. Free Course from N. T. Wright: Faith Working through Love

Free Course from N. T. Wright: Faith Working through Love

This month, pick up a brand-new course from renowned biblical scholar N. T. Wright for free. It’s called Faith Working through Love, and it may not be about what you think. . . .

Faith Working through Love is about faith and love, but it focuses on work: finding meaning in work and how to think about work in light of the Bible. You’ll leave this one-hour course with concrete actions for bringing change to a broken world.  Get it now.

Don’t stop there, though. Explore the Lord’s Prayer with N. T. Wright as your guide in another brand-new one-hour course. Wright offers insights into this beloved passage and helps students apply it in everyday life today.

Get it for just $9.99. 

Then dig deeper with two more courses from N. T. Wright, normally nearly $400 but now only $55—for both. That’s less than $4 an hour to learn from a celebrated professor with decades of experience studying and teaching the Scriptures. 

1. Paul and His Letter to the Philippians (4.5 hours)

Wright leads students to understand the heart of Paul’s message to the Philippian church and applies the letter to spiritual life today. The course invites reflection on the beauty of both “holiness” and “unity” in the people of God and encourages living for Christ with conviction and fidelity. 

2. The Acts of the Apostles (9.5 hours)

This course is for people of virtually any age with a hunger to learn more about God and his ways. It answers these questions and others: 

  • How does the overall purpose of Acts fit in the New Testament’s context?
  • How should Christians live in light of the reality of the one family of God?
  • What’s the theological importance of key sections? 

Watch N. T. Wright introduce it himself in the video below:

Claim your free course from N. T. Wright now, and get three more while they’re massively discounted—this month only.

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