Free Ebook: Stress-Free Tips for Getting Started with Digital Bible Study


It was a little less than 600 years ago when a German goldsmith transformed the way we experience the Bible.

Gutenberg’s printing press put the Bible in the hands of Christians who never had access to it before, and it kicked off a revolution in Bible study.

Now, with Bible software and other digital study tools becoming increasingly common, we’re in the midst of another shift in the way Christians engage with God’s Word.

But getting started with Bible software can be intimidating. That’s why Dr. Mark Ward wrote a new book: to help you discover ways you can use digital tools in your study today. (And now that you can get a free version of Logos Bible Software, getting started has never been simpler.)

Get Mark Ward’s new ebook for free now.

The power of using digital tools in your Bible study

The fact is, there are lots of things we do in our Bible study—like flipping pages and hunting down cross-references—that aren’t really a part of Bible study at all. They’re a byproduct of Guttenberg’s 600-year-old invention. Part of the power of digital tools like Logos is eliminating those tasks and freeing you to focus on the real work of Bible study.

For instance, by laying out multiple translations side by side and scrolling them in-sync, you’ll uncover nuances in the text you can’t find while juggling multiple, physical translations. You can even set up Logos to automatically highlight the corresponding words in your translations when you click on any word in the text. When one version says “child” and another says “son,” you’ll see it in just a glance. This is a simple way to keep track of the differences between those translations and get closer to the meaning of the original Greek or Hebrew.

That’s just one example of the ways digital tools unlock possibilities that aren’t available with traditional Bible study tools. This ebook will show you this and many other ways you can get more your study using digital tools.

But that’s not to say print books have no place in modern Bible study. (As we’ve pointed out on the blog before, you don’t have to choose between print and digital.) Digital tools like Logos Bible Software can fit right into the workflow you already rely on. This free ebook will show you how.

So learn how Logos can help you unlock your Bible study’s full potential. Get the free ebook now.

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