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For a limited time you can get up to 15% off a Logos 6 base package. When you combine this special end-of-year discount with your Dynamic Price, you’ll get even more savings. Whether it’s your first time purchasing a base package or you’re picking up your second (or third!), you’ve got plenty of options.

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Get the Gold standard

Logos 6 Gold gives you all of Logos 6’s new tools, datasets, Media Collections, and Interactive Media, plus a vast theological library. Get over 1,000 resources, including The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection, Black’s New Testament Commentary, and the UBS New Testament Handbooks. See it in action.

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Take it to the next level

If you already own a Logos base package, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Logos 6 Gold has all the features and media of Logos 6, so why bother with packages like Platinum, Diamond, and Portfolio?

These upper-level base packages provide larger libraries that fuel the powerful tools and media you already enjoy. Plus, each one is specially suited to specific kinds of study. With a slew of Hebrew and Greek resources, Platinum is perfect for text-critical, original-language, and advanced theological study. And if you want complete works from major theologians, you can’t go wrong with
Diamond. It includes comprehensive collections by B.B. Warfield, Charles Spurgeon, the Wesley brothers, Jonathan Edwards, and other classic theologians.

Each base package is different; find the one that fits your study.

Root your study in a theological tradition

Did you know you can get a Logos base package for specific theological traditions?

Each of our tradition-specific base packages includes resources by influential authors within their respective traditions. Our Baptist packages include resources by respected authors like John Piper and Charles Spurgeon; the Reformed packages include works by Tim Keller and R.C. Sproul; and our Orthodox lineup has scores of volumes to help you study Scripture within tradition—from the Church Fathers to today. And that’s just the start: we also have AnglicanLutheranPentecostal & CharismaticSDA, and Catholic base packages.

Even if you’re solidly within a specific theological tradition, base packages from other theological families may contain resources you love—at a great discount. Each base package family includes a unique lineup of resources, and you can often get your favorite commentary sets or book series in another base package for less than the price of purchasing them on their own. 

Start exploring our base package families.


Get 15% off your next base package now. Need some help deciding? Our Resource Experts can answer your questions and help you find the package that fits your study. Give them a call: 888-875-9491.

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