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Get the NIV Free until April 8!

The world’s most popular Bible translation, the NIV, is now available for free—but only for a limited time.

Download the Faithlife Study Bible by April 8, and you’ll get the NIV, along with the FSB’s several daily devotionals, three layers of in-depth study notes, custom highlighting and note-taking, and more.

The Faithlife Study Bible can be read on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, or online at Bible.Faithlife.com. It’s the perfect resource to bring with you to church and Bible study, and allows you to study no matter where you are. The FSB is always growing and improving, and by downloading it today, you own the FSB and the NIV for life.

Already using the Faithlife Study Bible? Just open your app by April 8 to get your free copy of the NIV.

This offer ends April 8—get yours today!

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  • se puede obener en español soy de chile y me encanto era lo que necesitaba le agradezco Dios les bendiga descargue la aplicación en mi android pero esta en ingles bueno de todas maneras gracias y Dios les bendiga grande mente

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