. Have I Lost My Old Logos or Libronix Books?

Have I Lost My Old Logos or Libronix Books?

I first encountered Logos Bible Software in the Libronix days—in what historians of technology now call “the 1990s.” I somehow came into possession of some random CDs with Logos books on them. I confess I didn’t use them so much as I “amassed” them.

Around that same time I got a fantastic deal on the Expositor’s Bible Commentary in another Bible software platform which shall remain nameless out of respect for the dead.

Now, many years later, I am actually using the books I purchased for Libronix, but I can no longer access the Expositor’s Bible Commentary. When that other platform went defunct, it didn’t matter how popular it once was or how much money I had poured into it; it was done for.

Logos is different. It’s good to offer an occasional reminder to Logos users that if you have old Logos (or Libronix) books lying around on dusty CDs, you still own them and we haven’t forgotten.

When I bought the Gold package in 2005 for my seminary studies and dissertation work, I was surprised to find that my older purchases were still (or could easily be) tied to my account—even when I bought them from another online company or a bookstore. There was no hassle involved in making the transition. The few questions I did have were easily handled by Logos customer service.

Here’s the official word I got from a customer service agent at Faithlife:

If you use the same email address for your Logos.com account as you used for your Libronix activation back in the day, we should make the connection automatically when you install the latest version of Logos.

Chances are you’ve changed email addresses. You’ll simply need to contact our customer service team with the activation codes for the CD-ROMs (or your Libronix account information), and they’ll make sure you have access to all your books.

If you’ve made past purchases, you don’t have to start over. Those old CD-ROMs are still good for something. And then you may reuse them yet again, if you so desire:

cd rom

If you still use Libronix or any other, older version of Logos, let me point out that you can download the Logos 6 engine for free—and you’ll lose none of your resources. The latest Logos engine is and always will be free of charge.

But I encourage anyone who isn’t using Logos 6 to take a look at how much a paid upgrade will give you, and how much it will cost. I can’t tell you exactly what extra books and tools you’ll get, but because of Dynamic Pricing, our website will tell you in detail (if you sign in, of course).

I never encourage people to buy stuff they don’t need. I think you should know in pretty solid detail what it is that you’re getting before you buy. But if fear of losing books was holding you back, don’t let it.

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Mark Ward

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  • Morning,

    Does that include the following two CD sets both are LOGOS20:
    1. Nelson’s Electronic Bible reference Library (Pro Edition) Nelson Electronis
    2. RC Sproul Digital Library (Baker Bytes)

    I contct you for the codes, then what?
    My PC (Windows 10) will not run these CD’s.


    • Paul, contact customer service right away (800-875-6467). They’re the ones best suited to help you. You will not need to load the CDs.

    • Paul, I have the same problem. I have the same programs that you mentioned that I bought many year’s ago when the computer first came out.(I am 60). They won’t play on my computer that I have now. I thought that they were just no good. I have spent hundred’s of dollar’s in books that I can’t use, so this is good new’s. I will follow up on this. God Bless

      • Carla at Logos got both CD’s working. She’ll send you an email with instructions. Within a few days they will load your account. Good news!

        • Paul—thank you so much.

          Johnny—I wasn’t in on this discussion personally, so you may want to call customer service directly yourself just to make sure everything’s clear.

  • To be clear, once those old resources are linked to your account, they should stay there and always automatically download. I have actually come across a couple of old Logos 2.0 sets that had both BAGD (which has now been replaced by BDAG) and the Jerome Bible Commentary. I was also able to find CDs with the Oxford Bible Commentary. None of those resources are currently available from Logos, but once I linked them to my account (I installed 2.0 and sent in the license file to customer service), they automatically downloaded from Logos’ servers. Now they download whenever I install Logos. It is a tremendous help that Logos keeps ALL resources on their servers for download.

  • I share your experience, Mark. I bought the same defunct Expositor’s Bible Commentary, and now use it on Logos 6. I used Libronix and several other programs, some still available, but the power of Logos outshines the “skills” of the other programs.

    I use Logos without fear of losing any of my previous investment. I feel that it’s like my physical, shelved library. Here to stay.

    Like you, I encourage users to invest only in the resources that meet their needs, feed their soul and mind, and equipment them for the ministry they’re call to do. Isn’t that why we buy theological, biblical, and historical books?

  • Hi, i have the cdrom from Expositors from all those years ago and the liner notes but sadly no code. Do you think Logos will give me a break somehow too?

  • Is it possible to incorporate into Logos book that were purchased electronically (no CD and no code)? I purchased a commentary series in this manner – it would be great if it were possible to have Logos recognise them.

  • Yes, Logos was very cooperative in converting several of my old Libronix CDs to my Logos Library. That’s why I’ve stayed with them all the way to Platinum!

  • Yes, tying in my older Libronix (and if I remember correctly, including Nelson Electronic Reference) was seamless. I’m enjoying the Logos 6 platform and offerings tremendously.

  • wow! that means that I can recover what I bought in 2006, (the bilingual library) with Libronix? Please let me know what I must do.

  • Great article Mark. Super helpful. I started with Logos 4 and have never had trouble getting everything to move right along to the new version.

  • Hello Mark,
    Back in the late 90’s I bought the Catholic Scholars Pack and I have to admit that I did not use it much since I found it to be “clunky”. When I bought Verbum several years ago I ended up giving the CSP software to Goodwill not realizing that there were resources on the CSP that I could have downloaded to Verbum. Honestly, I probably have everything that was included in the old CSP software but, it still bothers me that “maybe…..” I lost something. I did register the product under my name and an email address I no longer use. Do you think it would still be possible to retrieve any of these resources even though I no longer possess the original product or it’s keys. Thanks Pete.

Written by Mark Ward