Free Books for Your App Insights

Want free books and some terrific discounts? Through October 19, we’re asking that you rate and review the Logos mobile app. Leave us honest ratings and reviews in the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores and you’ll get free titles and outstanding savings.

We’re kicking this off by giving away Archibald A. Hodge’s The Life of Charles Hodge and taking 50 percent off Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart’s How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. Go get them now. But here’s the important part: before you settle down to start reading, take a few seconds to rate and review our app in the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores.

It’s worth your time. For every 2,500 new reviews, star ratings, +1s, and “likes” we get, we’ll give you another free book.

It’s all organized in one spot—get The Life of Charles Hodge free and follow the giveaways.

It doesn’t get much simpler. Share your feedback, get a free book, tell your friends, and get more free books. Deepen your library and let us know what you think—love!—about the app.

Don’t wait—rate and review our app in the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores today.


  1. Donna Freund says

    I haven’t used the app very much to give any insights.

  2. Nathan Smoyer says

    @Donna – Thanks for commenting. Please enjoy the free book and take advantage of the 50% discount on How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. This is a great opportunity for you to check out features like reading plans, highlighting, notes, and more.

    You may want to check out the list of helpful videos on our YouTube channel to help you get started using the app: If you have any specific questions, feel free to comment again.

    I hope that helps. Have a wonderful week!

  3. I have just put a review in the iTunes App Store. How do I get my free books? I use a different email for the App Store and logos. The review I put said “I am a pastor at a church plant in Georgia and have used this app several times in the past to prepare for a sermon or bible study. I have it on my iPad and my iPhone. The mobile app doesn’t do as good of a search as the app on my MacBook Pro, but is still a great mobil app.”

  4. Cathy thelen says

    I love my Logos appl. I no longer have to carry a heavy Bible to church. I just carry my IPad or IPhone.

  5. i love Logos. i use Runge’s greek books most often. But Logos needs Childrens Bibles.

  6. Love the Logos app! When I am going somewhere for a short period and won’t need my computer, my iPad app allows me to take a LARGE library with me and make notes and highlight!!

  7. Great app. I love reading daily reading plan on my iPad. One of the best apps I have come across, definitely the number 1 for Bible Software.

  8. I like the moblie app for Google. Two things that need improvment 1. it should be hardrive based 2. Needs to easier to navigate

  9. Michael Robinson (Mgrobbo) says

    I updated my previous review and liked logos on FB, but nothing happened. The giveaway page says I have made zero reviews. Am I missing something?

  10. T Steven Barker says

    I enjoy using Logos on my iPad — so handy.

  11. Tried to leave a review and rating at the apple app store but ican’t figure out how to get it accepted. Shows 0 reviews and wants to charge me full price for the hodge book. Is there a code I need?

  12. I love the Logos Mobile App. The only downside is that I have so much to learn about it. Keep making them better Logos.

  13. This app helps me everyday with my studies at ACU!

  14. Dave Bradshaw says

    I have just downloaded the iPhone app after having used Logos on my mac and I am loving it. This is a great way to take my study on the road or while waiting in a carline or doctor’s office.


  15. Michael Moffat says

    I have only android devices and honestly it used to be terrible compared to my friends ios devices. The app for android has improved a lot recently though thankfully! If anything I would like to see it open more like the computer version if possible when connected to wifi or internet. Also if the books of the Bible could be listed vertically so you could scroll down instead of in a long multi colored line there is a lot of empty space on the screen. I understand and like the color divisions though so that is fine. Check out how the YouVersion app has it.

  16. James Luzadder says

    Logos is the best and most used app on my iPhone. A library in my pocket is something one could only dream about a few years ago. Who would have thought we could have thousands of books in something that fits in a shirt pocket.

  17. I Think the logos apps are great. i use them when i am preparing sermon material away from my laptop. and can read downloaded book when not connected to the wifi. Great job LOGOS keep it up you ROCK !!.

  18. Just finished rating the app and have all ready received my free book, that’s two today.

  19. I love this Logos app. It took a while to figure out how to quickly look up a Bible verse, but it is easy. So now I dumped the YouVersion app!

  20. Loh Hung Chey says

    Great application for people on the move to check out a biblical or theological thought.

  21. I just want to know when I can use an app on my playbook?

  22. I love the app! I use the app on a daily basis, the one resource that I use is the “Connect the Testaments: Daily Devotional.” Its great to be able to quickly connect both sections! Thanks

  23. I use the Logos app on both iPhone and Kindle. It works great for my Bible study and it is awesome to have most of my library available and portable. I particularly like the pop-up Bible references that are embedded in the text but that I can also jump to the full text. One thing that I was dissappointed about was that the free resources that are advertised for downloading the app do not transfer to the Logos 4 on PC. That was a bummer .