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Introducing Logos 7 Fundamentals: Bible Software for under $100

There are a few key tools you need for studying the Bible in-depth: some good dictionaries and encyclopedias, a handful of solid commentaries, a Bible atlas, and of course a few Bible translations. And maybe even a few word study resources.

Assembling a library like that book by book quickly adds up. And if you’re like many people, you might not know which books you should get—or how to use them once you have them.

That’s why we created Logos 7 Fundamentals, a brand-new Logos package that helps anybody deepen their Bible study, no matter their skill level. And best of all, this essentials-only collection of books and features costs less than $100.

Purposefully lean, this is our package for people who want to dig into Scripture for themselves without getting overwhelmed—and without breaking the bank.

What’s in it?

Logos 7 Fundamentals includes 33 books and 75 features and datasets. It offers the breadth of what a good Bible study library should have but leaves the depth to other Logos base packages, making the price much lower. Here’s a sampling of what’s included:

  • Commentaries: Including Bible Knowledge Commentary, New Bible Commentary, and Bible Exposition Commentary
  • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and reference: Including Naves Topical Bible, A Cultural Handbook to the Bible, Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible, Dictionary of Bible Themes, and the Eerdmans Companion to the Bible
  • Word study resources: Including Vincent’s Word Studies in the New Testament, Bible Word Studies: A How-To Guide, and the Bible Word Study tool
  • Theology: Including Concise Theology by J.I. Packer and Foundations of the Christian Faith by James Montgomery Boice
  • Bible translations: ESV, KJV, and the Lexham English Bible
  • Audio Bibles: LEB audio and ESV audio
  • Devotionals: Including Streams in the Desert, Connect the Testaments, and Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening

Who’s it for?

This is for anybody who wants to deepen their Bible study on a budget:

  • If you use free online Bible study tools, this package is for you. Online Bible study tools sometimes include a couple public domain commentaries and encyclopedias. But this package includes dozens of up-to-date resources by modern authors you can trust, plus powerful tools that help you do word studies, explore the culture and history of Scripture, and more. There’s no filler here.
  • If you crave more than a reading plan and devotional, this is for you. Fundamentals is for anybody who wants to move from Bible reading to true Bible study. Logos tools read your books for you, giving you just the info you need from across your library. It automates the stuff that makes deep Bible study intimidating—like knowing what books to turn to.
  • If you want to study the Word anywhere, this is for you. With Fundamentals, you don’t have to lug around a backpack full of books to study at a coffee shop. Your entire library fits in your pocket with our mobile app. Install Logos on your laptop or desktop. Or study from any computer with the web app.

What if I already own Logos?

If you already own and love Logos, this is the perfect package to recommend to a friend. Call our Resource Experts at 888-875-9491 to learn how to give Fundamentals as a gift. Or send this link to your friends: Logos.com/fundamentals.

But you also might want to get it for yourself. This base package is somewhat independent of the higher base packages, so if you have Starter or Bronze, you might not have everything in Fundamentals. But because of Dynamic Pricing, you’ll get a super lower price.

Get Logos 7 Fundamentals for under $100!

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  • A package like this for children aged between 10-14 would be great too!

    I’ve already signed up my children on Logos but I am looking for commentaries and dictionaries that would suit this age group.

Written by Faithlife Staff