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Get Up to 50% off Select Ministry and Academic Resources

There’s still time left to save 25–50% on a selection of 98 handpicked resources to empower your ministry, personal devotion, academic study, and even your Logos features. There are so many ways to save—more than half the resources selected are available for at least 40%. Don’t wait—you have until Friday at 8:00 a.m. (PT) to take advantage of this offer! Start shopping now !

Church history resources—50% off

Brush up on your church history and explore your faith in context with a selection of our top church history titles and collections. Explore over 6,000 cross-referenced entries with the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, or dive deep into the first 400 years of the faith with the Early Church History Collection. These and 12 other resources are 50% off through Friday.

See all church history deals!

Ministry resources—45% off

Empower your ministry and get the resources you need to lead others. Be ready for their questions with trustworthy answers from the 9Marks Series. Equip your congregation for spiritual growth with complete church curriculum, like Abraham: Following God’s Promises. Through Friday, these vital library additions and 14 other ministry resources are a whopping 45% off!

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All Logos 6 Large Bundles—40% off

Diversify your library with curated bundles of great resources on numerous theological and biblical topics. Whether you’re exploring the breadth of philosophy & apologetics, or you want to plumb the depths of Greek studies, there’s a bundle (or two!) for you. For a limited time, every large bundle is 40% off—that’s a guaranteed $100 in savings on over 20 bundles.

See all Logos 6 Large Bundles!

Devotional Resources—35% off

Nurture your spiritual relationship with selected devotionals from a dozen of today’s top publishers. With D.A. Carson’s “Love of God” Collection, reflect on the love of God with two years’ worth of guided reading plans. And with Stan Toler’s Devotions for Pastors, spend your devotional time contemplating the most relevant topics for spiritual leaders. Save 35% on these and 12 more devotional works.

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Bibles—30% off

Discover more insight, simply and efficiently by increasing your library of Bibles. From literal approaches like Young’s Literal Translation to modern versions like The Message, we’ve got 21 Bibles on sale for 30% off—don’t miss this chance to quickly and inexpensively enrich your study.

See all Bibles on sale!

Logos Feature Collections—25% off

Make Logos even more powerful with our Feature collections—resources which integrate seamlessly with your existing Logos features and empower you for more incredible discovery. Love the Factbook feature? Then you’ll love The Factbook Collection, 22 volumes which integrate seamlessly with the feature. With the Cultural Concepts collection, get even more insight into the ancient world of the Bible. Save 25% on our 10 most popular feature collections, but only through Friday!

See all Logos Feature Collections on sale!

Get the tools you need for thorough study, sermon preparation, and inspiring devotion. Don’t miss the opportunity to save on these resources today.

The sale ends Friday 29 at 8:00 a.m. (PT)—shop the three-day sale right now!

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