Introducing Logos Bible Software 6

Logos-6-launch-Small-Group-300x300We study the Bible for insight. We look to God’s Word to know his mind, to understand his truth, and to be reminded of his love. We seek insight for living our daily lives, and we aspire to share that insight with others.

Logos 6 is all about delivering insight.

Building on the innovations in Logos 4 and 5, the new release features new tools for exploring the Bible, connecting it to ancient and modern literature, and sharing your insights with others.

While our library of books is larger than ever, it is the new digital-first content that lets you explore the Bible like never before.


We’ve had scholars tag every cultural concept in the Bible, then extend that tagging to other ancient literature. This is a unique new database that helps you see connections that were nearly impossible to find before.

A new propositional outline of the Bible was created for the Greek New Testament, and it can be displayed as a live filter alongside your choice of English translations.

logos-6-launch-new-Mosiac-MediaA team of artists and animators created ready-to-use teaching slides, videos, and animations, using thousands of photos and the presentations of experienced seminary professors.

The all-new Bible Atlas will soon cover every mappable story in the Bible; it features new content in a pan-and-zoom interface as intuitive as any online mapping tool.

And we’re introducing a new type of digital tool for highly specialized work in specific areas of Bible study. The Psalms and Proverbs explorers are specifically designed for exploring those books, and they feature original scholarship fully integrated into the tools. This is just the start of a series of new tools for going deeper in your Bible study.

The new Factbook connects the new datasets, tagging, and rich media, and it’s just one of dozens of significant improvements to the user interface.

We are so excited about Logos 6 because it manages to answer many requests and suggestions from our users while still delivering an incredible amount of new content and innovative features. It is at once a must-have upgrade and a whole new product to explore.

We hope you find it a useful tool in your study and ministry, and we welcome your feedback on how to make it even better.

* * *

Logos-6-launch-3BP-Logos6Be among the first to experience Logos 6: go to to get it today!

Written by
Bob Pritchett

Bob Pritchett co-founded Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) in 1992 and serves as President/CEO. Bob speaks regularly at industry conferences and to academic groups on entrepreneurship, electronic publishing and digital libraries. He is a 2005 winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and was included in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. Bob lives with his wife Audra in Bellingham, Washington; they have two children.

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  • Hi Fred, yes I agree this is very unreasonable and expensive, indeed. Whilst I think Logos/Verbum is excellent, I feel a bit held to ransom here, so I have decided not to upgrade at all. You’d think that for those already with Logos, that the upgrade would be free. I do feel a bit like someone’s trying to pull a fast one on me. It will be interesting to see what others think. God Bless, Vernon

    • Hi Vernon,

      Our resident scholars and software developers have invested a lot of work into the new features in Logos 6. We always offer updates for free, because you purchased the software we are updating (anyone who purchases Logos 5 after you gets the most current version, not the original version), but upgrading is different—it’s a whole new product, with new tools, datasets, and functionality. Many of the digital Bible study tools in Logos 6 don’t exist anywhere else in the world—they’re like new inventions.

      In addition, a Logos 6 base package comes with new books, many of which we pay substantial royalties on. When you upgrade to Logos 6, you aren’t just getting a smoother, more crisp experience with the software—your purchasing new Bible study tools and growing your library.

      If you only want the new features of Logos 6 and you’re happy with the library you have, we have a great selection of crossgrade products which give you the features of Logos 6 without the library.

      Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to talk through your upgrade options. 888-875-9491

    • I totally agree. I believe that once you purchase the software upgrades should be free. You pay a good price for the software and it’s like you never get done paying for it. Every time you get the bill down they come with something new. Upgrades should be free and if you want to buy additional resources those you should have to pay for.

      • Anastasia — the good news is, we do exactly what you want! :-)

        Our updates ARE free — we’ll release the free engine in February. This is, I believe, a better deal than you get from most software companies, which charge for major updates.

        We ONLY charge you for new content, and that’s what the crossgrade and upgrade packages contain — lots of new content at some incredibly discounted prices.

        I’m sorry that wasn’t clearer; we’ll continue to work to improve our explanations.

  • I feel completely ripped off. I'm a seminary student and scrimped and saved to get the platinum package 11 months ago because my prof was saying to get as much as possible. That was logos 5. Now not even a year later there is Logos 6 offered to all for $350. less than what I paid for 5. Can I either get a free upgrade to 6 or $350. worth of resources to make up for this?

  • Hi Bob. If someone hasn’t helped you already, one of our sales associates will be with you shortly. There are lots of options, and we’d be delighted to talk through them with you.

  • Hi Faithlife,
    You appear to be misinformed about costs of base packages. The platinum 5 package is $2150. With student discount $1075. The 6 platinum is $2150. Special now offered is $800. That is a difference of $350. for the two packages. I'm assuming that you call both the 5 and 6 packages 'platinum' because they are comparable. Please advise.

  • I’m appalled at the prices & agree w/the folks who commented before me. I’ve written Logos before regarding their new items being so expensive. I think Logos is pricing themselves right out of the market of a lay person wanting personal Bible study tools to teach a Bible study or Sunday School lesson. Logos seems to be catering to the most scholarly among us who perhaps have church budgets that allow for such upgrading. Most churches could not afford it. I do hope support continues for 5. And I do not need to call Sales to see what they can offer. Not interested. Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend Logos because of the price. Thank you.

    • Logos 5 should continue to run and serve you well for a long time, and long before we stop supporting Logos 5 you’ll have an opportunity to download the Logos 6 engine for free. We just believe that many users will find the new content in the Logos 6 upgrade packages to be of great value, and a great deal, but of course it’s not right for everyone and that’s fine. We will continue to support you well and offer a variety of tools at all price points — including free! (our Faithlife Study Bible mobile and web app). I think we have something for people at all levels of Bible study need.

      • Thank you, Bob, for directing us to the upcoming free February Logos 6 upgrade. That will be great for those of us who are satisfied with what we have & don’t need anything more than an occasional new resource. How I wish for more time to read/study more, but that will have to wait till Heaven. I’m sure all of us hope you can continue to eat!

  • I have purchased Logos 5 to the portfolio level. I barely use most of the features. I am sure I will not upgrade to Logos 6 anytime soon. We spend too much time reading about what other people say about the bible and not enough actually reading the bible. Saying this another way, the "tools" for Bible Study have become seemingly more important than the Bible. The original language dictionaries, the word studies, and the reverse interlinear translations are very meaningful. The extra three dozen commentaries are not. Please pastors and teachers, use fewer visuals and more engaged reading of scripture. Less quotes of authors and politicians and more quotes of scripture.

    I expect one day the people at Logos will no longer support logos 5 and require an upgrade (They sunset support of old versions over time). If new to Logos, start with 6 and buy the most basic package that meets your real bible study needs.

  • Jeff Baggaley
    Don't feel ripped off, your tools are still good! The business of making a new car look pretty is not the same as making a good reliable car unusable. What Logos is trying to do is to maintain an income stream by making people lust after a new package. I encourage you to realize the purpose of your softwear is to study the Word of God. Do that with passion and spend most of your time in the pages of scripture rather than the pages of commentaries and "tools".

  • I think you would benefit most from some original language tools, several English bibles that are word-for-word translations with good links to Strong's numbers and come with reverse interlinear translations. Commentaries are nice, but it is easy to buy too many. If you know which ones you like, make sure they are included with the package you select. You can buy a package cheaply compared to buying all the included individual resources separately, but sometimes just buying the two commentaries you really want through the Logos store is less expensive than buying up to the next package level.

  • Logos….You have been very greedy in selling your new edition 6. What I understand from your pricing is that if I have to upgrade with all my current books and notes, I have to pay a minimum of $479.31 for the Logos 6 Extended Crossgrade. That is absolutely crazy. It is a rip-off.

    Why would I want to upgrade with our all the books I have purchased? That should not be an option. You are just taking advantage of our needs. I am very disappointed.

  • As my recent post can attest (, I think this is a very good upgrade.

    I think that "connections that were nearly impossible to find before" is more hyperbolic than true. That seems to at once underestimate the capabilities of Logos 5, other Bible softwares, and Spirit-inspired, Bible-reading students of historical backgrounds. :)

    Your "incredible amount of new content," however, is right on. The Interactives are great additions.

  • Hi Jeff,

    We’re sorry you feel that way. Right now, Logos 6 is being offered with a special limited-time discount, because it’s brand new. When the introductory pricing ends, it will be back at our regular price. If you purchased Logos 5 11 months ago, you would have received your academic pricing discount based on regular pricing. Does that make sense?

    If you would like to speak with a salesperson, they would be more than happy to look at your situation to see how we can help you. You can email them at or give them a call at 888-875-9491.

  • When I purchased Logos 4 it was only a few months before I was told that I had to purchase Logos 5 because 4 would no longer be supported. I have 5 and about two years later we’re seeing 6. I would imagine that soon 5 will no longer be supported.

    I think besides the fact that we’re told that we “own” our library which we don’t, we’ve been scammed by the Logos Bible software company. I am so sorry I got involved with this in the first place. How can I get my money back?

    • I’m sorry if we communicated that you had to upgrade — that’s not the case. Upgrading your library is your choice, if you want new content. We try to support our existing products as long as we can, and never discontinue support for a platform generation until we are offering a free download of the engine for the next generation. This has been true since 1995, and demonstrates a long track record of free-updates. Of course we hope you’ll find all the new content in the Logos 6 collections to be worth an upgrade — and a fantastic deal! — but if not, we’ll continue to support you at no cost for years to come.

      Thanks for using Logos Bible Software!

  • I have been a user of Logos since it could be shipped on a single 3.5″ floppy. At the time I began using Logos, Bob and Kiernan were doing the work in Washington and Dale was still selling it from New Jersey. So, many years ago (over 20 years for sure). I am therefore sad to report that Logos 5 will be my last upgrade.

    Let me be clear: in all likelihood the upgrade to Logos 6 will be well worth it. The upgrades have always been well worth it in the past. Logos has always “rewarded” customer loyalty with very deep discounts on upgrade packages.

    But over the years I have accumulated over 4000 books in my upgrade packages and prepubs and community pricing specials. I use many of them on a regular basis and others “not so much.” But I have reached a point in life at which I am upgrading both my physical bookshelves and my virtual bookshelves in a much more careful fashion.

    Thank you Logos or Libronix or FaithLife for all your hard work. You have been a blessing to me, but at this point I must “bow out” as gracefully as I know how.

  • I have been using Logos for several years, starting with Logos 4, but I am afraid you have left me in the dust.
    I have over 3000 books in my library and use Logos 5 Gold in the preparation of my Sunday School lesson. I am 81 years old today and find it is not cost effective to up grade and am concerned that you will stop supporting with training notes, etc.

    Please review your plans for implementing Logos 6 with prohibitive cost.

  • Thanks David. I completely agree with what you are saying that I need to stay focused on studying God's Word using the tools that I do have. That's a separate issue from the sense I have of being ripped off. Maybe that is too strong a word. Logos' sharp business practice of putting their clients in a position of eventually needing to retool strikes me as a money grab- plain and simple, and not something I would expect from a 'Christian company'.
    Is Logos a 'Christian company' or merely a corporation pandering to needs of an ID'ed market?

  • Faithlife, I do not need a sales person. Please send me the email address of the president of Logos. Thanks.

  • Hi Jeff, I think it might be to do with dynamic pricing. You already own "some" of the resources in the new base pack so the price automatically comes down plus the 15% discount for the launch. I always deal with a sales rep as the site on it's own is a one sided conversation so try sending them an email.

  • Hi:

    I was very excited to get Logos six! Overall the program has crashed about 12 times in the last four hours because I have this annoying habit of utilizing different layouts. Each of the layouts have crashed. I’ve had to rework them in order bring Logos 6 to a stabilized environment. Had the exact problem with Logos 5 upgrade. When I called tech support they told me to reboot my computer and then bring it up. But I’ve got a Mac with about 30 desktops for multimedia authoring. Each time a reboot I loose 30 minutes. It seems Logos 5 and 6 can’t refresh its memory dynamically.

    I love this program because it can do so much but I think that part of the problem. In Logos 6 I noticed uncalibrated mouse pointing, the curser point to the row below it while the target for the click is above it. Doesn’t happen to all the windows but so far have in the Library drop down window. Then in the exegetical window the Greek word header starts disappearing making it difficult to navigate.

    Just like Logos, 4, 5, and now 6 its the most expensive upgrade that I’ve ever paid even more expensive then Adobe was, but even they figured it out. I’ve got assurances from the sales team that these problems mentioned were solved and it runs faster. The speed is better but if keeps crashing what good is it. It’s actually, cut my productivity by about 25% between the crashes and the reworking of my layouts, which have been honed through actual experience.

    Mr. Bob your product needs some help and a acceleration despite all of this I still love it. But, you must of come from the Windows environment because it appears your using your customer base as beta testers. Not good.

    You have a good day, if your so inclined let me know when get it fixed. Meanwhile I’ll continue to reboot the program and rework my layouts.


    Tim Latham

    • Tim, I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced crashes. (Are you on a Mac with Yosemite? We’ve had some issues with specific configurations of that new OS.) We have already released our first ‘service release’ fixing bugs, and we’re working hard to address new issues as they arise. If we haven’t already fixed your issues they should be resolved soon; email me at if you continue to have problems. Thanks!

      • Bob,

        Thanks for the response, yes I’m running a Mac 4 Mghz, 4 quad core processor with 32 Gb of memory plus very huge hard drives using Yosemite. Nearly every crash I send the logs up to your services. Most of the problems lie in the switching layouts. I work on four projects per day, each lasting between two through four hours. When I switch directly from one layout to the next it crashes right at end of new layout loading. If I quit the program and load to the initial screen then select my next layout I’ll have a 75% success switchover. Although since Yosemite with Logos six that hasn’t happened much. Overall this has been going on since Logos 4, 5 and now six.

        I don’t know if your software engineers get it. It’s like the software and memory don’t fully reset and clear (refresh) or there is a bleeding issue. Once the program is up and running it runs well and is stable. Although with six has shown some pointer calibrations issues like arrow cursor pointing the lower row but the physical software is selecting the upper next row. Also, overlay headers on guides shrinking and losing their transparency.

        It’s a great product! Pricey but do understand the cost of doing all that research and technical stuff and much appreciated. I’m in the program all the time some 10 to twelve hours a day working multimedia books. Logos six new upgrade features are awesome!

        Once again, thanks for you and your team’s hard work and dedication.


  • The comments are interesting, it seems there is a lot of feeling that Logos has not acted with fairness or true Christian integrity here. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments made but I am sad and disappointed that we have been made to feel this way because Logos have up to now traded fairly and with a real Christian ethic. May I suggest to Logos that they recover the situation and their Christian integrity by announcing that after considering users views and feelings, current Logos 5 users will be automatically upgraded to Logos 6, but without the new materials/library, leaving users to upgrade their library at the current price of the time, either now or later or not at all, as they wish. That seems the correct and eithical way to proceed? What do users think – What does Logos think? God Bless, Vernon

    • In Logos’s rollout of “5” the same issues were brought up concerning price of upgrade compared to the expensiveness of the library. The response was not admirable. It’s a very good program but very buggy and sensitive to any change. It takes a lot of resources to do what they’re doing but they’re almost rewriting the software which results in buggy legacy problems. I for one believe they are filling a sorely needed service for Christian Ministry and want them to succeed in the Lord’s will. Your comments are on the right track! Tim

  • I have asked several times for Logos to add to their versions of the Bible, the Phillips translation of the New testament. I have always been told that it is forthcoming. It would seem that they are more interested in upgrades than comment. I do not think at the age of 78 I can go for all of the bells, whistles and zippadee doo dah built into logos 6. I am happy that I still have some of my paper books. it may be slower, but definitely cheaper than Logos 6.I too feel like a loss of faith in the creator (small c) and feel that all of these books and versions that i have been sold are now lost and blowing in the wind.

    • Hi Bob—sorry about that! We passed along your information, but you can also give us a call at 800-875-6467 and we’ll help you figure out which Logos 6 library is best for you.

  • Hey folks, I realize there is always the thought of why to upgrade plus the cost. Before pastoral ministry I worked in the engineering/surveying industry. Our software upgrades were in the thousands of dollars. Sometimes we even had to purchase new hardware. We grumbled of course, but that was the price of business. However, when the new software was installed and running, we were always appreciative of the new software abilities, time savers, etc. Hey, cut Faithlife (Logos) some slack. They are only trying to help. No one is twisting your arm to upgrade.. I for one am thankful for the opportunity to have this awesome product.

  • I just sent this email to Bob Pritchett:

    Dear Bob,

    I posted on your blog in response to your recent release of Logos 6 the following:

    I feel completely ripped off. I'm a seminary student and scrimped and saved to get the platinum package 11 months ago because my prof was saying to get as much as possible. That was logos 5. Now not even a year later there is Logos 6 offered to all for $350. less than what I paid for 5. Can I either get a free upgrade to 6 or $350. worth of resources to make up for this?

    When I posted this the platinum 6 was being advertised at $800. I don't see it at this amount anymore. One of your faithlife reps anonymously suggested I contact a sales rep. I think this person missed the point.

    In any event I wanted to bring this to your attention as my feeling stands. Do you have any response to this?

    Thank you,

    Jeff Baggaley

  • I think that if we are happy with our current library but just want an upgrade to 6 that we should pay something for all the work that went into its development. But to pa more for the cross grade than a full starter package doesn’t make much sense.

  • I have been using the beta for a number of weeks and Logos 6 has changed how I use Logos. It is a great upgrade for the Mac. It is now 64 bit with multithreading. On my MacBook Pro, it is excellent. I seldom used Logos 5, but Logos 6 has become my preferred Bible program. I was greatly benefitted by video training. Watch the included videos for a start. Great upgrade for me!

  • Hi, I was just curious, if we want to keep with Logos 5 will the platform and resources continue to get upgraded or will it become stagnant? I just purchased this product a couple on months ago and feel a bit slighted that this was in the works and was not brought up, I probably would have waited. But I am also content with the current platform and would rather just stick with it if the resources I currently have continue to upgraded as they have been.

    Thanks in advance

    • We’ll support 5 for some time. We have many users who still run Logos 4, which was released in 2009. At some point we’ll stop doing new code maintenance, but as long as Windows or Mac OS support those apps, they should run without issues.

  • Why can't there be a package with a lot of good books for regular lay persons. All the levels have tons of preaching and teaching, ministry, sermons and pastoral care and counseling that I don't need. I'm not a preacher or pastor and am not paying anymore for all this stuff I don't have a need for.

    • I am glad to hear that the Logos 6 “engine” will be free in February, however, I am confused as to why it isn’t free now.

      If I pay for it then I get it now when it is most likely to be buggy. If I don’t pay for the engine I have to wait until February. Can someone from Logos explain the reasoning behind this?

      I have a few more questions as I am uncertain about this, what are the minimum system requirements for running Logos 6 for Mac and Windows? Which versions of these OSes was and is most of the development done on?

      Thanks for any replies in advance.

  • Jeff Baggaley Hi, Jeff. Thanks for taking the time to email me.

    I'm very sorry you feel ripped off. That's not our intention at all — this is simply the next update in a long series of updates (since our first release in 1991!), and it's actually one of the best deals in software.

    While most software companies charge for every update (I've bought Windows 1, 2, 386, 3, 3.1, 95, 98, Me, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and 8!) we actually give away our core software engine. On February 3rd you'll be able to download the Logos 6 code at no cost.

    We've been doing these free updates since 1995 — I don't think there are a lot of software companies you'll find with that kind of track record! (Keep in mind, we need to eat, too. It costs money to update the code, pay the software developers, etc.)

    To help stay in business, we bundle the new code with completely optional collections of new content. Some is books we licensed from publishers (to whom we have to pay royalties), and some is developed in-house at our own expense and delivered as unique databases, interactive media, special content-based features, ebooks, etc.

    We would like to sell you an 'upgrade collection' with new content — it helps us stay employed! :-) And so we put together some incredible upgrade options that deliver the new power of the Logos 6 code as well as a great deal on some new content.

    Your custom upgrade collection prices are built just for you, based on the set of content you already own. We are only wanting to charge you for new content you don't already have — and when you stack up the discounts, it's an incredible deal. (There are also crossgrade options at various price points — there's not just once price. You can choose different content sets for a wide range of prices.)

    But if you just want Logos 6 for free, the good news is, you can get it — on February 3rd. All of your existing content will still work, and you'll have lots of new functionality, continued free updates to maintain compatibility with new versions of the operating system, etc. You just won't have all the valuable new content we bundled together into a discount in order to incentivize people to purchase a content upgrade now.

    I hope this explanation helps, but if you have any other questions I'm happy to answer them. You're welcome to email or call me directly at 360-527-1700.

    We want every customer to be happy with Logos Bible Software. I know the easiest way would be to keep giving new stuff away for free — but then we'd be unable to serve you in the future. So we offer new stuff for free three months from now, and an amazing deal to buy more content now for people who want it, which helps keep us going and creating new content and tools.

    If you're not ready for that, or don't want that new content, that's fine, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with free code updates for years to come.


    — Bob Pritchett
    President/CEO Faithlife

  • I'm sorry you feel that way; we actually offer a few different levels of crossgrade, and I think you'll find one that offers a lot of value at a lower price. Our sales team can help you find the best match, or you can explore the options online. And if you don't want any new content at all, we'll have the Logos 6 engine available for free in February.

    — Bob Pritchett, President/CEO Faithlife

  • My reference to 'nearly impossible to find before' connections was with our Cultural Ontology in mind. I think that if you explore it a bit, looking up Cultural Concepts in the Factbook, you will find some amazingly obscure (and interesting!) cross-references.

    But maybe they're just amazing to me… in which case I apologize for the hyperbole. I'm just very excited about it! :-)

  • I’ve been using Logos since 1996. It has taken my Bible study to a level not obtainable with print books. I’ve invested some serious dollars in the upgrades and books and have never been disappointed with any upgrade. Yesterday, I upgraded to Verbum Scholar 6 – outstanding!
    I look at Logos like a toolbox that I keep in my garage. In this toolbox are tools I use frequently: hammer, screwdriver, pliers. These are like my Bible, Commentaries, and Concordance. I also have a nail puller, level, and crosscut saw. Though I don’t use these often, they are necessary for some tasks. I equate these to my Interlinear, Exegetical Guide, and Lexicon.
    If I don’t have a tool in my toolbox, I have two options: buy or borrow. It would be a nice addition to Logos if an option existed to “borrow” a feature, being able to view, for a set period of time, the resource at a reasonable fee.
    Nothing is free – sans Salvation – and the price of Logos can be outside the reach of many who are hungry for the Word. I offer using my Logos to anyone in my Church. They can stop by my home and use all the features of my program. It is my way of sharing my blessing.

  • I am very pleased to see Bob Pritchetts email and responses above, telling us that on 3rd February 2015 those of us who do not upgrade to logos 6 now, will be upgraded for free, with our current library and materials which will work with full functionality with logos 6. I am grateful to you Bob for this assurance and it has restored my faith in Logos/Faithlife. Personally I won’t be adding or ‘upgrading’ to any new libraries or materials, simply because I don’t need them. My current libararies and materials are sufficient for my needs.

    One point I would make, as a learning point, is that the free upgrade on February 3rd should have been made known from the start when Logos 6 was announced. It would have saved a lot of heartache and unhappiness for a lot of people, some of who have posted above. But no mention of this was made and the Faithlife staff didn’t mention it either. Had they done so, it would have been immensely helpful.

    My thanks to you Bob for your kind reassurance and generosity, in your email above.

    with best wishes and God Bless,


  • Bob Verplank, I’m sorry to hear that. Our sales people have been taking calls and responding to emails non-stop since Monday. They are doing their best to get to everyone in a timely manner. In the meantime, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you lead a Bible study, you would certainly benefit from any of the available base packages, but which package is right for you depends on your personal Bible study needs. What resources do you use the most when preparing your Bible study? Do you like to explore the original languages when you study a passage or topic? These are the kinds of questions that can help point you to one package or another.

    You can go to to see each package side by side and compare the resources included in each. I hope this helps!

  • I have been a Logos user for over a decade. When I received it, it was on a stack of floppy diskettes. When L5 cam out, like another commenter, I jumped in to portfolio. Having been an ongoing purchaser of resources, this was still a huge jump. I discovered that I use the tool more efficiently than I had been with previous versions. Like another commenter, I know that I barely scratch the surface in using all the features that are offered. Unlike others, though, I knew that was going to be the case. As a pastor, I do a lot of reading and studying of Gods Word in Logos. And very, very little of it is actually directly used in a given sermon/message. Even though I use L6 (now) for sermon prep, again, nearly all of what is studied, noted, highlighted is not presented.

    With that said, all that reading and studying is useful when presenting in an indirect way. Perhaps, this is just the way I teach, but teaching from what I know in Gods Word is my paradigm, not in trying to preach what others think about His Word. Finding out that there are other ways of seeing something, or other schools of thought allow me to be more objective and be more compassionate towards people, even if I don't agree with them. The tool of Logos is the Swiss Army Knife of Bible Software, and yes, I only use a few blades most of the time, but having the other tools available for when I need them, thought infrequently is better than not having them available at all. Well, at least in my opinion.

    Do I suggest that someone quickly upgrade/crossgrade? maybe. there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to that question. The good folks at Logos know this as well. the best way to find out is to talk with someone who has L6, or even call and speak to a logos representative. Be honest., they aren't going to be offended. Just let them know how you use it. Having done at least some homework previous to the call is helpful, just so that you know which questions to ask. many times it's not about the money – especially when they have payment plans available to help make it be more "affordable".

    I can not ignore that it is expensive, though. One thing that I remind myself is that they guarantee that I will always have the ability to read and search the resources that I own. Further, and again for me, it's an investment. Not just for me, or even the people I teach or pastor. for a minimal license transfer fee, the resources and software can be used by my daughter or son, or someone else, long after I am gone.

    I love how L6 helps to keep me engaged in reading Scripture (as well as other references).

  • Bob Pritchett Logos Bible software is unquestionably the best way to study the Word of God. It gives me the ability to go back to the original language and see for myself what the subtleties of intent might have been (as William F. Buckley said, "You can't translate words, you must translate thoughts"). So the price might very well be worth it. If a congregation is paying for the software, the per-person cost for the benefit received is minuscule. However, I am on my own and use Logos 5 for my own study. Also, I am now retired and live in California where we are taxed every time we turn around so money is at a premium in my household. I fully understand the concept of supply-and-demand (Disneyland doesn't exactly charge $1.95 to get into the park) so I appreciate the cost of Logos. But there is a danger that Faithlife, as a company, might be perceived as being more interested in selling software than in making it possible to share the Word of God. Thank you for alerting us to the free availability of the Logos 6 engine in February. Till then, I'll just plug along with Logos 5!

    Warmest regards,
    Al Canales
    Temecula, CA

  • Bob Pritchett Hi Bob,
    Thanks for your kind email detailing how upgrades, cross grades and so forth works. My apologies as I made certain assumptions that I now see are not true. Very best in your future work at Logos.

  • The value that Logos represents is pretty amazing considering what people would pay for the print editions of the books. Your library stays with you for the rest of your life. We had a house fire in 2009 where we lost everything including all of my print library, my digital library, and the computer that they were backed up on. Within one week of calling Logos, I had a replacement discs, and my user code to load everything back on to a new computer when I got around to purchasing one. Even my notes were preserved online so that all those treasures that God has taught me over the years remain in digital form. I was unable to replace my print edition books because it would have been too costly. Way to go Logos for keeping up to date and adding new amazing features for study.

  • I bought the first edition back in about 2004, and for a few yeas I didn’t use it, and when they upgraded, I was able to use it on my android phone I get to use all of the new features, not the new books. I love this system

  • Bob Pritchett
    After saying in an earlier post that Logos 5 would be my last upgrade, I changed my mind. There are some very affordable ways to upgrade to Logos 6 and I found one that suited my needs. I've been a Logos user since almost the beginning (1991) and it saddened me considerably to be at such a time of life and in such a financial situation that I could no longer justify upgrading what is my best tool. However, I found that by keeping my needs in mind that I could get the Reformed Starter upgrade for under $100. That includes the discount for books already owned and the 15% discount for buying it now. All I can say is that I am very thankful to the entire Logos family for their continued support and what is, in my opinion, a very affordable product.

    • Hi Dan,

      In February, you’ll have the option to update to the free Logos 6 engine. This is just a software update, so you won’t have any of Logos 6’s new tools and resources—to get that functionality, check out our crossgrade or upgrade options.

      If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 800-875-6467!

Written by Bob Pritchett