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In 1962, Carl Henry, founder and editor of Christianity Today, attended a luncheon that was given in honor of Karl Barth, the famous Swiss Reformed theologian. Given the opportunity to ask questions to Barth, Carl Henry stood up and identified himself as the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today magazine. He proceeded to question Barth about his views on the reality of the resurrection as a matter of history, and not merely as a matter of faith. Barth, flustered by the question, pointed at Henry and asked “Did you say Christianity Today or Christianity Yesterday?” Henry, unswayed by the remark, replied, “Yesterday, today, and forever.”

Christianity Today exists to provide church leaders of all stripes informed Christian commentary on the issues that matter most, both yesterday and today. Throughout its history, CT has contributed groundbreaking articles on a wide variety of subjects, including the atonement, heresy, and the church, and reviews by some of the most well-known pastors and scholars on crucial and controversial titles, such as How God Became King by N.T. Wright and Love Wins by Rob Bell.

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