Get the Free Version of Logos, Just for Scholars

Logos 7 Academic Basic is available now for immediate download. Get original language tools and a library of resources custom-built for scholars and academics—completely free.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to try serious Bible software, but haven’t yet made the commitment. Maybe you’ve wondered if the price was worth it, or if it would sync with the way you study. We understand. We made Logos 7 Academic Basic with you in mind.

With Logos 7 Academic Basic, you’ll get:

  • Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew lexicon
  • Lexham Bible Dictionary
  • Septuagint (Lexham English and Swete Greek editions)
  • Lexham Hebrew Bible
  • Greek New Testament (SBL)
  • Lexham Textual Notes
  • Abbot-Smith Greek Lexicon

Tools & books for scholars

Logos 7 Academic Basic empowers you to study the Bible and its world like a scholar. Investigate key characters by discovering their relationships and roles in the biblical narrative. Get definitions, morphology, and syntactical values of every word in a passage, all in a few clicks. Consult commentaries side-by-side and in sync with the English, Greek or Hebrew text.

Your notes, highlights, library, and preferences stay in sync across all your devices, so you can keep your study on track when you’re on the go.

Ultimately you’ll get a feel for key tools and features found on more powerful paid versions of Logos Bible software.

Building your academic library in Logos is easy, as well. There are over 100,000 titles available in the Logos format, including the best in Christian scholarship. Each resource is tagged to work seamlessly with Academic Basic’s preloaded study tools.

Start using powerful Bible software for the academic environment, free of charge. Download Logos 7 Academic Basic today.

Written by
Robert Elmer
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    • Thanks for the note, Daniel. We’re really pleased to hear all the positive feedback so far. It’s a natural for incoming students, so please feel free to spread the word. Here’s a list of all the included free resources. Enjoy!

      The Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament
      The Lexham Bible Dictionary
      The Lexham English Bible
      King James Version
      The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
      A New Commentary on Holy Scripture Including the Apocrypha
      The Lexham English Septuagint
      The Lexham English Septuagint: Alternate Texts
      The Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint (Alternate Texts)
      The Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint (Apparatus)
      The Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint (Apparatus for Alternate Texts)
      The Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint
      Lexham Analytical Lexicon to the Septuagint: H.B. Swete Edition
      Lexham Hebrew Bible with Morphology
      The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition
      Apparatus for the Greek New Testament: SBL Edition
      The Lexham Textual Notes on the Bible
      Abbott-Smith’s Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament
      Faithlife Study Bible
      Easton’s Bible Dictionary

      • That download includes both an Academic Basic Features Set and an Academic Basic Library. Someone listed all the books included, but where is a list of the Academic Basic Features added in that Set?

        Can you provide the Features List from that Set?

  • Unfortunately, the notice does not say that you have to be a current student or faculty member to qualify for this freebie. I should have known better. Obviously, Logos’ definition of scholar is much narrower than mine.

  • Does one have to be a student, etc.? I teach homeschool with my wife; does that count for anything?

    • Thanks, Dave, for your interest in Logos Academic Basic. We’re limiting this product to students/faculty currently enrolled/employed at learning institutions to ensure we have a product that’s just for them. I encourage you to try our free Logos 7 Basic, which includes many great resources to get started doing deep, meaningful digital Bible study. We’ve even opened up the Logos Web App to Logos 7 Basic users so you can use Logos on any computer, any time. Let us know how you like it!

  • Thank you for offering Logos for Students and Scholars for free. What a wonderful tool to begin studying the bible with in college. It has been many years since my college days at Arlington Baptist College, and had I had Logos back then I know I would have done better in school. I have been using Logos since about version 2 or 3. I have enjoyed it over the years, and it has taught me quite a bit. Logos is a great tool for studying the LOGOS.

  • I previously posted here a request for a list of the Features Set that comes with this offer, and my post was deleted rather than answered.

    I compared to my Laptop which was not updated yet and it appears those items from the Feature Set that comes with this are as follows:

    Found in my Tools Pull Down Menu 3 features added by this offer:
    Greek Alphabet Tutor
    Hebrew Alphabet Tutor
    Text Converter (converts original language words to English)

    Hope others find this information useful to complement the Resources List already provided earlier, and hope this does not get deleted this time.

    This is a very useful addition for students studying original Bible Languages.

    Thank you very much.

    • Thanks for the post(s), Ricky, and sorry for the delay. In addition to the features you listed, here are a few more that come with Logos 7 Academic Basic. Enjoy!

      Biblical People Dataset
      Biblical People Diagrams
      Resource Excerpts Dataset
      Logos Controlled Vocabulary Dataset
      Thematic Outlines Dataset
      Bible Word Study Panel Linking
      Corresponding words visual filter
      Custom “Go” Layouts
      Courses Tool
      Lexicon Panel Linking
      Passage List Visual Filter
      Personal Letters Section
      QuickStart Layouts
      Sympathetic Notes Visual Filter
      Sympathetic Search Results Visual Filter
      Text Comparison Version 2
      Community Tags Dataset
      Media tool
      Interactive Infographics from the Faithlife Study Bible
      Greek Alphabet Tutor
      Hebrew Alphabet Tutor
      Interlinear Explorer
      Text Converter

    • Thanks for the comment! While we currently have no plans to issue a version specifically for missionaries, either one–Logos 7 Basic or Logos 7 Academic Basic–could be a good choice. It all depends on your needs.

Written by Robert Elmer