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Get Free Updates to Logos 5

You have two ways to get the latest, best software from Logos: not only upgrading, but also updating.

Upgrading means moving to a new base package to get new resources, datasets, and features, like Clause Search, Bible Sense Lexicon, and Topic Guide. When you upgrade, all your current resources get transferred to your new base package.

Updating, on the other hand, builds on your upgrade and is absolutely free. Updating allows you to take advantage of continual improvements to the software and products—for life. That means that when you upgrade your base package, you’re not making a static purchase; you’re investing in a dynamic resource that will continue to improve as it updates.

Here’s what you can look forward to with free updates for life:

1. Improved books & resources

We make regular updates to Logos resources, fixing typos and adding tags, hyperlinks, and footnotes. Take the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary—a little over a year ago, our team added 70,000 hyperlinks to bibliographic references, data types, and other Logos resources. We also added citation data and tagging to a wide range of illustrations and thousands of articles. All these updates were free to people who owned the dictionary: whether they bought it two or twenty years ago, they got to take advantage of the improvements without lifting a finger. We’ve also released updates to products like the Tim Keller Sermon Archive and the Early Church Fathers collection, to which we added over 100,000 newly tagged references. All these updates improve your experience without costing you a dime.

2. Expanded datasets

Logos 5 datasets are packed with information, and they keep getting bigger. Our dataset expansions include adding more people to Bible Facts and more events to the Timeline. These updates don’t give you new datasets—they make your current ones even more informative.

3. Regular performance updates

We’re always updating the software itself. These updates range from small tweaks and bug fixes (which make Logos 5 even faster and easier to use) to more substantial changes. For example, in Logos 5.1, we added features like Image Search, the Lexham English Bible Audio, and an enhanced version of the reverse interlinear, which allows you to connect the Bible’s English translations with its original text. Although many of these updates happen under the radar, they all speak to Logos 5’s continual improvement.

Take advantage of free updates for life: upgrade to Logos 5 today!

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