Should I Get Logos 7 Basic if I Already Own Logos?

By now, you’ve probably heard about Logos 7 Basic, the new, free version of Logos Bible Software. And if you already own Logos, you may be wondering, “What does that mean for me?” In fact, you may be one of the customers who flooded the blog with questions like:

“If I install the free version of Logos 7, will my copy of Logos 6 be deleted or overwritten?”

“I have Logos 6 and Logos Gold. Is there any reason why I should get Logos 7 Basic?”

Great questions. Here’s the answer:

When you get Logos 7 Basic, we’ll add new books and features to the resources you already own; you won’t lose a thing.

Everything you rely on will still be there after you update. And in many cases, it will be better.

Plus, we’ll give you a selection of brand-new Logos 7 features to use in your Bible study immediately. If you have an older version of Logos (Logos 5 or earlier), you’ll even notice a refresh to the user interface.

But what, exactly, will you be able to do with the new stuff included in Logos 7 Basic?

Let’s say you already own Logos 6 Gold. Here are just three ways Logos 7 Basic will improve your Bible study the moment you boot it up. (And if you own an earlier version than Logos 6 Gold, you’ll get even more out of Basic.)

Jump right into your Bible study

Logos has always cut out bits in your study that aren’t really Bible study at all. There’s nothing virtuous about flipping pages, so we did away with it; there’s no deep, spiritual value to manually hunting down the source of a citation, so we take you there in a click. Finding everything hundreds of resources says about a single verse would take, well, years; so we do it for you in seconds. Et cetera.

All that time-saving adds up to more time doing the real work of Bible study.

With Logos 7 Basic, we’ve added new ways to get to the meat of your study, faster. Chances are, there are a few key resources you turn to every time you study. So why waste time opening every single one every single time?

Instead, use one of our Quickstart Layouts.

We’ll automatically open the resources you need based on the study you want to do. Just click to open a Bible and commentary, word study resources, or just a Bible and notes for some Bible journaling. (There are lots of other layouts, too.) Boot up Logos, and in a couple of clicks your study’s up and going. Or you can create your own favorite layout from scratch and launch your study straight from the Go box. Either way, Basic will get you to the resources you need for serious Bible study, right away.

Make of the most of in-depth study

With a name like Basic, you may think our new free version couldn’t possibly have anything to offer you. You study Scripture at a depth that makes coal miners nervous. You can pronounce Mahershalalhashbaz backwards and forwards with your eyes closed.

“Basic?” “Basic” doesn’t come close to describing the kind of exegesis you undertake.

Still, Logos 7 Basic is for you, too.

Basic includes some brand new features that will help you make the most of even the most in-depth study—small but significant tweaks that make updating to Logos 7 Basic a no brainer.

Like this: take a note on an original language word, and see it in every single Bible—including English translations.

Or this: link your favorite lexicon to your Bible. Click on a word, and go straight to the lexicon entry. Done.

Or how about: search for anything in your Bible, and we’ll automatically highlight the results in every Bible you have open, no matter what language they’re in.

These aren’t revolutionary updates, but you get them at a price that’s hard to beat (free). And you’ll get a taste of what the Logos 7 Full Feature Set can do for your Bible study.

Become a Logos pro

Basic comes pre-loaded with dozens of training videos to help you master Logos tools and features. You’ll get Morris Proctor’s Logos 7 Quickstart videos, plus all of the training videos made by our in-house team of Logos experts, the Logos Pros.

Best of all, our full Logos training course is built right into the brand new Courses Tool. With this in-depth, 30-day study of Jonah chapter 1, not only will you master the software, you’ll learn trusted Bible study techniques you can apply to any passage.

Tens of thousands of people have already taken one of our free training courses. Here’s just a bit of what they had to say:

“I have learned so much . . . And the best part: I can’t wait to start my day with God.”—Nancy

“I will likely review it again and I’m sure I’ll be ‘thumbing’ back for years to come. I really believe I can now do my own study and discover my own insights. Thank you.”—Mike

“I have used other methods for studying the Bible, but by using Logos, I feel that this will be a new launching pad. I am looking forward to reaching new heights.”—Frankie

So should you get Basic if you already own Logos? It depends.

If you want a free update that gets you into your study quicker, you’ll appreciate Basic.

If you want to uncover more insights from the original languages, Basic’s for you.

If you want to make the most of the investment you’ve already made in Logos, Basic’s built-in training is just what you need.

So go ahead and get Logos 7 Basic for free right now. Then let us know what you think in the comments.

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Tyler Smith
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    • Nope. You’re all set. I’ll add a clarification in the post. Thanks for asking!

  • So if I were to download logos 7 basic, would there be ANY POSSIBLE way that I could regret my download? anything?

    • Hi, Charles. From our perspective, there’s no reason to regret downloading Basic. It really is completely free, and it only adds features and books. You should be totally safe getting Logos 7 Basic.

  • What happens if I have Logos 5 silver, do I loose all the extra information I have installed on my Logos 5?

    • Nope. As long as you’re using the same Faithlife account, everything will be carried over.

  • I already have custom layouts in Logos 6. Will I lose those if I get Logos 7 basic.

  • All that glitters is not gold. I like Logos 6 and downloaded Logos 7 Basic. Big mistake. I went to my home page and it is now a big advertisement page. As a matter of fact, everything included in Logos 7 Basis is some kind of advertising. For instance, in the “References” section in the “Tools” icon, the “Atlas” “Bible Browser,” and “Concordance” are there but they are greyed out. Even if you have maps (and mine came with Logos 5, you can’t use them because you got to upgrade to Logos 7 to gain access. In the “Documents” icon ” “Morph Query” and “Sermon” are also greyed out. There are a number of resources like that that are greyed out. And everything you click opens up a window with an attached video commercial to buy the upgrade for nearly $300.00. So if you want a commercial for Logos 7, then download Logos 7 Basic. Other than that you get what you paid for. :)
    FYI, the above example on this blog of Quick Layouts shows Proverbs and Psalms Explorer, and neither are greyed out in this pic above. But when you open your Logos it is not there.
    What a cheesy way to advertise, by pretending you are giving your customers something when all they get is a bunch of fluff with no substance.

    • Steve, that’s true, we do show all the new features of Logos 7, without giving them away for free; but as the article above says, there are also lots of little improvements in Basic 7 that I hope you will agree make the program better and easier to use. Try linking a lexicon or Bible Word Study, for example:
      And, I have good news for you about your maps: Basic doesn’t take away any of the resources or features you had before. Look up a place in the Factbook, and you’ll see your maps in the Media section. Atlas is a new thing (well, it came out with Logos 6), and it’s really cool. If you want to check it out, and all of the other new features you mention, we have a 30-day return period for you to decide if the upgrade is worth your investment.

    • Logos Cloud includes the Logos Cloud Feature Set, which keeps you up to date with the very latest features from Logos for as long as you subscribe. As a Cloud subscriber, you have access to more features than are included in Logos 7 Basic.

  • I already owned L7 Silver Library and L7 Full Feature set, but was able to get a free book that was new to my library (A Pocket Lexicon to the Greek New Testament) by downloading the free L7 Basic. Thank you for the freebie!

    • Lawrence, from our perspective there’s no downside to getting Logos 7 Basic. That being said, it is not equivalent to one of our paid packages. With Basic, you get a limited number of features that will help you get a sense of what you can do with our higher level base packages. I wouldn’t consider Basic a substitute for getting one of our other Logos 7 base packages. To see how Basic compares to our base packages, visit this page to see what’s in Basic. Then, go to to see how the other packages stack up.

      Hope that helps!

  • I bought Logos 6 Diamond for my seminary program, would I lose anything in terms of functionality that I might need for doing my seminary work by upgrading to Logos 7 Basic?

  • I have asked previously if there might be any possible reason for regretting getting logos 7 basic when I have 6. I have yet to hear back. Can I please get an answer?

    • Hi, Charles. I’m sorry no one responded to your question. From our perspective, there is no reason to regret getting Logos 7 Basic. It really does only add to the books and features you already own; it doesn’t take anything away. If you’d like to experience some of Logos 7’s new features, we think Logos 7 Basic is perfect for you.

      Hope that helps!

  • What about those of us that paid for the upgrade from Logos 6 to Logos 7. Now that you are offering it for free, it seems a bit unfair.

    • Hi, Tracy. We’re giving away only a very small selection of Logos 7 features and a handful of books. Consider this a free preview for customers who haven’t yet made the leap to Logos 7. We are not giving away the upgrade you paid for when you moved from Logos 6 to Logos 7.

    • Hi, Jon. This post is all about how, if you get Logos 7 Basic, you won’t lose a thing! It’s that simple.

      Hope that helps.

Written by Tyler Smith