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Get a Free Book Each Week of the Back-to-School Sale!

Going back to school can be taxing. When money’s tight, you’ve got to invest in the best resources available. That’s why we’re giving away a free book each week of the back-to-school sale! That’s right, completely free!

Browse fantastic deals on commentaries, systematic theologies, original-language works, and more! Then, get your free book.

To download your free book, go to www.logos.com/back-to-school#free-book and tweet or share the page. Why a tweet or a share? Because we want everyone to get this free resource!

New books appear on Saturday, so check back often!

Study Genesis with Claus Westermann

This week’s free book is the Continental Commentary on Genesis 1-11 by Claus Westermann. Westermann’s three-volume commentary on Genesis stands as one of the most exhaustive treatments of the first book of the Bible available today. The first volume introduces readers to the first 11 chapters of Genesis. For each section of Scripture, Westermann translates the text, introduces the literary form and setting, offers a detailed commentary, shows readers the purpose and gist of that section, then offers a detailed analysis of secondary literature—all with thoroughness, clarity, and fairness.

Westermann's discussion on verbs in creation.
Westermann’s discussion on verbs in creation.


Westermann’s first volume, a $49.95 value can be yours, completely free! Just visit the back-to-school page and share with your friends.

If you use aggressive ad-blocking software, you may have trouble finding how to get your free book. No worries! Just follow these steps:

  1. Turn off ad-blocking software and plugins for logos.com.
  2. Visit www.logos.com/back-to-school#free-book.
  3. Click the Tweet or Share buttons to open the dialog box.
  4. When you have successfully tweeted or shared, don’t close the original back-to-school page. This is where you will see a new blue box with an orange button.
  5. Click the orange button to add the free book to your cart.


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