something to keep in mind.

      – For technical reasons, guides/tools do not link like resources do.

      – Could you expand on text comparison tool not honoring view settings? I’m not sure what you mean.

      – Linking is not currently supported across multiple commentary volumes.

      – Improving the way we handle your library/downloaded resources is a priority for us next year.

      – Could you describe this problem with more detail in an email to me? As far as exiting the app, you can hit the home button to exit.

      – We’re also working on Android performance improvements. Our mobile app has more unique resources than any other than I’m aware of, which makes high performance display of the resources difficult. I’ve found that downloaded resources are much quicker than using Wifi.

      Hope that helps, Jerry!

  • This is a solid improvement. I’ve appreciated the iOS app, but it was somewhat cumbersome. The tab feature is something I’ve wished for, and it’s nice to see it employed.

    • Hi Ross, it has some interlinear features when you long press on a word you want to know more about.

  • Update looks good, but I really need the page numbers back. There are times when I need to know what page number I found a statement on. Please bring them back.

  • I’m a new user to Logos as well, and have the same frustration with some of the videos. They are a little too fast. I had to watch how to organize and split the tabs several times so that I could see where I needed to touch the screen to perform the function.

    If I could make a suggestion, the Olive Tree Bible Study App does videos like this when they make enhancements for mobile users, particularly with regard to the iOS update for the app and they are slower and easier to follow. Check it out.

    I’ll be checking out more of this blog, so that I can learn how to more effectively use Logos. Thank you.

  • Tyler, I can’t find the post I just sent. I need to add a new comment. I didn’t know which android app to download but I have now seen the link right before all the comments. (You might want to move the links up to the top. I just scrolled from the article and into the comments and never noticed the links). However, I would like to know if the new Faithlife app is the same as the new Logos app? The Faithlife article showed some (and perhaps all) of the duplicate features that the new Logos app has.

    • The new Faithlife app is very similar to the Logos app. However, it does not have Reference Scanner or the guides that the Logos app does.

  • Love the new update! But when will we be able to change the font for reading? (like Olive Tree, WordSearch, Accordance, YouVersion, Kindle, iBooks, etc.)

    • Hi Dan, this is something that we’ve discussed in the past. Surprisingly, because of the way that we display resources, it is actually very difficult for us to offer different fonts in the mobile app. Our app lets you read any resource in your Logos library, and there are hundreds of thousands with different types of formatting. In addition, there are licensing issues with fonts. This is not an impossibility, I just wanted you give you a good answer to your question. :)

  • This is a great upgrade! I like it after getting used to it for a while! The scanner is a great idea, but I have not found it perfect in my preliminary trials. It would be nice to easily copy the verse(s) to paste into a word document. – Thanks for your good work! Nice Christmas present!

    • Hi Tom, if you scroll to the comment box at the bottom of the post and click on “manage the subscriptions”, you should be able to unsubscribe from the blog post comment section. Hope that helps.

  • Hey guys I just love what you’ve done with the app.

    I’ve used Logos for many years on my desktops and laptops and use the app for my devotions.

    The new features in the app have made it more powerful especially the tabs


    • Hi Robert, if you look up “Logos Bible” in the app store, you’ll see the Logos mobile app!

  • This has got to be the best update of any app I have ever used! The tab feature is impressive but the reference scanner is an incredible tool.

  • Altogether, this looks like a great update. Thank you Logos. Only one long-standing issue still seems to remain unresolved: when I have a split window with English text on the top and Hebrew text on the bottom, I can’t figure out a way to change the font size in one window without it changing in the other window as well. For example, I have a small English font in the top window, and a very big Hebrew font in the bottom window. If I try to reduce the size of the Hebrew font, the English font becomes tiny. This is really frustrating. Will you guys ever fix that so we can change the font size in each window independently of the other?

    • Hi Andre, I’ll pass this feedback along to the team. I’m glad you’re liking the update!

  • Altogether this is a great update. But can I still plead with Faithlife to do something about the link to the Logos store. For some reason the store only offers me 11 books to purchase. Why don’t we have the opportunity to purchase from a fuller range. This would also allow me to use my iTunes gift vouchers instead of always having to spend them on the Olive Tree App, which has a massive choice from their in-app Store. I have also been begging with Faithlife for years to consider a vertical split screen option instead of just the “horizontal” option. I prefer reading in “portrait” and splitting the screen vertically feels more natural…

    • Hi Scott, we’re working on getting more items into the iOS in-app store. The reading view splits vertically on an iPad or tablet with a wider screen, but with a narrow phone a vertical split screen would leave very little room for reading.

  • Is it possible to disable scrolling on the iOS app? Tabs are a great idea but pages are a better way to navigate text than a scrolling screen, IMHO. And I lose functionality when I need to open a new tools tab, then insert chapter and verse of the text I’m studying, rather than simply swipe up on the verse to access tools for that verse… Unless I’m missing something?

    • Hi Robert, if you go to the top right menu and tap on “View Settings”, you can turn off Scroll view. Then you can switch pages with a swipe.

  • I’m very impressed with this update. Being able to keep a passage guide up in a tab while generating new tabs from it is a vast improvement for my usage. I didn’t notice the resource linking in the app, but after seeing the tutorial above, it works quite well and I appreciate it. So far, I’m liking UI overhaul. Well done.

  • One workaround which worked once for page numbers is open the resource on your desktop which has the option for page numbers. add the page numbers. With this done, now open the resource on the mobile. I think that will work for now.

  • Thanks for reply Giovanni, although i’m still confused. I have an iPad mini and I’m aware that I can split view vertically with two apps side by side, but I’m referring to a vertical split view within the Logos app itself. What i was hoping to do was to be able to scroll through a bible or commentary in one column (vertically) and to be able to have my document notes (preaching notes) scrolling in the other column. At present the Logos app only allows me to have a book open in the top half of the screen (horizontally) and another resource open in the bottom half.

    • Hi Scott, we currently do not support that option on smaller screens. I’ll talk to the team about the possibility that the iPad mini should operate like that by default.

  • The update is fantastic, but he reference scanner blew it right of the park. Is there a way to save the scanned references into some document?

  • Hey Tyler and Giovanni,

    That was excellent information on the new mobile apps. I was going to ask something regarding Logos on an iPad Pro, and if you have any videos on the differences between an iPhone 6S (which I use) but I also would like to know if Logos supports or will be supporting any of the Windows Phones? Maybe you do and I can just check.

    I have begun to use my iPad much more, but only afternI updated Office for my company to version 2016 with Exchange for Business. The OneDrive, or what they call their Enterprise OneDrive provides each license holder, not only the normal features expected for Cloud Storage, each seat get 1TB of space for free and all the office apps (Word, Outlook, etc.) download to my iPad (and iPhone). The iPad save location pops up on any iPad App that creates and permits saving any type of content, thus with my default save the Enterprise One Drive on my iPad, anything saved, syncs and shows up on my two Laptops, both my home and Office Workstations, or I can designate different directories to save to only one device.

    This is why I was wondering about any Vids on the iPad, since OneDrive, I now use it almost everyday.

    My problem is becoming iPhones which I always liked. Apple is getting very annoying, the most recent OS forced me to reinstall the VPN App, which came with the VPN I use at home and it reduced my speed on WiFi by 30-40% and there is much more that would take up too much time.

    If there is news on Windows Phones, which I may end up getting (don’t like the Android OS. too many holes) let me know. I’ll check the mobile section to see if they are supported. Thank you.

    Wishing you and everyone a Christ filled Christmas and Happy new Year.



    “Seek the truth, Listen to the truth, Teach the truth, Love the truth, Abide by the truth, And defend the truth Unto death.”

    Jan (John) Huss…

    • Hey there, we don’t have a version for the windows phone operating system. As far as I understand, Microsoft itself no longer supports the Windows Phone so I would be cautious about getting that kind of device. :) We don’t have training videos specifically for iPad, but it has essentially the same layout as the iPhone app. Here are the training videos we do have:

  • I’m disappointed.
    I’m using the Logos app for my daily devotion but since the new update the app cannot memorize my last screen or reading progress. Every day, I have to scroll further and further to get to the last point.

  • WoW! I am very impressed with the update. Logos Team, well done! Keep it up! All glory be to God!

  • Is there anyway you can go back to the old split screen, the new one i dont like. It is distracting to have 1.5 inches of the second book at the bottom of the screen.

    Go back to the old split screen when you could slide the bar all the way to the bottom and see only one book.

    • Hi Richard if you want to remove the split screen, you can go back to the tab view and close it. You are still able to drag the bar in the middle to adjust how much space each book has.

  • AMAZING – an update that jumps light years ahead!!! Love the page tabs.
    Wish I had had the above tutorial right away, it took a few minutes (not too long – yay) to figure it out, esp. how to link the tabs.
    One suggestion – the highlighting is still very sketchy. If you accidentally highlight, or want to change it, it is very difficult. I have to go to my desktop version to edit the highlights (Under “REMOVE ANNOTATIONS”!).

    • Glad you like it Mark! I’ll pass along your feedback about highlighting to the team.

    • Hi Mark, when you press the plus sign in the tab view, a screen will come up showing your library. On the top, you can choose tools, documents, or favorites with the gray icons.

  • Absolutely love the new app updates! By far, my favorite updates are the multiple tabs and reference scanner. After realizing how effective the reference scanner was, I was in awe. I can now read my hard copy books with my phone, scanning each page as I read. I’m thrilled to be able to easily check the references in all my hard copy books. Thanks! Looking forward to more greatness from the Faithlife team!

  • Hi Tyler

    This may already have been mentioned but while I have enjoyed the upgrade I have lost a feature that has been very useful to me – the split screen. The split screen allowed me to be reading a commentary while having the Bible opened to the related passage above or beneath the commentary. This was easier for me to use than switching between tabs.
    If I am by myself on this one no problem I’ll learn to live with the changes. Other than that particular situation the tabs are a good idea. One feature that would be nice would be the capability to increase the font size in tab mode. Just a thought.

    • Hi Roger, you can still create a split screen. If you go to the tab mode and press the split icon on the top right of your tabs, that will let you split a tab just like you used to. Hope that helps!

  • I’m so thankful for this addition. Praise the Lord! I’m prayerful Logos will reconsider copying of Personal Books locally to iOS devices.

  • The tabs are wonderful, thank you. I was curious however if the split screen is still available, and if so how would I engage it. Once again thank you and sorry for the 1st problem

    • Hi Yazdi, if you go into the multi-tab view, you can press the split icon on the top right of any tab to create a split screen.

  • At first I was put off by it. I had it all figured out but it is growing on me. But I don’t see an option for scanning in references on either my iPhone or my Galaxy Tab. That would be great for this Bible Study I attend. But I can’t seem to find the tool for it.

    • Hi Alan, are you using the Logos Bible app, or Verbum/FSB? Only the Logos Bible app has Reference Scanner at this time.

  • The reference scanner is a big disappointment. Great idea but poor execution. You should make sure elements of the software actually work before releasing them. I have tried repeatedly to use it but, while it successfully makes the scan, it fails to recognize the scan every time.

    • Hi Gord, sorry you’re having trouble with the Reference Scanner. Could you send me the image you’re trying to scan at The Reference Scanner is very reliable when used on specific verse formats.

Written by Tyler Smith