Introducing a New, Free Version of Logos 7!


Meet Logos 7 Basic: a free version of our acclaimed Bible software that puts biblical insights within reach of anybody with a hunger for God’s Word.

That’s right: free Bible software.

Compare translations, take notes and highlight, consult devotionals and commentaries, look up Greek and Hebrew words, and much more—all with the help of intuitive, interactive tools.

You can get started now—there’s no credit card required.

Biblical insights within reach

If you’ve ever been curious about Logos or Bible software in general but have been waiting to try it, Logos 7 Basic is for you. Maybe you’ve wondered if the price is worth it, or perhaps the prospect of learning to use a new tool is overwhelming. We understand, and we made Logos 7 Basic with you in mind. Now you can start using Bible software in your study today, free of charge.

Already own an earlier version of Logos Bible Software? The books and features included with Logos 7 Basic will be added to the resources you already enjoy. At no extra cost, you’ll be able to use your current library and features as well as a selection of Logos 7 features and books.

And while you’re at it, tell your friends and family how they can get started using Bible software for free.



With free training and a built-in course for mastering the software, getting started is simple and stress-free. You can even launch your study right away with premade layouts tailored for specific types of study and common Bible study tasks.

Plus, Basic comes with a small library of Bible study resources including two translations, a commentary, Bible dictionaries, devotionals, a study Bible, and even Greek and Hebrew resources. It’s just what you need to get started with basic Bible study tasks and uncover the biblical insights you crave.

Start studying with Logos 7 Basic for free now!


Logos 7 Basic is designed to help you do everyday Bible study tasks with more precision and less frustration. Customize a Bible reading plan, tie your notes and highlights to your passage, scroll commentaries and Scripture in-sync, search your Bible or library, and more.

You’ll discover insights that would remain forever hidden in a paper library. Open a passage, and Logos 7 Basic automatically pulls in only the most relevant excerpts from across all your books. Search for anything, and Logos scours every word in every resource, taking you to the right page in the right book—every time.

Plus, our feature-rich mobile apps keep your notes, highlights, library, and preferences completely in sync, so you can continue your study wherever you are.

Get Logos 7 Basic for free now.


With a price that no one can refuse—because it’s free—Logos 7 Basic puts biblical insights within reach. Get started with the free version of Logos today, and see for yourself how Logos will help you discover, understand, and share more of the biblical insights you crave.

Get Logos 7 Basic for free now.

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Tyler Smith
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  • So, you are asking me to “forfeit” my Logos V.5 with its 20,000+ books and tools for Logos V.7 with its 50+ books and tools? Please share with me why it would make sense for me, or, anyone else, to do that? I am a bit confused.

    • Hi, William.

      Nope. :-) Logos 7 Basic will only ADD to the features and books you already enjoy. As an upgrader, you’ll experience some of our latest features and get a taste of what it’s like to use Logos 7. There’s no risk, no commitment, and it’s completely free.

      Hope that helps!

  • If I install the free version of Logos 7, will my copy of Logos 6 be deleted or overwritten?

    If I install the free version of Logos 7, will I loose ANY features (such as an Englishman’s Search, as an example) that are available in Logos 6.

    • Hi, Thomas.

      Nope. Logos 7 Basic will only add to the features and books you already enjoy. It won’t replace anything.

        • I’m looking into whether or not you could actually uninstall Basic and revert back to Logos 6. I’ll let you know when I hear anything.

          That being said, there really would be no advantage to doing so. As a current Logos user, you wouldn’t lose access to anything you currently have with Logos 6. You would only gain features and resources. Forgive me if I misunderstand you. What do you see to be the advantage of “revert[ing] back to Logos 6”?

        • Thomas, I just heard back that it is possible to revert to Logos 6 by uninstalling Logos (completely), and reinstalling the older version. (You can contact Customer Service for more details if you decide to go this route.)

          Just to clarify one more time: Everything you do in Logos 6 works exactly the same way in Logos 7, so you won’t have to re-learn anything. And of course, you won’t lose any resources.

          • Hi Thomas, I’m a long time Logos user. I really enjoy it.
            Logos 7 is only an upgrade. As mentioned by Tyler (and he did not ask me to add this comment) it ADDS features. You don’t lose any.

            I’ve had Logos since v2 or 3 and have always gained resources. I had started with 70 books and I am now well over 2000+ books (mostly free downloads and a few purchases). A number of those free books were the result of the upgrades. This is not a losing situation.

            As a matter of fact I just upgraded to v7 Basic (free upgrade) this morning and will be looking forward to checking out the new stuff that came with it. So far I have not lost anything but gained a bunch of new stuff. it’s an upgrade not a replacement. Logos will honour what you have and help you to keep it. Even before the upgrade, it will show you what you have already purchased and what you will get that you may not already have. It is possible that you may already have everything it is offering with the exception of the upgraded application which is v7.

            I hope that alleviates your fears. Again, there’s no loss here.


  • First, this appears to be a limited version of Logos 7 that will allow limited functionality. If so, what is required to obtain the complete version and what is the additional cost?

    If I install Logos 7 and choose not to purchase or use it (full version), can it be uninstalled so that I can continue to use my Logos 6?

    • Hi, James.

      You’re right, this is a limited-feature version of Logos 7. If you’re already a Logos user, this will give you a taste of what you can do with Logos 7. The cost of upgrading varies depending on what version of Logos you already own and what books are in your Logos library. For a complete list of all of our base packages, visit

      It’s important to understand that the features and books included in Logos 7 Basic are ADDED to what you currently own. It doesn’t REPLACE anything. So there’s no reason to every uninstall Logos 7 Basic. Hope that helps!

  • So, you finally came out with a free version. You just caught up with every other Bible software provider out there. Most all give their software away and with at least one bible (KJV). Then they add books and features at cost.

    I think Logos features and tools are great, but it’s too little too late. I wanted to get Logo’s ten years ago and just recently was able to get the intro package. Where was this great idea back then?

    Poof! There’s your puff of smoke.

    • Hi, Richard.

      Sorry you’re disappointed. I’d like to make the distinction that Logos 7 Basic does include two translations and a number of features and datasets that aren’t included in Logos 6 and other earlier versions of Logos. That being said, you’re definitely getting a much fuller Logos experience with what I am assuming is your Logos 7 Starter base package.

    • Ok. I’ve seen enough of this blog. Very informative.

      NOW! How do I unsubscribe from this and stop future posts!

      I search for unsubscribe or unfollow and there is none.

        • You have got to be kidding.

          That link leads to a page that asks for my email. When clicked it shows a page with a link to manage my account.
          When clicked it leads back to the page that asks for my email.
          An endless circle.

          Tell your designers to put an Unsubscribe at the bottom of this page or at the bottom of the email and that be the end of it. What monkey thought this insane loop up?

          • Sorry to hear this, Rich. I’m looking into correcting the issue and will unsubscribe you as soon as possible.

          • Hi, Richard. I’ve removed your address from email notifications for this comment thread. If you receive an email about this comment, please contact me.

    • Hi, Mike.

      Yup. If you get Logos 7 Basic you’ll be able to enjoy select Logos 7 features that weren’t available in Logos 6. And if you don’t already own some of the 17 resources included in Basic, those will be added to your library. One of the reasons we encourage Logos 6 (and earlier) users to try Basic is so they can get an idea of what Logos 7 is like. It’s a great way to help you decide if you want to upgrade to a Logos 7 base package.

      Hope that helps!

        • Hi, Matt. Basic will add to the features and books you already own. It won’t replace anything and should only improve your experience using Logos. Some of the features you already own will be updated (for instance, you will get a new and improved version of the Text Comparison tool.) But most of these updates are subtle, and none of them should affect the way you typically use the tool. Hope that helps.

  • I downloaded this free version today. It’s everything it was advertised to be. I currently own logos 6 and didn’t lose anything when I downloaded it. the new features were added to my library.

  • An option which might be looked at is to add Logos Now to the Logos 7 free or even Logos 6. Logos Now is simply a subscription based full logos set. Please note I did not say Logos 7. Instead I said Logos. In a couple years there will be Logos 8. As the new Logos 8 resources are rolled out, Logos Now gets them NOW! You get the resources, not the library. The library you can add a lower cost. (For Logos seven save about $165 American Dollars) You use your current resources (My Logos 6 Platinum plus) and have Logos 7 functionality, but when Logos 8 comes, Logos 8 functionality. Loose the logos 7 or 8 or whatever if you cease the subscription. One other thing to look into, right of inheritance. Someday I will die. I have already asked and been told my full subscription package I have at death can be passed on to one I choose, by informing said individual and Logos. You might want to check this feature out.

    My problem is I think it will have to be to a seminary to give to a deserving student!

  • If I purchase the “Center for New Testament Textual Studies’ New Testament Critical Apparatus,” will I be able to view it in Logos 7 Basic?

  • I think there’s a little snake oil being peddled here. I looked at the main logos webpage and there’s a handy-dandy chart detailing the features of each of the various Logos 7 packages. This struck me because I have features in my Logos 6 that are NOT check-marked on that chart for the Logos 7 Freebie. SO… I chatted with customer service and asked whether I would lose those features. I was told that those features are not in Logos 7 basic (freebie)… have I considered upgrading to Logos 7 Gold?… SERIOUSLY?!?! You guys ask us to RE-PURCHASE the whole software every year or so… “you don’t have to re-purchase anything you’ve already purchased” HOGWASH! You do so. Once upon a time I purchased an upgraded “engine” that had full features. This think USED TO BE simple… there was an engine and there were books… Everybody has the engine and you have whichever books you want to buy (or that came with your full package). The last few iterations have involved different versions of the ENGINE. That’s slick, Logos. If I didn’t have money already sunk into you, I’d be GONE. Stop playing dirty pool.

    • Hi, C. Wilson.

      So sorry for your frustration. It sounds like there are a couple points of confusion I can clear up.

      It’s true that there are many features included in Logos 6 base packages that are not included in Logos 7 Basic. However, Logos 7 Basic doesn’t replace anything you already own, it only adds to it. For instance, if you own Logos 6 Gold, you can use the Atlas. Even though that feature is not included in Logos 7 Basic, you will still own the Atlas feature even after updating to Logos 7 Basic. You’ll also gain features you don’t currently have, for example, Multiview Resources and Quickstart Layouts.

      We would never take away any resource or software feature you’ve purchased. Logos Basic is our free gift to you.

      Again: apologies for the frustration and confusion. I hope this helps.

  • Once you buy logos six or seven, or get the free version, you can view and or read any of the books you buy from logos. The higher versions of Logos just add more functionality, like the sermon editor to the basic software. Most of the books add even more, for example, buying BDAG gives you some better word study information, using the functions, if you have those in the level of the software you buy, and the information contained in the books of the BDAG package. Same with atlases and other books. The Bible package with numerous additional versions allows a greater spread of bibles to compare versions with.

    • One other aspect to consider, though this may require a credit card. In addition to the seventeen resources you get with the basic, you can get another twenty or so free resources at the store. To do so, while logged into Logos go to account, then store, then view all products, choose view price, lowest price to expensive, and it will show about four pages of items with no price or $0.00. This may be slightly different with the basic, starter or bronze as some of the items are the additional features or tools of the program that only come with the fuller versions. However, even with Logos 6 Platinum, before the coming of Logos Seven, I “bought at least twenty resources, this way. Further resources I did not choose, because I do not speak or read those modern languages. Some of the resources I believe are from NOET, and you can read anything you buy from NOET, Verbum or Logos/Faithlife with the Basic.

  • When you say ‘free’, do you mean ‘free’ as in Facebook and Google free? Like Ad-supported, data mining, we track your cookies and location services and monitor where you go even after closing your browsing session?

    Or do you mean ‘free’ as in, here is free sample serving of our Clam Chowder you can taste and eat for yourself at no risk of your personal information being compromised or tracked because you are an anonymous person just seeing if the Chowder tastes good?

    • Hi, Bob. It really is free, not ad-supported, and no creepy tracking. Using Logos Bible Software requires creating a Faithlife account, which calls for your name and email address, but we won’t email you unless you ask us to. The application also sends statistical usage feedback, to help us improve the program based on how people use it; but this can be turned off in Program Settings. For detailed information, see

  • Great idea Logos! I really enjoy using Logos software and have for years. My introduction to Bible software was a free Libronix disc that came with a cheap ESV hardcover bible. I used that intro disc a lot and later bought a more full featured Logos base package which I use almost daily. I sent the link for this offer to all my friends.

  • Tyler,

    I do not envy your task at all, but you have done a very respectable job of fielding some hot potatoes. I gave up on the concept of concerning myself with every little thing that could have been done better around the roll-out of Logos 3. Now I just wait for the change to show up, which it ultimately does if warranted. My question is simply this: I have two classrooms full of relatively basic level participants (mostly retired persons). Are you saying that even though they have nothing on their computers but an email program and a word processor, they can get Logos 7 Basic for free or do they have to have a previous version?

    • Thanks, Donald. :-)

      I think Logos 7 Basic would be great for the group you described. It really is completely free, and they don’t have to own any previous version of Logos to start using it. It also comes with a built-in training course that gives you hands-on practice using Logos while learning essential Bible study techniques.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thank you Tyler, it certainly does.I have always been sensitive as to whom I would recommend any Bible software due to the configuration of each one’s growth model (Read: How much will it cost you in the future?). But the reverse of that is: How much do you want to grow? I still have the original software I used Verse Search by Bible Research Systems for MS-DOS 5.1. They graduate to Windows, but tried to keep the price low and lost the market share by lacking features and resources (but they are still around to this day and the price has not even doubled from the original). There are some situations where it would be enough for study, but try making through seminary and at some point you will find the trade off worth the price. Understand, I am no fan of the prices and practices I have seen over the years, but I figure God will deal with that in due time. He always does. Thanks again and I hope you get about 50 new users in the next few weeks.

        • I have already mentioned a couple of items that would be a great point for your students, Randolph. If they like Logos seven Freebee, here are a couple suggestions. In the Logos store, there are some items in it for FREE. Also in NOET and VERBUM. NOET is great for the students, VERBUM is for free reading. That should help with the cost factor. Now you mentioned these students are retiree’s. Anything that costs, they consider how much will I be able to use it before I die or become unable to function enough to use it. Well you can pass on your logos package to a person as part of your estate. Since I have none would likely be interested, I noted I will probably set it up with a seminary to pass on to some deserving and needy student.
          Finally, this carries a price to it, but you can also add LOGOS now, and that gives the full set of the current LOGOS and the features they are rolling out for the next version, even before the version is ready for the market. For example I have Logos 6 Baptist Platinum plus. the plus it the books I have added to it. I subscribe to Logos Now so I have the full Logos 7 features and I believe they have already rolled out one or two LOGOS eight features. Finally with the LOGOS NOW, I can simply upgrade to the new level paying for the library, saving about $165 American for the LOGOS 7 upgrade, because I have the Logos now, or I can buy the full features and the library, not saving the money.

  • I have Logos Now. I had Logos 6 Platinum when I signed up for Logos Now. Would it be okay to get Logos 7 Basic?

    • Hi, Henry. Through your Logos Now subscription, you’re already enjoying many more features than are included in Logos 7 Basic. That being said, Basic may include resources you don’t currently own. Visit this page and select “New to you” from the drop down list in the library and feature set sections to see what you’d gain with Basic.

      It wouldn’t hurt anything to get it.

  • In getting the Logos 7 Basic, will I still have access to my older package which was the Original Languages from Logos 3?

    • Hi, Gabe. Yes, you’ll still have complete access to all the books and features you own, including those from all the way back in Logos 3. (Also, wow: Thanks for sticking with us for so long.)

    • Hi, Chris.

      You can just drop the link to and include a note about why you think your Faithlife group should check it out.

  • I currently have LOGOS 5 (Bronze Package). I have a few questions:
    1) What features, in specific, will I be gaining?
    2) Will the interface of my current LOGOS 5 be updated to Logos 7
    a) If so, are there any major differences?
    b) Also, may an update in interface result in my software not running smoothly or running any slower?

  • If I have Logos 5 (Bronze) what resources, in particular, will be added? Also, will installing Logos 7 Basics update change the interface of my current Logos 5, and if so, should I expect the software to become less smooth or slower in its running and processing?

    • Hi, Bryce.

      Visit this page and be sure you’re signed into Make sure you select “New to you” from the drop down menu in the library and feature set sections. You’ll see everything included in Basic that you don’t already have.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

  • Grace. We should all ask for double portion. The anger in some of these questions is remarkable. Tyler, you have handled yourself with great restraint, I for one look forward to the free program

  • I was just thinking of a feature that should be added to LOGOS. This is one that at first does not make sense, but it has one very particular use. Randolph might even support this idea. Logos Limit. What LOGOS LIMIT Limit would do, is restrict your use of Logos to a lesser version of your choice. Say you have Logos 7 Platinum, You could limit it to any of Logos 6 (Platinum) or lower or Logos 7 (Platinum) or lower. This allows one to restrict resources to only those of a specific but lesser platform. Why would one wish to do so? Perhaps as a teacher, if the class has a lesser platform, the teacher wants to restrict the resources he suggests or indicates for further research to what the students have.