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Help Bring the Logos App to the Windows Phone!

You asked, and we listened. We get a lot of requests to make the Logos app available on Windows phones and tablets, and we want to make it happen.

If you want the Logos app for download on your windows device, you can help fund its development! Simply go to the Windows Universal Bible App Community Pricing page and bid the amount you’re willing to pay for the app’s production.

What’s Community Pricing?

Community Pricing lets you bid the amount you want to pay based on what interests you. It’s the best way to get great deals on new Logos products.

Here’s how it works:

When you select an amount to bid, your bid will help pay for the development of the Windows app. There’s no risk—you can cancel your bid at any time, and your card will not be charged until the development costs are covered for the the app (we’ll even send you a reminder email before you’re charged).

Take your Logos library anywhere

Enhance your Bible study and depth of your Bible knowledge on the go! From Windows, Android, iOS, or Kindle to your main desktop, the Windows Universal Bible App will sync your notes and highlights across all of your devices.

Not only will the app sync with your Logos library, but you’ll also get free access to over 70 Bible translations and helpful resources—plus smart study tools that let you explore important ideas and make connections across the text.

Your Windows Phone could be loaded with amazing features:

  • Dig deep into biblical texts and learn about any word by examining dictionaries, lexicons, and cross-references.
  • Run verse-specific reports that pull in relevant commentaries, cross-references, literary typing, and media resources.
  • Compare any verse with up to five translations, see the contrast with visual and percentage indicators of difference, and view resources side by side with your preferred Bible translation.
  • Mark verses and quotes with comments and questions.
  • Share meaningful verses on Facebook, Twitter, or your Faithlife Groups!

Don’t wait—bid on this app today and help fund its development.

Spread the word!

Community Pricing relies on community. The more people who bid on this app will help drive down the price you pay in order to make it more affordable. So spread the word, tell your friends about it, and help us fund the development of the Windows Universal Bible App!

Bid on the Windows app today!

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  • Having bought Logos software (on Windows platforms) from the time long before it was Logos, I’m prepared to pay the same price for the Windows Mobile App as the much later and quite different Apple and Android platform users pay.

  • Logos felt developing an app for Android and iOS was commercially justified probably on marketing grounds. This argument isn't as strong for the Windows phone platform because of the much smaller installed base of users.

    Windows phone users are individualists and pioneers, willing to swim against the tide, strong enough to spurn the approval of their peers and established society,

    The price of such sagacity, prescience, audacity and chutzpah is a little bit of money and much grace.

  • I just would like to remember Logos that the Linux community have already mentioned such an alternative for a Logos for linux being enabled, and so far nothing showed up. We Linux users (esp. Ubuntu) are prepared to go to such length in order to have our beloved Logos software in our beloved OS.

  • As I understand it, they are looking to develop a Universal App, so it will not be limited to just Windows Phone users; it will be available to all Window 8, 8.1, and soon to be Windows 10 users as well. As a Surface Pro and Windows 8.1 user, this is great because when I'm using my device in "tablet" mode – Logos 6 isn't all that "touch friendly." I'm a Windows Phone user as well – so being able to install and run Logos 6 on my phone is an added benefit. I've pretty much given up on software vendors and developers targeting Windows Phone, but hopefully – will receive the benefits of an expanded app base that is proxied through Universal app development.

  • Antonio Gilbert Universal Apps will put some wind into the sails of the Windows Phone ship. WP is not going away. It takes time for the platform to build momentum.

  • So… I bid on this a long time ago. No updates in a year? No talk about Continuum? No movement, just stagnation. I think you owe your customers who have spent thousands of dollars on your software a good explanation as to why they need to use YouBible or the ESV app?

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