Get April’s Free Book Before It Goes Away

April ends soon and with it your chance to get A Theology of Matthew free!

In A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed as Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator, Charles L. Quarles guides readers through Matthew’s Christology, showing how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies.

As Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner says in the book’s introduction,

Quarles regularly shows us from the Old Testament the significance of what Matthew says about Jesus. We can easily fail to see the connections since we aren’t immersed in the Old Testament, but Quarles rightly demonstrates that we won’t truly understand Jesus if we are ignorant of Old Testament antecedents.1

A Theology of Matthew strikes a middle ground between the highly technical commentaries and more popular works, so you’ll see plenty of challenging yet accessible insights.

Get A Theology of Matthew free before April 30.

It’s not just this Matthew commentary deal that goes away at the end of the month. You’ll also miss out on two other great theology books for less than $5:

Immanuel in Our Place: Seeing Christ in Israel’s Worship – now only $1.99

Explore how Old Testament worship practices foreshadowed the coming of Christ with this book by Tremper Longman III. As he reviews key institutions from the Old Testament, Longman reveals how Jesus is the true and better temple, High Priest, and sacrifice.

After God’s Own Heart: The Gospel according to David – now only $2.99

Philip Graham Ryken praises this book from Mark J. Boda’s, saying,

After God’s Own Heart is an excellent contribution to an important series on the biblical theology of the Old Testament. As Mark Boda shows in this useful and accessible book, the house of David is central to the Bible’s message of salvation. Using a thematic approach that is well informed by careful scholarship, Boda explores David’s many connections to Christ and to the church as the covenant community of David’s Son.

Get all three books for less than $5, but only for a few more days!



  1. Thomas R. Schreiner, “Foreword,” in A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed as Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator, ed. Robert A. Peterson, 1st Ed., Explorations in Biblical Theology (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2013), xiii.
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