Free Book: Revelation and the End of All Things

Since its first publication in 2001, Revelation and the End of All Things by Craig Koester has been a highly readable guide to one of the most challenging books in the Bible.

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In this second edition, Koester provides new insights from recent scholarship and responses to the latest popular apocalyptic voices. Study questions make this new edition ideal for use in classrooms and study groups. It’s accessible and engaging—and ultimately a profoundly hopeful interpretation for students and general readers alike.

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Free audiobook—The Heart of Christ in Heaven Towards Sinners on Earth 

The Son of God sitting at the right hand of the Father in the throne room of heaven—a perfect, eternal, and sinless being—is a daunting and intimidating image. Thomas Goodwin seeks not to diminish that truth but to enhance it by ensuring the Church that Jesus Christ is also still perfectly loving and astoundingly forgiving. 

His love for his people is pure, genuine, and humble. He is still the one who washed his disciples’ feet and met a sinner at the well. He is a compassionate and tender father who desires to encourage and uplift his children. Goodwin encourages Christians to endeavor to fully grasp this concept and let it influence their own perception of and love for Christ.

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