Give the Gift of Bible Study This Christmas

lp_christmaspromoThis Christmas, Logos Bible Software is encouraging Christians around the world to look closer at the Bible.

The transformative power of Scripture is central to the mission of Lexham Press, too. We’ve been deeply transformed by the Bible, and publishing allows us to accomplish change through the world of words and ideas.

Are you looking for ways to share the wonder of God’s word with your friends and family this season? It can be difficult to give a digital book as a gift so we’ve placed the print editions of some of our best books on sale. Give the gift of Bible study this Christmas and help your friends and family focus on Scripture.

The Majesty of Mystery

Majesty-of-Mystery_PDPIn The Majesty of Mystery, seasoned professor and preacher K. Scott Oliphint encourages believers to embrace the profound mysteries at the heart of Christian faith. The Trinity, the incarnation, eternal life, God’s sovereign will and human choices—none of these are problems to be explained away or puzzles to be dismissed as irrelevant. Rather, these are grand mysteries, not contradictory but paradoxical and wonderful. The more we recognize them in the biblical story, the deeper they lead us into worshiping the incomprehensible God who faithfully reveals Himself in Scripture.

The Majesty of Mystery is the perfect gift for anyone looking to grow in their knowledge of God, and right now it’s 17% off. Get it today.

The Unseen Realm

unseen-realmIn The Unseen Realm, Michael Heiser shines a light on the supernatural world—not a new light, but rather the same light the original, ancient readers—and writers—of Scripture would have seen it in, given their historical and cultural milieu. This light allows today’s pastors and scholars to understand the biblical authors’ supernatural worldview.

For the person who wants to dig deeper into Scripture, The Unseen Realm will open their eyes, and it’s 28% off this season. Get it today.

Revelation Verse by Verse

vbv-19_rev_pdpIn Revelation Verse by Verse, Grant R. Osborne cuts through the confusion and offers a clear exposition of the book, explaining what it meant in its first-century setting and what it means today. Instead of being a frightening or befuddling book, Osborne urges us to see Revelation as highly devotional, causing readers to focus on the sovereignty of God, the futility of Satan, and the ultimate victory of the Lamb and his saints.

The Osborne New Testament Commentaries are for people who are looking for an accessible explanation of the biblical text, and this volume is 15% off. Get it today.

Holy Labor

holy_labor_pdpIn Holy Labor, Aubry G. Smith draws on her own experiences of giving birth and motherhood along with a litany of biblical examples to illustrate how birth can teach us what it means to be created in God’s image. Along the way, she unpacks the many conflicting assumptions held by Christians about the mess and beauty of birth and how it’s portrayed in Scripture. Smith encourages all readers to see God and the gospel through the miracle of birth.

Holy Labor is the perfect gift for mothers, expectant mothers, or those who know them, and it’s 20% off. Get it today.

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Take a look at all the titles on sale this Christmas. There are devotionals and fiction titles for the light readers you know. Bible studies and guides for those looking to focus on Scripture. And for those looking to grow their spiritual life there are titles in theology and Christian living. There are even titles for the pastor or missionary in your life.

Get great deals on Lexham Press and Kirkdale Press print books to help your friends and family focus on Scripture.


  1. Where is the Getting To Know Jesus Harmony of the Gospel and Getting To Know Jesus Bible Study Series combine offer?

    The Getting To Know Jesus Harmony of the Gospels (using the New International Version) is a stand alone addition to your library that is also a supplement to the Getting To Know Jesus Bible Study Series from Logos Bible Software.

    Getting To Know Jesus Bible Study Series is a part of the Logos Bible Software library. Add it to your collection here:

    The Getting To Know Jesus Harmony of the Gospels (NIV) will enhance your understanding of Jesus’ life by showing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John’s accounts side by side. You can synchronize it with the Getting To Know Jesus Bible Study Series to enhance your study of the life and teachings of our LORD, Savior and role model.