. Get 75% off the Works of Jonathan Edwards This Month Only!

Get 75% off the Works of Jonathan Edwards This Month Only!


Jonathan Edwards may be the greatest and most important theologian America has produced. His depth and breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines, including the natural sciences and philosophy, would be impressive for a pastor working today. Edwards, however, didn’t have the luxury of having Bible software at his fingertips: he pastored a rural church and worked on the mission field in eighteenth century Massachusetts, reading everything he could get his hands on.

For years, the only edition of Edwards’ works available was a deficient print version. Since the 1950s, however, Yale University Press has put together scholarly editions of Edward’s works, providing in-depth introductions and notes on his treatises, sermons, and other documents that provide theological and social background to his writings. Spanning 26 volumes, this massive collection covers the entirety of his life and includes well-known works such as the Freedom of the Will and Religious Affections as well as many sermons and supplementary material that has never been available before.

Logos is the best way to read and study Edwards

Search for a biblical theme, and Logos scours hundreds of Edwards’ sermons, pulling them all into the sermon section of the Passage Guide, making it easy to share Edwards’ timeless wisdom to your congregation.Run a quick search on Isaiah 51:8 and see everywhere Edwards referenced that passage—including 10 sermons from his incomplete magnum opus, A History of the Work of Redemption.

From there, you can easily pull a quote from the resource and make a shareable image using the Visual Copy feature. Use the custom slide with Edwards’ image or choose from hundreds more. Whether preparing sermons or researching a theme or phrase that Edwards uses throughout his works, the the best way to study Edwards’ life and thought is with Logos Bible Software.

Until October 31st, you can get the Works of Jonathan Edwards, Yale Edition (26 vols.) for 75% off. Whether you’re an Edwards scholar or just looking to dig into his writings for the first time, this collection offers you everything you need to get started on your studies.

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Daniel Motley

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Written by Daniel Motley