. Free N. T. Wright Book This February

Free N. T. Wright Book This February

Whether Valentine’s Day makes you smile or groan, one thing is for sure: February’s a prime month to ponder relationships (and not just romantic ones). Focus on the most vital relationship of all with the free book of the month—along with three others for under $17

1. Creation, Power and Truth: The Gospel in a World of Cultural Confusion by N. T. Wright (FREE)

Creation, Power and Truth is a compelling read for all who want to hear, speak, and live the gospel of Christ in a world of cultural confusion.

Wright looks afresh at key elements of the biblical story while drawing out unexpected connections between ancient and modern worldviews. Creation, Power and Truth follows a trinitarian theme and covers topics such as Neo-Gnosticism,  imperialism, and postmodernism. Readers leave with a fresh challenge to know, speak, and do the truth.

Get it free. 

2. How God Became Jesus: The Real Origins of Belief in Jesus’ Divine Nature—a Response to Bart D. Ehrman ($1.99)

In How God Became Jesus, readers follow along with Michael F. Bird, Craig A. Evans, and three other leading biblical scholars who argue that the earliest Christian sources present Jesus as the divine son of God. 

Though the book is a response to well-known atheist Bart D. Ehrman’s work, you can learn a great deal from this book without reading Ehrman. Logos user Glenn C. agrees: “I found this to be quite an easy read, and [it] does stand well as [a] good book on the apologetics for Jesus as fully God and fully man of the Christian creeds.”

3. Simply Christian by N. T. Wright ($4.99)

Simply Christian is thought-provoking. It provides a solid biblical basis for moving beyond private religion, and raises many of the issues that warrant much further work.

— Mick Pope, (PhD., Monash University), Professor of Environmental Theology and Missional University

Simply Christian opens by asking “Why are things like this, do they have to be so, and can life be lived differently?”  

Wright explores the redemptive-historical narrative of Scripture, tracing our Christian story from creation to new creation.

For a glimpse into Wright’s highly readable style, take a look at this excerpt from chapter nine of Simply Christian:

I have just thrown open the window on a glorious spring morning. A fresh breeze is stirring around the garden. In the distance, there is a crackle of bonfire as a farmer clears away some winter rubbish. Near the path down to the sea, a skylark is hovering over its nest. All around, there is a sense of creation throwing off its wintry coverings and getting ready for an outburst of new life.

All these (I didn’t make them up, by the way) are images the early Christians used to describe something just as strange as the story of Jesus, but just as real in their own lives. They spoke of a powerful wind rushing through the house and entering them. They spoke of tongues of fire resting on them and transforming them. They picked up, from the ancient creation story, the image of a bird brooding over the waters of chaos to bring order and life to birth.[1]

How else do you explain the inexplicable, except in a rush of images from the world we already know?

4. Romans (Story of God Bible Commentary | SGBC) by Michael Bird ($9.99) 

This commentary on Romans provides pastors, students, Sunday school teachers, and laypeople with a clear and compelling exposition of God’s story. 

It examines each passage from three angles:

  1. “Listen” to the story, which presents the NIV text (does not include an NIV audio Bible)
  2. Explain the story, which examines the passage for its essential message
  3. Live the story, which explores how we can live the text in the world today  

This excerpt from the introduction explains the type of application you’ll find in Bird’s Romans commentary:

Reading the Bible is not just about discovering what it meant back then; the intent of The Story of God Bible Commentary series is to probe how this text might be lived out today as that story continues to march on in the life of the church. At times our authors will tell stories about what this looks like; at other times they may offer some suggestions for living it out; but always you will discover the struggle involved as we seek to live out the Bible’s grand Story in our world.

We are not offering suggestions for “application” so much as digging deeper; we are concerned in this section with seeking out how this text, in light of the Story of God in the Bible, compels us to live in our world so that our own story lines up with the Bible’s story.[2]


Get your free N. T. Wright book today—plus another Wright book and two Michael Bird books for under $17.

[1] N. T. Wright, Simply Christian (London: SPCK, 2006), 103.

[2] Michael F. Bird, Romans Story of God Bible Commentary (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2016), xiii.

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